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SYNC 3 Voice Commanded Radio | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

SYNC 3 Voice Commanded Radio | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know that you can control
your radio using your voice? So you can keep your eyes on the road and
your hands on the wheel at all times? Let me explain. First, all radio and audio sources
can be found under the audio icon on the menu bar at the bottom
of the display screen. If you want to change the source,
meaning AM to FM, for example, use the voice button and say FM. To change channels, use the voice button
and say a station number, like FM 99.5. You may also have HD radio, which gives you static free crystal clear
versions of existing AM and FM stations. When an HD channel s available, you’ll see the HD radio logo
up here next to the channel. If multiple HD channels are available,
it’ll have a 1, 2 or 3 next to it, signifying available digital
channels where new or different content is available. To switch between HD frequencies,
again using the voice button, say FM 99.5 HD2, for example,
and sync will respond. Here are a few more things you’ll
want to know when using it. If you are listening to an HD1 channel and
your reception is interrupted, your radio will blend back
to the analog station, which has the same content
as the HD1 station. If you’re listening to HD2 or HD3, and
your reception is interrupted, the radio will mute and stay muted until the station
returns, or until you change it yourself. And you may also have available SiriusXM
satellite radio, which is an entertainment based package that delivers a wide variety
of commercial-free music plus comedy, live sports and analysis, world class
news and commentary, and so much more. To search Sirius channels
using voice commands, use the Voice button on your steering
wheel, say, Browse Sirius, or Browse Sirius Channel Guide, and
a full list of categories will appear. Touch the category you want to hear and
once you decide, use the voice button and say the channel
number like, Sirius Channel 19. Or the name of the channel like,
Alt Nation, for example. At any time, you can also use the voice
button and just say, Channel 19 or Alt Nation, and it will
automatically tune to that channel. Any questions, go to [MUSIC]

13 comments on “SYNC 3 Voice Commanded Radio | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

  1. When is the new update for 2016 Mustangs coming out. I need the CarPlay features. I feel like my dealer & Ford lied about that.

  2. Your sync system is garbage. Have 16 F150 and the xm radio always drops signal. Wife's car doesn't drop in the same spots. Your system is garbage.

  3. I have 2017 mustang and i cant find hd radio feature anywhere? I checked the owners manual it says settings radio to tirn on hd. But nothing about hd is there. (And I live in nyc pretty much every station is an hd station. My other car hd radio works fine) what is the problem?!

  4. I am looking for info on the voice command to change to a different preset group…. but maybe that's too much to ask?

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