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SUPER SQUIER vs FENDER SELECT!! – Stratocaster Tone Comparison!

Hey guys welcome back to the channel, I hope you guys are having a great day today for this week’s video We are doing our cheap versus expensive Stratocaster shootout. Let’s get started All right in last week’s video we spent the whole time modding this squire. This is a build I’ve affectionately called the Squire assassin because we wanted to build something cheap that could take out fenders top tier instruments So if you missed the build I’ll put a link to it above you can watch that video Where we go through the whole parts list and stuff like that, in this week’s video We are going to do some playing to see if this can actually stand up to one of Fender’s bests And we’ll talk about the cost, we’ll talk about the playability and obviously we’ll do a tone test but first Let’s go through the specs really quick and then let’s do some playing Let’s start with the guitar that inspired the assassin build This is a select Stratocaster, so it’s got a beautiful nitrile lacquer finish over a flame maple top just looks gorgeous Yeah, especially voiced pickups, 5 way switch, Contoured heel joint, Locking tuners with a little select Badge in the hit stock, there… Just basically I think it’s got a compound radius on it, too So your Bend’s never choked out really stable trem system even though it is traditional I think the newer pro ones have popping arms which I much prefer, but anyway that would be my only gripe and yeah regular alder body just a beautiful playing Strat and the reason why I wanted to build the Assassin is so I don’t have to take this out of the house if I don’t feel like it I found going somewhere where I’m not fully comfortable with taking this guitar. I can take a Squier that will sound very close. Alright, let’s take a look at the specs on the assassin Obviously this was purpose-built to sound like the Select as I just mentioned and the heart of the guitar is select Stratocaster pickups So both guitars have the same pickups it enables my Squier to give me that throaty kind of hollow sound in the neck pickup Night and day from from stock. Let’s take a listen to a quick clip of what it sounds like now So I’m pretty happy with the tone I’m getting out of it right now But it’ll be interesting to see When go head-to-head with the select what it sounds like now for the rest of the specs really quick We’ve got an obsidian wire solderless kit Which gives us new pots new switches new output jack and new wiring obviously. We’ve got bent steel saddles Identical to the Select a two-point trim. We’ve got the Select pickups as I mentioned Agathis body a black pickguard from warmoth Yeah, other than that maple neck rosewood fingerboard We put locking tuners from fender identical to the Select as well so as much as possible We made this guitar similar to the Select. Let’s take a listen to both guitars and see what’s happening totally Let’s get on to the fun stuff We’re gonna play these guitars back-to-back head-to-head in each one of the pickup positions And we’ll see if the assassin can keep up to the gold standard Which is the Select strat and then after that we’re gonna play these guitars in a mix to see which guitar sits best with other? Instruments, let’s take a listen All right, so now we’re going to go to position two this is where things get interesting The select has the humbucker and the middle coil engaged which in theory should give it a nice powerful thick sound and the assassin just has Regular single coil and regular single coil in bridge and middle which should give it that classic quack sound so anyway Let’s take a listen and see which one you guys think sounds best And finally we’ve got humbucker vs. Single coil so let me know which one you prefer in a strat obviously they sound very different Do you prefer the traditional sound of a single coil in the bridge that just gives you that string definition and clarity? Or do you prefer that thick humbucker sound? So let me know in the comments. Let’s take a listen Alright, let’s throw these babies in a mix and see how each guitar fares All right, so some final thoughts was the assassin build successful I think it was, yeah. It covers most of the sonic ground of the Select and You could build like four or five of these for the price of the Select, too. I think this guitar In its stock form was quite bright and I think it does Retain some of that brightness some of that attack So it’s interesting because most of the parts are similar, but it still does have its own character now in terms of playability I’ve got zero issues with this… With this Strat the neck has a nice satin finish on it it actually has some really nice pleasing grain too Fret work is impeccable, so I don’t know if I just got a good one I know with lower end guitars quality control can be a little bit of an issue So you know you can’t just say buy a standard, it’s gonna be perfect you might have to go through a few of them But playability is no problem at all on this Really fun to play on Yeah, I have nothing but good things to say about it. Thanks so much for watching you guys I hope you enjoyed this comparison. Let me know in the comments below Whether you guys are Team moneybags or team modification and also let me know if you prefer the single coil or the humbucker Another interesting question to ask about a Stratocaster So let me know in the comments below what you guys think about this and other than that We’ll see you guys next week with a new video… Take care!

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