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Spring, Texas, Radiology Physician Dr. Deep Bassi

Spring, Texas, Radiology Physician Dr. Deep Bassi

My name is Deep Bassi and I will be
working at the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic as a diagnostic radiologist. I think we all go into medicine because we wanted to help in some ways, something in our life has inspired us. And I think once we get into medicine, we actually understand what impact we’re having on others It is our job to be good at what we are so we can help others live the best lives they can live. I chose radiology because it was
like solving a mystery, like solving a puzzle. You don’t have the luxury of
interaction with a real patient, you have a history and based on a few pictures, you are to figure out what is wrong and what can be done next to take care of them, or
if nothing is wrong. That is what attracted me towards Radiology. To educate myself and inform myself
as much as I can as it relates to disease processes, so when I come
across something that may not have yet been diagnosed, I can help aid in the
diagnosis in a timely fashion so the patient can receive care Our satisfaction comes in when we get a call from a clinician, saying that our interpretation on a particular examination helped their patient get
treatment in a timely fashion. We do want our patients to know that we
care about them and that they are the forefront of our motivation and it is
our privilege to serve our patients and our clinicians equally.

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