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SYNC® Connect with Wi-Fi Hotspot Overview | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

SYNC® Connect with Wi-Fi Hotspot Overview | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] You may be interested to know that if your
vehicle is equipped with the available SYNC connect feature,
you may also have Wi-Fi capability. Let me explain. First, in order to use
the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, you must activate a data plan via AT&T. Once you do, to start using, from the home
screen, go to Settings, swipe left and touch the Wi-Fi and Hotspot tile. Next, choose Vehicle Hotspot and
be sure Wi-Fi Hotspot is turned on. From there, select Settings. Then, if you wish to set a personal
password, touch Edit>Edit Password and input your password. Then hit Done. You can choose to have your password hidden by touching
the Hide Password button. Touch it again to make it viewable. To view your data usage,
just touch the data usage tile. You’ll then get a pop up informing
you to authorize your vehicle via the FordPass App. If you are a first time user, it will
direct you to use the FordPass app or go to to make changes
to your account or purchase data. Once authorized, you can view data
plan information from the screen. To connect to a hotspot, go to Settings
on your smart phone, Wi-Fi devices, then refer to the vehicle hotspot
settings screen to find a password. Then input your password and
it will automatically connect. Once you’re connected with a Wi-Fi
hotspot equipped sync connect and available AT&T Wi-Fi provided service. Your vehicle can be turned into
a convenient Wi-Fi hotspot, for quick seemless video streaming, internet
radio enjoyment, web browsing, and more. Plus, it can be linked to up to ten
devices, so everyone can surf and stream content freely wherever you go. One more thing, first-time activation
Wi-Fi hotspot service is complimentary for US and Canada customers for the first
three months or three gigabytes of use. Additional data can be
purchased through AT&T. [MUSIC] Any questions? Go to

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