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Streaming live radio and live video shows in your app

Streaming live radio and live video shows in your app

In this lesson, I will show you how to broadcast
live in your app. You can display 2 types of live shows in your
app, Live Radio and Live Video. so first go to the add-on store and activate
the service you’re gonna use. So let’s start with Live Audio. I’m going to add a new section in my app,
called Radio Show, and I need to provide the stream URL for iOS and the stream URL for
Android. My feed is set up let’s have a look at the
app to see the result. As you saw, I can listen to my live radio
show, I can also browse the app while I’m listening to the show and I can listen to
the show even if the app is closed and I’m browsing other apps on my phone. to enable users to listen to the live in the
background be sure to have activated the audio playback option in the general settings of
your app. Activate this option, only and if only you’re
using an audio section in your app. If you’re not broadcasting 24 hours per day
you can display a message when the show is not live. turn on the scheduling option and define when
the show is live. In this example, the live player will be available
Monday to Friday from 9 PM to 11:09 PM and it will repeat every week like this. If you’re not hosting a recurring show, turn
off the repeat option and just define the starting date and the ending date of your
live show.To customize the message displayed when your show is not live go the the template
of the live player and customize your message in the panel. You can click the preview button to see what
will be the result. Let’s have a look now at the Live+ audio section. The idea is the same. But here the player will display meta-information
contained inside your feed. Let’s see how it looks like inside the app. I have the current track playing, I can see
the name of the artist, the name of the song, and also the image associated to the track. There is a button to go and purchase the song
on a platform, the place where the user will be directed to depends on what you’ve put
in your feed, there is also a button to share the track on social networks and users can
browse the last 5 played songs. The information displayed on the player is
coming from your live feed. So, all this information is managed on the
server side, on the server where you are encoding and streaming your live radio show. Let’s have a look now at the Live Video add-on. Let’s call this section TV News. And here again we are going to add our live
streams. Let’s see the result in the app. With the Live Video add-on, you can also define
time slots during which your show will be live on your phone, so just turn on the scheduling
option and define your time slots, it can be a one time time slot or a repeating time
slot throughout the day or the week. And you the show is not live, a message will
be displayed on the player and you can customize this message here in the panel. I hope you enjoyed this video. See you next time and meanwhile, happy app

8 comments on “Streaming live radio and live video shows in your app

  1. Hi Jerome. our streaming is not playing back, I contacted support but no response yet. We use Securenet System and their current tool is cirrus. is this compatible with GoodBarber? I have 2 stations to publish using GB. Thanks!

  2. Hello Jerome my GB project runs over https and i would really like to add a radio but apparently the file i gave you for your player (quicktime correct?)*myprojectradio*.qtl
    seems not working
    on the other side from Listen2myradio they says is working fine..
    how can we fix that?
    Thank You

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