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Special Report: Unearthing Nazca | Gaia

Special Report: Unearthing Nazca | Gaia

[MAN] We were
supposed to see one of the most important
discoveries of the 21st century. [NARRATOR]
Nazca, Peru. Home of
one of the most mysterious archeological
sites on Earth. A new mystery has emerged
from this remote location. And it takes us
from what we see above the ground
to what lies below. We get a lot of leads
here at Gaia, regarding new discoveries
or investigations, but one particularly
interesting lead came to us from a journalist
named Jaime Maussan. [JAIME] My name
is Jaime Maussan. I am an investigative
journalist, and I have been working
as a journalist for the last 47 years
of my life. [MELISSA] He got word
of some mummies in Peru that didn’t look human. We decided to go to Peru
and examine and see if these were fake or real,
or what were they? Our crew jumped
on an airplane and flew from Colorado
to Lima, Peru with cameras and
everything in tow. Jaime also took
a camera crew with us. We also took scientists. We have a very important
mission here in Peru. I came here
because it was a group of scientists,
professionals, journalists. Once the scientists arrive,
the body is revealed, and they get to analyze it
for the first time. [JAY] When he
brought it out and pulled it
out of the box, it was a stunned silence
at first. [DR. KOROTKOV] It was
a prepared mummy. The size of this humanoid
was 168 centimeters. It was practically my size,
a little bit shorter. So it means that this was a
person who was walking as we do, who was able to move hands
as we have, with long legs. So the proportion of the body
was very similar to ours. It is an absolutely
authentic hand with three long fingers,
very long. [DR. BENITEZ] The three fingers
is a characteristic that makes it unique
and unforgettable, and that is what
exactly makes us think that this does not belong
to a human species. [DR. KOROTKOV] Then, of course,
very important– the head. That, of course, was
the most amazing. It wasn’t our rounded skull, but
it was a very protruded skull. Very clear. And on the skull as
well, it was very, very natural. Very interesting,
they had eyes and nose and no ears,
only little holes. [JAIME] The mummies are covered
completely in this white dust. But it’s not just white dust, it’s something that is going
to really dry the skin, and the skin will be able to
survive for so many years. [JAY] When Konstantin
pulled out the sample, and we saw
the gray skin. Then I knew because
I know that bodies, when they reach that
level of decomposition, they turn this
kind of slate gray. So that, I felt
really good about. [MELISSA] One of the most
important things I think that we can do,
is to take samples. And the samples
are important for a couple of
reasons, Carbon-14 testing
and DNA testing where we can figure out
how old the possible creature is and of course what
the genetic make-up of it is. One of the labs that we sent a
sample to, for Carbon-14 dating, came back, and the results were
anywhere from 245 AD to 410 AD. One of the coolest things
that we got to do, is we got to take the body
to get CAT scanned, and we are currently getting
all of the information from the CAT scans analyzed. Could somebody
have gone in here, and they did something
with the skull to change it? They did something with
the hands to make it have this appearance? Based on the images that I’m
seeing here, it seems unlikely. [MELISSA] Professor Korotkov
and his team in Russia also analyzed the body, and
they’ve actually discovered some very interesting evidence. In layman terms, a mummy
is when organs are extracted. So this is technically
not a mummy. However in this case,
the body was mummified but the organs
were not removed. What was interesting is,
right after we saw the body, we began looking
at some nearby petroglyphs, and we discovered a humanoid
figure in the petroglyphs in the mountains
that had three fingers. [DR. KOROTKOV]
I’ve seen many images of South American cultures. I would think it’s the
imagination of someone… all myths, all religious
beliefs of ancient peoples. They are based
on some reality. [JAY] So we’re wondering what
we are really dealing with here. [MELISSA] Gaia is completely
committed to this story. We’re going to let you know if
it’s human, if it’s non-human. Like I said, our whole mission
is just pure curiosity. What could it be? And to honestly give a
journalistic approach to that. That is our mission. And that’s
what we hope to bring to you. This is just the beginning.
This is not the end, not even with the samples.
There is so much more to comb. [KONSTANTIN]
From my point of view, there is no way
that it is some deformity of the human body. It is absolutely a different
structure of all skeletons. And it belongs to another
creature, another humanoid.

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  1. No kidding I did it on eight seconds that x-ray shows The date may1997 what the heck is going on like they just discovered it or did they 1997 did they bring it back with them from another place that we’ve been to because I’m sure we’ve been out in space right there

  2. This is real, we will always thi k shit is fake when its right in front of our eyes. Some of us just can't take the truth because of…… U know why

  3. I'm not. Just giving n example on how would it feel if she would see that text. She would feel hurt. Not nice. I teach my daughter to treat everybody right. Even if they look different or act different from them. Something to think about.

  4. Hate to be that person because I believe in aliens but I looked into this and most of the things I found say this is fake. They keep saying that those certain scientist would not let other scientist take a look at it to authenticate it as well. Suspicious.

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  6. Yep you wasted your time it was fake,, someone got screwed out of millions of dollars,,,. And you're wasting your time reading the comments,,,. But it's really interesting how many fools there is,,,. !!!😀😀😀😀😀

  7. thanks for sharing, the date on the xray is from 1997, something don't match, they might be from past civilizations on earth , we don't fully know what the past was capable of doing , including flying

  8. Jaime is a Conman from Hell Period!!!! That prick is the worste thing to ever EVER happen to UFO/PARANORMAL Research…proven to direct fakings etc

  9. Scientist do great things from,time to time but fot the must part they full of bullshit they should examine TRUMP he look like someone from another Planet

  10. There is an update on this on Gaia from Beyond Belief and they have results from DNA tests. Universities from America wouldnt take the samples so they had to send samples to universities from other countries and took 2 years. I'm a subscriber and I just saw it the other day. The mummies are really organic and their DNA's are 40% similar to humans if i remember correctly.

  11. radiocarbon dated to 245 ad TO 410 AD. as old as 2400 years ..not related to any known
    humanoid species ever found on earth ??

  12. According to the Ancient Architects channel, this is a complete hoax. The mummy was found it to be made of several different human skeletons. The entire thing was completely forged. Is there any truth to this claim? Have all of the results of every test that was done come back? If so, what is the final conclusion? Is this one of academias last ditch efforts to attempt to deny the obvious truth that they've been wrong the whole time? Please let me know.

  13. Ok… It has three fingers therefore I conclude it is a alien….. (That was sarcasm.) There are many many humans with genetic conditions that produce abnormal characteristics, search here on youtube. So why don't they talk more about that genetic test. They only talk about the three fingers. Bring on more science assholes. Stop it with the little drawings. Mickey Mouse and every other cartoon out there have four fingers and that doesn't mean shit. Bring on the science bitches

  14. I have connected the nazca alien mummies to the "EBE 1992 Eiger," "The dead Russian alien in the snow," and King Akhenaten himself.

  15. I just watch this I think this is so fake because if this is so important why you keep this in a broken shipping box?

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  17. Typical case of don’t believe your eyes. How could it be denied? Why and who is making this truth be doubted? Simply the truth is being denied to all of humanity, wake up people!

  18. No opposable thumb?! That’s our greatest evolutionary trait ever, separating us from animals. If this were an advanced being, surely it would have an opposable thumb. I don’t believe any of it.

  19. Even our Maori ancestors drew these same looking pictures which where called tiki, with three fingers and toes. Mean to see

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  24. такие же рисунки есть у нас в пригороде Баку столице Азербайджана в городе Гобустан,что южнее города Баку

  25. You better pick up the Bible aliens don't exist this is the immage of Satan you'll find out the hard way later down the road last comment and Goodbye

  26. Humanity has advanced through science and technology yet has the audacity to announce something as fake. Dumb nuts you aren't followers of progression, you are dismissing the possibility that these are actually real and are repeating the same overzealous religious person from eras ago. Wake up and open your mind. Be curious.

  27. This is a confirmed hoax. Gaia knows its been debunked, so they are knowingly lying out of greed, to get more gullible people to subscribe to their 'Netflix for Mouth Breathers' service.

  28. I think Gaia is a private platform that plays on people's ego's by telling them they know some secret knowledge that others do not. And I think it's all done in the name of profit. I think it's classic advertising. I also believe it ultimately does a disservice to these topics.

  29. Plot twist hidden history reveals that we came to earth thousands of years ago and aliens are reminiscence of the blue planets natives that we all but decimated. We lost most are technology crashing on this planet which flooded the earth leaving little remains, only two people where recorded to have survived on escape pods, it was a theatrical story somewhat similar to titanic yet there names differed somewhat to jack and rose, it was of course, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were captured and enslaved by surviving native humanoid beings which forced upon them a hallucinogenic fruit similar to that of an apple, the effects of the hallucinogenic apple shut down the majority of the invaders biological computer rendering the beings stupid, alters Genetics and whittling all of there incomprehensible senses
    down to only a mere five of there most basic.
    Imprisoned in 3 dimensions the self proclaimed 'humans' breed and work unknowingly serving the natives in a un payable debt to there species.

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