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Steins;Gate-Future Gadget Compact Disk 1 Radio Drama-#3 (Translated)

Steins;Gate-Future Gadget Compact Disk 1 Radio Drama-#3 (Translated)

Rİght now, the time has come again for us to reveal the Future Gadget Laboratory’s existance to the world, BUT Because you were feeling so down after the end of the last session, I thought you would be acting more meek today, but, As expected, you’re your usual self Assitant! Don’t try to tarnish my reputation! I was not, and never will, feel down Because this Hōōin Kyōma is gonna be the mad scientist who will one day plunge the world into a vortex called chaos! That’s not an explanation at all Don’t lie You were feeling utterly despondent I wasn’t feeling dejected at all! It’s just that I wouldn’t have thought that Rukako kept the banana Mayuri gave him in his pocket! It was just a little misunderstanding, that’s all A banana? How is a banana related to the fact that you were feeling down, anyway? Banana are delicious, aren’t they? As delicious as Juicy Fried Chicken No.1 Would you like some too, Kurisu-chan? Yeah, I’ll get some later Mayuri Leave some bananas for the experiments, Ok? I took the trouble to go buy them and yet you’re going to jellify them again? Deal with it Every kind of historical experiment requires some sacrifices You shouldn’t let food go to waste I think it’s OK to do it if you leave a note saying “The staff found it delicious and enjoyed it” later Okarin, by the way, Isn’t Ferris-tan coming today? Don’t “Ha-Ha” me you damn pervert! Ferris isn’t coming today, but we’ve got some other “guests” By “others”, do you mean… I, Amane Suzuha, have heard everything about the situation It’s Suzu-san after all! Suzu-san, Tutturu~! Shiina Mayuri, Tutturu~! Um… Hey Okabe, who’s this person? This woman is- Okarin, you have a message I know I’m going to check on it right now Let’s see… “Hello. My name is Kiryū Moeka. I work at a publishing house called Arc Rewrite. Nice to meet you.” To think that you continue to send mails instead of using your mouth, as usual! Kiryū Moeka! Or rather, Damn you, Shining finger! Let me explain Shining finger is the nickname Okabe Rintarō gave Kiryū Moeka to in reference to her ability to type messages on her phone lightning-fast It’s written as “The Masseuse of light”, but it’s read as… SHINING FINGER! (Reference to Daru’s VA appearing in Gundam) Daru-kun? What happened to you, all of a sudden? What’s that about? I mean, just now, I had the feeling that wasn’t Daru-kun usual tone Really? It must have been your imagination Is that so? Hey, Shining Finger! Just so you know, This is part of NicoNama, so we’re going to handle this like radio broadcast If you continue to communicate by mails instead of using your mouth, this is going to be a live blooper instead! I’m sorry… If “I’m sorry” was enough, then the police- Surely, you’re not one of the organization’s lackeys? The organization? What’s that? That way of playing dumb… It makes you even more suspicious After all, you’re trying to destroy this lab under the direct orders of the organization, aren’t you? What? What’s the organization? What are you talking about? I’ll tell you, Part-Time Warrior The Organization is a formidable institution which is afraid of this madness scientist, who they are plotting to erase from this world Okabe Rintarō is being targeted by guys like that? Yeah Then it’s a matter of great urgency! You can depend on me if you find me good enough for the task, just say the word Despite my appearance, I’m actually quite knowledgeable about stuff like protecting yourself Amane-san, was it? It’s ok The “organization” and other nonsensical stuff like that are only part of Okabe’s delusions You’re a fine one to talk, Makise Kurisu I’m sorry, but I won’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth Why? Did I do something to you? Ask that to yourself It’s no good I don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about Hey you guys! Stop trying to bring in quarrels from another worldline here I see Was this a different worldline? I’m sorry, it was my bad, Makise Kurisu More importantly, Shining Finger! Can you at least properly introduce yourself? Um… I’m Kiryū Moeka… Over Was that all?! But unlike Okabe-kun, I’m not a fluent person at all… It’s Kyōma! How many times will you make me say this? I’m telling you, my name is Hōōin Kyōma! Ryōdōin Hōma… Exactly, the ten centuries old building dating from the heian period, which was designated as a world heritage site- Wrong, It’s Hōōin Kyōma! I’m sorry… Looks like the Okabe Rintarō from this worldline has the ability to go along with the gag while being the comical straight man! Okarin is funny! What’s the matter, Hashida, sighing like that? If you think about it, the only male participants of this lab are only me and Okarin And the rest are all girls, you see But what about Urushibara-san in this situation? Kurisu-chan, boys are closer to girls than the contrary, you know? Mayuri, I don’t think I’ll understand what you mean if you don’t transcribe it for me, but… Well, if you think about it that way, you’re maybe right, but How is that an issue? I mean, If you think about it, isn’t that actually a steamy situation? And yet, why isn’t any flag setting for me with any girl? Isn’t that strange? If this was an eroge I would have reached the harem ending by now, and… Things would have become serious because of all the catfighting, obviously! Then why? That’s because you’re a pervert Mayushii has no comment on this issue Saying it in unison like that… But it’s ok! Because I know it! What are you talking about? I’m certainely below Okarin in the popularity polls, but, I’m actually the most popular character according to the insiders The source is AnimateTV’s cast comments Huh? Why? Why are you all making faces with “Good grief” written on it? Tell him “that”, Shining Finger There is no “insiders” Isn’t this time’s subject even more incongruent than usual, anyway? Is that ok? No problem And thus, our operation aimed at presenting all of the main characters has ended successfully What’s important here is the consequence instead of the methods used to attain it Okabe Rintarō actually gets the point pretty clearly That’s because this mad scientist, Hōōin Kyōma, is a man of culture In any case, people roughly understand now what kind of place the lab is Things are going to be more lively next ti- I forgot to tell you something, by the way What’s the matter, Suzu-san? Because recently things have been rather noisy upstairs, the store manager said that he would barge in here to teach us a lesson The store manager? You’re talking about the store manager of the Braun TV workshop of below, right? Who’s also this building’s landlord That’s a “raising the rent” event flag, right? I get it Hm? Now that you mention it, I can hear footsteps coming upstairs… I-I’ve remembered I have some urgent business to attend to I’ll leave the rest to you guys, then! El Psy Kongroo! He’s gone… Um… Well, that’s it then Please enjoy the rest of this show, too

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