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Star Trek Schwangerschaften | wissenschaftlich geprüft by Sophia Transistor

Star Trek Schwangerschaften | wissenschaftlich geprüft by Sophia Transistor

Odo: “Did you ever think of having children?” Quark:” Huh? “A pregnancy in the star trek universe! Fascinating! lately
There was just too much hype around that sustainability issues energy transition and
climate change I just had to go there now
theme is doing really well there that’s because the production of
Another milky way citizen fits too Exactly on my target audience if you look at yourself
So let’s have the analytics answer it’s
So I would say we start on beginning as preparation for
pregnancy and birth what do you have to First, make real star trek fans
you know which scene you have to count So he fell in love with me
then they wish to copulate no me I do not know what I do
especially sexuality complicated as a bock we had no
Need for seduction no time for a cell insemination we say one thing
pcs we wanted and assimilated yet I am ready to see mine
to explore humanity Take off your clothes enough for
What’s up with her? no love life so would the former
box also have something to do with the Vulkanier Interpol had a similar one
strategy What has just happened is we are
we and also the paul does the whole thing as
research project from very clever what a night eventful I am
I think I should thank them that is I would like to quit for it
that you are exploring me facilitates human sexuality
to have I do not know if I can follow it
is about the aspect of your pcs the I wanted to explore since I did that
Oberkommando left sounds like you would You say last night was one for you
I will not like it take but about it that mister it is not appropriate that one
officer with a subordinate I also have to fraternize
the men I think I love you already
I do not also contact others to take in species is our mission
we are all explorers exploring them together the lunch in the
pollination tactics now is up optional the possibility before the
still having children to marry usually a minute who likes to take measurements in the lab and
Experiments and lots of data he collects the following method
love this my knowledge after but only applicable to humans so not
dieter specifically also known as nfp natural fertility planning under
mba natural contraception or four clubs diagnostics so watch out for you
you definitely remember the first day of the last period of the woman’s cycle
length is on this point until the first day of the next period and is
average between 23 and 35 then also a mature phase
ovulation and yellow body fasel vary from woman to woman and with the following
you can measure the period recognize and purposefully feel for
get your or your body Indicator 1 you are determined every morning
immediately after waking up with a special accurate thermometer the
water temperature This allows the progesterone mirror
and thus the beginning of the suitcase phase read since the temperature after the
Ovulation one can stretch then she is the indicator two mother tongue keys too
Beginning of the cycle he is deep and it hard before the ovulation buttery under
40 our second up as soon as the Ovulation over now he lies again
deep is hard and closed indicator three if you already feel motherly
you can also be in series with examine for the one jump dad
He changes his color and consistency clearer supple and elastic
The high-level staff can be barred by that determine which days then targeted
unprotected copulate at should be carried out
the fertilizing ability of sperm will work with people up to five days
counted and what women is the ovum about one day fertilization sweg
Ideally, it is hard to manage about the very effective through the
Muttermund to stress travel diseases and other special features
can influence the cycle of the woman have business travel conferences
Space battles can break the cycle usually continue to the rear
move and you should then note the note is already
the own feeling out but to the emergency It may top modern devices
I have a lot to do It will be another sign of life
displayed where in the body of local Torres it could be a parasite the same thing on the doctor I speckled
come with modern gates on the infirmary
I think she is pregnant the photos seems a little seven weeks
to be old and he is doing quite well but also the weak attack
sometimes harmonize the Klingon and human metabolism is not
You could say that cause such pregnancies
This is often biochemical fluctuation what serious you do not usually do
expected a certain instability in the increased behavior
nutritional needs a new life too create mega job new until then
create life So I do not believe it yet me
do not want to be tactless but have them trying to get pregnant
yes of course I mean someday We wanted to have a family
opportunities for Klingon human Conception are already obvious
have you used the opportunities may I the rest will be congratulatory
when will the baby come Klingon Pregnancy 33 weeks but at
it could happen to mixed species she has shown with the photograph
interesting skin scales she had a certain sensuality
they will not be okay anyway it would be better if the flight is that one on
It was during her visit the iana was something like one with you
to someone in the team but I warn therefore a portrait act
repair what are you talking about? they supposedly did more than just
to repair that’s a nipple I get that
no flowers are in between Sixth and seventh in the reason I know
Not quite a congratulations but could only ten pregnant
Here you can see this hope the mp i suppose they are happy
it’s not really fit is
what do you mean by reproduction? The Koreans use only the genetic
material of the mother serve the men only as will not be like the devil
become pregnant i think you surely remember her
Sexual encounter three days she warns only had three days and were not in the
I think I can restrain myself was a real one all the time
gentlemen we only have ours Hands in this bowl are a few
For a few minutes she could be considered transmission medium lattice one of
first things that diplomats learn his fingers are stuck somewhere
do not belong captain congratulations you are
pregnant they can keep that to themselves or
next step message to the employer say the fight
the topic is particularly important to me because I was allowed to witness like one
boss in an official meeting about a not
present pregnant employee talked yes almost blasphemed and for
it was obviously a big one problem during your visit
Employed time pregnant with him has been
but a social state Germany and Do not be on a spaceship
statement be something like this when i am remember rightly
Hello children, I’m your boss again of trust but I have a problem
soon is the parental leave years employee in yz over
as she was then for this three years Project set there it was mine
first female employees and me I trusted after three months then
even me that I’m pregnant than you have said only well what can happen
I am nothing because I am the But I’m not father
so if someone gets pregnant here the first one falls out of the project
but goes on then does not wait the smallest, much less
that means you all my rest employee you have to do these tasks
take over do you like that
because while these pregnant employee away is so loud law
yes, no replacement and if she comes back then I have to
They continue to deal with this by law However, the project may be over
that means i have to make money out of one other project take this
Employees with someone else the workplace away instead
could have stopped It may be that the instance has theme
money from my industry Service pot takes that like
not me so the means I really can make more sense after their
first year parental leave comes again works half a year then told
me that he is already pregnant again actually, the body needs a woman
one already three years after the birth around come back from really high
the new pregnancy changes her that way jagged jagged with the work against this
I should have done that for myself no problem with it at all
but I stand here like the last dirt I mean, I want you to do that
I can do it if I am for it I’m a feminist but that’s all
a little bit with I hope you Follow me, I’m just too
People The reaction of Captain Picard is one
pregnant employees and not just exuberantly joyful
The enterprise 1701 is just off d a family spaceship with a lot
infrastructure for children and such Chancellor’s faithfulness is exciting
I do not want to have a baby be discreet but who is he
father we got together to
Discuss must be done in my opinion, should and
safety of the crew and vessel ensure pregnancy
it is not broken the slightest hostile intention too
recognize it would definitely be her that
captain it has a life form if they do not turn out too
we also take care of that possibility to study us
wish the ship and crew first place
Doctor stops this pregnancy health risk for the
Consumer captain i know you need do everything necessary to ensure safety
from crew and ship to but i have myself
determined I will make this baby the world with it
then everything would be clarified I think again just the curve
got the reaction from apple should have the cards already in the
Previous year often with Wow
impressions ok star trek birth pains have settled in
separate media is clearly the birth important but the customer desired in
the long time of pregnancy The birth is just a whole
small part of it and mostly the obstetricians have
also no exact knowledge talks the influence on the course of the
It can be quite pregnancy sure to be out with a model too
looking for what birth and pregnancy involves and not from
separate institutions are opening up let or but that’s why
already automatically independently I quote that
rockenschaub first and foremost it works therefore lifestyle and lifestyle
Pregnant and pregnant women with the health standards as possible in
to bring harmony and bad habits to take any distance
has meaning instead of measure and goal with balconies forbidden to proceed there
with that, feelings of dislike incomprehension and fulfillment
and a wealthy woman called that takes the patient in the inner
the security she needs for her reproductive north can with one
minimum risk can
risk pregnancy risk are often nothing else than
expression of a psycho traumatic us have bid with the modern
I need the latest one doctor capacity you do not farther on
the bridge is not the pilots allowed system report from the boss
engineer to drive the last report said that consumption is the backbone of
cynical okay you have seen through me I just wanted to check it out
I’m fine also to your back I ignore them
You know, I would give you a massage but then all would offer one
want to have i am happy i had just get used to the thought of ours
daughter on the volga to pull up but now I’m laying at birth
maybe in the gyre of the star fleet instead of at the infirmary
that would not be so bad or as long as you fit with me
and I do not want to score them any stranger you would you
we need to activate to keep it away your flier guys are all the same you
probably will be at first mission offered to you and me
at home that we leave the change no chance unreasonable and unhealthy if by that
daily rhythm or safety of Patients out of control
the main thing is forbidden for the patients much more stressful than in summer specify
the dilemma to want something or too can and should not or should not
then also sugar-preserving Conflicts that the suspicious other
lines with the setup never eliminated should be
I come through this first breakthrough think that is a very appropriate
description will keep that in any case in the back of the head, if now with pigs
to do that you want to jog the Presentation of what happens in the tension
You have to be careful rockenschaub page 217 sign the
overload he always writes the stress he probably means stress are not
measurable values ​​but the result of Ratio of 13 feet and conditions
of the affected organism like my boss will say that is
resilient because I will condition the less it is idle to argue on the
the burden too big or the one too heavy other the affected person like that
seems squeamish and vice versa remains crucial from the
confrontation of reits and organism resulting failure to aspect
the therapy is off depending on possibility to reduce the burden and
or to increase the load capacity time flight means increased
vigilance heartbeat sequence and muscle tension was with a
circulatory disorder her heart and Muscles your gut and skin against it
what will be minimal supply now I shed light on your function
makes it noticeable defensive reaction with the consequent
Distress will take over some time these organs are among others on the us
recognize users Warm symptoms are anxiety and pain
as well as fatigue and constant fatigue
But they often say more than that some in the birth medicine modern
risk symptoms so take care of yours pregnant if you just hang around
then user has access to this organism burden next to life
Pregnancy nausea in space Whole or partial pregnancy
continues to develop amazing speed goes the
Siegerplatz now how do you feel in this I would have to be pregnant
I actually feel uncomfortable but me I want 100 dollars so that the
Pregnancy of 130 right here I would say too
third trimester good it is one special pregnancy with alien and
So what but everyone knows I believe that nausea in the first
trimester occurs you start quote page 94 Unfortunately, the pregnant find
women in this stadium first trimester with her work colleague
little understanding of the condition earlier, the morning was considered as
pregnancy test today counts these Complain to patients in need of treatment
really the women around at the company ask advice that yours
Complaints are finally taken that’s just part of a pregnancy
Many can no longer do this the women want explanations and hear
help settings Now life is starting from the
belly out and half of all pregnant women more or less avoids
severe nausea and vomiting this indisposition catches about two
weeks after the absence of the rule and usually hears with or without therapy
at the end of the first pregnancy third on where you can do that
Whole something good to win off who intensively with the problems
busy does not ask first and it is amazing that pregnant women do the work
interrupt your progress the pregnancy reports
less complications now as a spa only in the first third
were vacant many just say the nausea
That’s why it’s the monday knows and thus the mother herself
spares and thus voluntarily come down a bit
next topic to third and kind movement is actually a good sign it’s all over again beats purpeltrees
Here they fill, that’s exactly where I am allowed to do me nice if he is not straight
he does not sleep, or he does not sleep I would like to romp around sometimes
it is already passing childish movements sometimes even painful especially
tender women are affected the cause is often a postural defect
here, pay attention that you come out of the hollow cross and the child in
because of a different position couple physiotherapy osteopathy
be exercise But I can not show it
View my karate pants today pull up and not the coccyx
push backwards In general, kings movement are always
a good sign for more meaningful as endless and disturb the ctg
Writing motion keys and so on also the position of the child
Orientation also helps one to build inner connection to the child
So try otherwise we will now come to first pregnancy of a male
people in the history of the star of that’s good enough, that is
it can be a joke again Things are going well
whether it’s a little over her need a lot of sleep and exercise and
come to me once a day the nipples may not be the
only surprise your body for she has in stock Do you know what happened this morning?
individually adjusted a chair look at it like many of them
Nevertheless we grow and we grow the topic is about it
I think it will disappear again It’s about a week we should have had
gradually considering the possibility we do not pull the koreans
how shall I find that? do you want to say that I mean
I have to bring this baby to the world he thinks he’ll say a lot more
if the child is born is likely your task to take care of the little one
i am every chief engineer i have I am working hard on this position
did not pretend to be a working mother they’re already coming to an end
slowly on some unusual Symptoms a mainly hormonal
Changes change of mood increased the emotionality i suggest you
only wearing civilian clothes is covered nicely
how big is this thing then that whole ship is already over me now
i am also a part of the aces i I want you to come every eight hours
the phlox is looking for the day a childbirth is getting closer
It’s about time he finds out how your postnatal duties look like
can all cost maybe there is for this
nipples he works as they think But there is also a positive aspect
oh and he would be as far as we know this is the first overarching
pregnancy with a human for some women means pregnant
at some point the perpetrators at full consciousness
especially for the pregnancy companion can be a very difficult one
situations and I think of it Rockenschaub again quite apt
formulated the chapter on hygiene and dietetics as he calls it but the
often uses such swollen words he is called the art of the
to shape the daily routine of course this includes nato and
but who believes that kitchen and gymnastics alone the daily problems
Solve will soon teach you a better one it does not matter what you do
or is or is not as close as you are one and the other digested in the
broadest sense of the word obstetric didactics is the name of the woman
to empty autonomously and confidently to perceive what is happening in her and
hygiene means care for him as well as the health would care
the health should be allowed to learn art of teaching didactics
health means again this depends on the life events
not from the way of life the designed area becomes active with the
Care of health and design the lifestyle, the genetics and dietetics
problems has a conscientious need Care of a therapy in the
Obstetrics passes the therapy mainly in prophylaxis ie in
Protecting the woman and thus also her Kindes do not hesitate to ask if the
I can spare myself by imagining her because of her
fetus resonance are here then they come to blame a day I’m because of mine
vaccination here but you will not turn us on this mission accompanies in a nutshell
he needs an engineer already then he has two now they would be us
please, someone wants to apologize Please refuse my money now
milan selection no longer for months on an outside of the trial on the
holodeck the flyer is looking forward to it but make room
I think it does not have to be no more I was six months pregnant
I am pregnant no invalid no certainly not
The atmosphere down there is the highest toxic and you breathe for 3 good you have won but if we still
get a baby then you carry it out and I go to the outside mission
agreed pregnancy birth Do not breastfeed overnight
one more disease but one life task there so it’s about nothing
lower than the woman in others cities empty themselves
control and under the guidance of birth bearer autonomously
I could not have said it more beautiful The guy is actually Austrian but
I can not speak an Austrian dialect in the movie
that’s why I have to be a bit Rhenish 610 application-oriented tips
for pregnancy like the woman on can hear what is inside
I need what I would probably feel me well
Let us now come to the next case the bio ramisch human surrogate mother
have pregnancy on the space nine the writers in any case
come up with a few other clichés leave as in typ not too hard to believe she’s doing it
that’s a good sign At Molly, I thought she wanted to
your way into the wild is so always bad in the morning or not
why so well I do not know how but running with johanna is with us
it is very typical that one after the wake up bad it is great
This is not the case with moral mothers it is typical for us that we start
and controlled to sneeze but there is I do not know a human baby
what to expect so there are down You have our baby win now
as it were to the family that’s right, but you would like your character
Taken but sure you have to next to their guests values ​​are much too
low but when I take the herbs The sedative does not work
today actually act as an antidote but do not say they do not have any
Sleep problems and no negative Properly with these herbs taste like
as that just crawled out of quarks co They’ll take them all right
since 433 you say hest the genetic controls are not the ones
other circumstances the woman make complaints but the births
medical checks to that effect so scare the woman and worry too
they ultimately displace each one after well-informed birth without resistance
takes note that is why it should be emphasized again
primary task of the academic formed rises but lies in the
Birth medicine at every opportunity refute opportunity, it says
university lecturer dr alfred rockenschaub for 20 years head of the
woman clinic then it will be in a few weeks
you had to read constantly because if that Gives me something but before we hurt too much
the talks get a present brokers herbs
you should do it during the pregnancy to those thank you with so many
it is pregnancy problems a benevolent a solo sympathetic
and have nice doctor like that doctor describe them as well as these
pain in the back area is somehow which word describes the pain on
best cooking gates tweak bite cut sting he undresses
bit my legs is with the baby Everything was fine at home
no reason to worry there I am too relieved the baby only contributes
little decided on her go back to your post it
I find it hard because of the pain even a short time is sitting
really very difficult they believe me
put them both up while sitting may give him relief
take a day off I was just my data, it is
you know your first pregnancy a pregnancy causes unfortunately
some inconvenience and so they have to live that’s how it is
schedule one for the day after tomorrow Follow-up if the pain is up
there have not subsided as will the sensitivity of the nerve in this
reduce the area thanks doctor You can call me day and night
if it is bad back and I hurt so well
Recommendation do you mean stress and but pay attention
regular motion ideal stream or to often go for a walk
this is the stone belly dance yoga it also gives pregnancy masseuse
Osteopathen can treat the pain that can apparently have the doctor
Apparently everything is not ours had a program
here supports and if one of the doctor not disabled then writes
try it at the next doctor the views are different
the limits are already there for one small secret tip as needed
Reason for the medical order Exemption from the salaried work
already sleep problems or Sleep disorders from the gained time
But then you should really for the noon sleep do not use work
Can your child have his health so if you do not then that should be
Feel absolutely have to prove yourself just have to do everything possible before
want to do birth but beautiful relax calm preserve serenity
demonstrate By the way, these are also good tips
miscarriage wants to experience real ham as live or a look into absurd birth
Stitch nods like the filters transport wants to catch
Prepare a fetus transport energy I recommend the video over star
trek birth scene scientifically checked now I wanted a few
ask questions for the comments with what kind of species would you be
like copying where and when I personally would definitely
also happy about messages if through this video any
offspring originated or at least So it can prove it is inspired
loves driven

17 comments on “Star Trek Schwangerschaften | wissenschaftlich geprüft by Sophia Transistor

  1. Moin Sophia, wie immer lustig und klasse ausgearbeitet! 👍

    Ach übrigens, wann erwartest du denn deine Niederkunft auf diesem Planeten? Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und hoffe das es ein genauso schlaues und liebenswertes Geschöpf wird wie du.

    Dankeschön für das Video.


  2. Mal ein tatsächlich etwas anderes und sehr seltsames Video der werten Sophia. Jetzt bin ich bestens informiert.

    Und Mitte des Videos war nur ganz klar zu sehen das die gute Sophia ganz sicher so im siebten oder achten Monat sein muss. Dann dürften wir uns sicher bald auf eine Video freuen das den ganzen Vorgang von Empfängnis bis zum Blobb bei der einzigartigen Sophia dokumentiert. 🤣

    Ähm ja und was für eine Frage am Ende.
    Also auf der Erde lebt wohl schon mal keine relevante Spezie. Zudem alles außer Menschen gesellschaftlich nicht so ganz anerkannt ist. Und Koitus mit einem Mensch? Wie langweilig. Wer will den schon sowas? 🙃
    Klingonen wohl eher auch nicht. Das erscheint da etwas zu schmerzhaft zu sein. Wobei die Klingonen die coolste Hochzeitszeremonie haben, wie man an Worf und Jadzia sieht.
    Mit Formwandlern/Wechselbälger/Gründer wäre es sicher ganz spannend. Wie die sich miteinander verbinden wäre sicher ein Erlebnis. Das wäre jetzt auf die schnelle meine Wahl. 😃 Das wo und wann ist mir Wurscht. Geht doch immer und überall. Das warum ist doch logisch, des Spaßes wegen. 😛
    Wobei ich jetzt auf die schnelle die beste Lösung sicher übersehe.

  3. Betazoid wäre safe interessant, da sie mir alle verrückten Ideen und auch wünsche währenddessen ablesen kann, was das ganze wesentlich intimer macht..
    Ansonsten würden mir optisch Trill oder Bajoraner gefallen^^ auch eine Romulanerin, die wenn man es so will, das empindungsfähige equivalent zur vulkanerin ist..
    Btw. Mir hat dein Bauch sehr gut gefallen ^^

  4. Ich wollt nur mal anmerken, dass das LCARS defekt ist. Ich wollte mich übers Wetter informieren und die Taste reagiert nicht… 🤣

  5. Faszinierend.
    Wenn ich es so sagen darf: "und das aus dem Munde einer natürlich gebliebenen Erdenfrau."

    Was ich mich frage, ist, was eine Erdenfrau dazu bewegt solch interessante Themen aus einer so distanzierten und wissenschaftlichen Perspektive zu betrachten…. 😍

    Dabei prangert sie die derzeitigen Mechanismen an die, die derzeitige Reproduktion rein mechanisch darstellt, ohne die menschlichen Bedürfnisse zu berücksichtigen 😏

  6. Ich versuch gerade zu rechtfertigen, dass ich in meinem Leben nichts besseres zu tun hab, ausser mir ein 30 minütiges Video über die wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen von Schwangerschaften in einem fikitiven Universum anzuschauen.

  7. Achja, die Frage mit wem…
    Da bin ich etwas eigen.
    Menschlich, (deutlich) vorzugsweise weiblich.
    Immerhin erwarte ich, daß jede irdische Petunie mir genetisch näher ist, als jede Alienspezies, die wir treffen könnten.

  8. Die Sache mit der Schwangerschaft von Trip Tucker in Enterprise ist ärgerlich, weil das Script der Folge es mehrheitlich so nach dem Motto "Hohoho – ein schwangerer Mann!" als Witz behandelt, teils gar (etwa mit dem Finger Kommentar) Tucker die Schuld gibt, obgleich die Frau die ihn geschwängert hat ihm den sexuellen Kontakt als "Spiel" verkauft hat und nie erwähnte, dass ihre Spezies so mit anderen schläft. Sie hat also unter grober Täuschung mit ihm Sex gehabt, ohne dass er davon wusste. in jedem anderen Fall würde man das eine Vergewaltigung nennen.

  9. Als Antwort auf deine Schlussfrage:
    Ne Klingonin (oder zumindest Halbklingonin) wäre mal interessant.
    Ich finde die Kultur faszinierend, lerne die Sprache und meine Ex war schon nah dran ; )

  10. Barbarella wird die köstlichen Wonnen des Orgasmotrons im Jahre 40.000 n.C. genießen und wird sogar noch Steigerungen durch Verzückungspillen erfahren – und das alles ohne Schwangerschafts'gefahr'. Mai Thi könnte wissenschaftlich versuchen herauszufinden, welche Rezeptur dieser Pillen auf welche humanoide Rezeptoren wirken.
    Ein extremer Fortschritt ohne koitale Risiken. Leider ist das Jahr 40.000 doch noch sehr fern.
    Ich weiß allerdings nicht in welchen Zeiten die Startrekker ihre im Vergleich primitiven Sexual Praktiken mit ungewollten Schwangerschaften erlebt haben werden. Sophia, du weißt es sicher, oder?

  11. Erzähl mal einer (Ex-)Schwangeren, daß die Schwangerschaft, die Entbindung und das Wochenbett kein "Leiden" darstellt, sondern nur eine "Lebensaufgabe". Wäre gespannt, ob Du über diesen Satz hinaus kommst, bevor Du "vom Hof" gejagt wirst. 😉

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