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Station Showcase – Mastertraxx

Station Showcase – Mastertraxx

Hi everyone, James here from We’ve got another customer case study for you today. And we’re here today with DJ Infusion, in Huddersfield actually where Wavetstreaming originally started. DJ Infusion is a good friend of the company. So we’re going to go and head inside the studio now and find out exactly what he does and how he is using our services. Right, let’s go, let’s go, LET’S GO! So tell me about this weird looking building then? Ah this was the old observatory up in Huddersfield. And this is your studio now. It is indeed. It’s where I make all my tracks. Right, let’s head inside! I’m Ryan Howard, I work for Mastertraxx records. We are an underground techno label that handles most of Europe. And has the best techno music available. We’ve got twenty four-hour techno Coming straight from the website. And when we go out and do our special events, so we do lot’s of events and meetings and get out there into the community. And we do live events with other radio as well. We use the iPhone app. To monitor our broadcasts and how many listeners we’ve got at any one time. It’s excellent for marketing as well, so we can find out exactly how much to charge through advertising. and everything. Well we obviously use the SHOUTcast severs. Which broadcasts worldwide We have a large listenership. On a daily basis We can have up to several thousand people listening worldwide. And especially on special events. Up to ten thousand people at a time listening to it. Special events which go out live. We also use the CLOUD DJ service when we’re not doing live events. That keeps the playlist up to date and keeps everything up and running twenty-four-seven. It’s very easy to get started! my advice would be to just jump in! No, difficulty whatsoever. With the CLOUD DJ service you can upload all your tracks to the service. Or, if your running a real live radio station, you can stream live straight to the world. I would recommend to every record label. It’s an essential part of our business model. Well next up we are going to continue to grow. And we’re going to keep on getting more and more listeners on board, and it’s an essential part of our marketing scheme. And it really gets people involved in socially, in the social network scene of where we are moving to. I think the internet radio station has really been a catalyst for our growth.

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