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Sooo Many White Guys Season 2 Announcement

YQY, love it! I’m Phoebe Robinson
And I’m Ilana Glazer and we are bringing you season 2 of Sooo Many White Guys da podcast,
baby. Yeah, we have amazing guests lined up this
season we have Abbi Jacobson Unbelieveable
St. Vincent Yes! Fat Elvis
UGH! Skinny Elvis
Yas Lena Dunham
Come on! You know, Vladimir Putin. Just kidding
Ohh, no. No. I can’t even say his name I almost vomit
Yeah, you almost vomit. But if you haven’t checked out season 1, we
are on, iTunes, and Google Play. Wherever you listen to your podcasts you can
find us. So binge listen to season 1 and then set your
calendar for January 24, that’s a Tuesday! For season 2 of Sooo Many White Guys. Honestly, Tuesday’s a good podcast listening

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