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Steins;Gate Drama CD-Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface-Part 3-Turing Test (Translated)

Steins;Gate Drama CD-Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface-Part 3-Turing Test (Translated)

Hm? About Kyōma-san? Yes. I want you to tell me what kind of person he is. Erm… I tend to think of Kyōma-san as my saviour… Saviour? Yes. I was once saved by him from a dangerous situation. Since then… I even learned something very important from him. Something important? AH, no! My bad! By “important”, I don’t mean anything weird It’s fine. I didn’t think of it like that. Is..that so? Oh no! It’s so embarrasing… About Okabe-kun? Yes. Anything you can come up with, about his personnality The mail adress… of your phone Sorry, I left my mobile phone at the hotel Is it so? Uhm… So, about Okabe Rintarō… Erm… You want to ask me about Kyōma, nya? Yes, anything that comes to your mind I’d like to know more about him. Kyōma is… interesting, nya! İnteresting? Moreover, he doesn’t give Farris a special treatment, nya! Special treatment, you say? Moreover, Don’t tell this to anyone else nya, To tell you the truth, there has been a deep relationship between Kyōma and Ferris since the fore-life, nya In the fore-life, Kyōma and Farris were siblings who were living separately Further before, we have been enemies At that time, we were tragic characters who, while still thinking about each other, barred from ever meeting because of a cruel destiny For decades, for centuries, we have met, then went our own ways, then reunited again innumerable times while being at the mercy of a the circle of fate, and here we areー Uncle Okarin? Un…cle? No, Okabe Rintarō is… How shall I put it… I guess he is for me an adult person Adult, you say? he would sometimes change my diapers additionally, it seems he once bathed me Shoot! The shop manager has returned! Sorry, I’m off then! Diapers? Mayushii is… Okarin’s hostage! Hostage? And for him, Daru-kun is… “My favorite light-saber”, right? No, It’s “Right-arm”, obviously Listening to your stories, My vision of Okabe Rintarō seems to have gotten more and more cloudy This isn’t as complex as you think Okarin is Okarin and he has always been like that I mean, there’s no additional description He’s a snowflake, a loser and he always says weird things Really, you should feel for us for being always screwed over like this If he’s like that, then why are you hanging out with him? That is because, Okarin thinks highly of everyone aroud him Highly? For Okarin, Labomems are of the utmost importance I think he’s ready to do anything for everyone That’s why everyone likes Okarin Right, Daru-kun? Mayushii, what kind ofー “Shall we do this?” As Mayushii put it I feel like Okarin is ready to outdo himself for the sake of others more than for himself’s So, you can sometimes depend on him, simply put But don’t tell Okarin that I said this Maybe, If you get along better with Okarin, Maho-san too should be able to notice Okarin’s good side Is that so Hey May I ask something else? İn your presence… is Kurisu always like that? What do you mean by “That”? I mean… Being angry and laughing from the bottom of her heart like that… Sorry Forget about it Thanks According to Kurisu definitely, The apparatus that can send mails to the past is… Here it is This dilapitated microwave Is it really possible to send mails to the past with such a thing? But if Kurisu said so, There is no doubt If I remember right, She said a mobile phone must be used Maybe, If you get along better with Okarin, Maho-san too should be able to notice Okarin’s good side That girl… said so, but… but, After all, I… What’s the matter? What is bugging you? Sneaking around at such a late hour like that, You came here to send a D-mail, right? Okabe Rİntarō… Wrong! How many times will you make me say this I am Hōōin Kyōma! That doesn’t matter in the least Rather than that, Why are you here this late? Surely, You predicted that I would come here… Absolutely For this Hōōin Kyōma it is a walk in the park to forecast schemes of sympathizers of the organisation like you! Saying that, İn reality, you were stuck in the WC because of an upset stomach and I carelessly entered the lab It probably unfolded like that Bull’s-eye… As I thought You should flush the toilet later And… Don’t approach me with those unwashed hands You’re unclean Rather than thatー I know You want to stop me from sending a D-mail, right? But, Unfortunately that’s not possible I have to, for Kurisu’s sake, send an e-mail to the past urging her not to go to Japan You know, her intellect is… İndispensable for the neuroscience research of the world She can’t be idling like this here She shouldn’t have come to Japan She shouldn’t have come to this place This is not only for the world itself, but also for Kurisu’s sake too So, Sorry, but you won’t stー I won’t stop you If that is really for her, Kurisutina’s sake Just send whatever you like to the past But The outcome will solely depend upon how she will react to the mail Don’t forget that little detail For Kurisu’s… sake… Who… Who really are you, Okabe… Rintarō I…

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