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T-Mobile CEO John Legere: The #Uncarrier Cleaned Up in Historic Low-Band Spectrum Auction

T-Mobile CEO John Legere: The #Uncarrier Cleaned Up in Historic Low-Band Spectrum Auction

Oh man, am I excited. I just couldn’t wait to
tell you the latest news. And it’s big news,
possibly the biggest news ever for T-Mobile and MetroPCS for our
customers and for wireless consumers everywhere. Here’s the deal. The FCC just ended a successful spectrum
auction, and T-Mobile cleaned up. This once in a lifetime auction
put incredibly valuable airwaves up for sale, low-band
spectrum, to be clear. It’s the equivalent of
beachfront spectrum, the stuff that works better in buildings
and travels further from the tower. And you heard me right. Little old T-Mobile walked away
with more than any other company, 45% of all of the spectrum they
auctioned, the spectrum motherload. And drum roll please, we picked
up spectrum in every single inch of the United States. That’s a ton of spectrum. We picked up an average of
31 megahertz nationwide. And we went hard after
this spectrum, because it needed to be in the right hands,
the hands of the customer advocate. We’ve been fighting for consumers since
we launched the Uncarrier movement. And this spectrum will
help us in the fight to bring more competitive
options to everyone. There are many parts of America
where people have no choice. Or they’re stuck choosing
between dumb and dumber. That’s horrible, and
it’s about to change. Finally, T-Mobile will now be able
to bring choice and competition to everyone, everywhere. Here’s what the map of this
new spectrum looks like. Look at all that magenta. With this new spectrum, we’ve quadrupled
our low-band holdings nationwide. I’m incredibly proud of the team
who was able to get this for us and pumped for what this means for
T-Mobile and wireless consumers. And here’s what our LTE coverage map
will look like by the end of 2017 with all that we plan to deploy. That’s a thing of beauty. And that’s just this year. We’re barely getting started. First, we’ll expand
LTE into new markets. We will literally compete
in every part of the country and break the duopoly
stranglehold, giving people choice, many for the first time. We’ll strengthen our LTE coverage
in markets we’re already in. This means we’ll be able to offer even
better, faster, denser connectivity to stay ahead of customer
appetite for mobile data. Somewhere in Basking Ridge,
New Jersey, and Dallas, thousands of Verizon and AT&T suits
just curled into the fetal position. Now we’ve been kicking
their asses for four years without all of the spectrum
resources they have. So yeah, the carriers are scared. And that’s good news for consumers. The duopoly’s low-band spectrum is
already super crowded and congested. The comparison between
their network and ours will be the equivalent
of LA rush hour traffic versus a new, clear, multi-lane
freeway, where speeding is encouraged. And guess what? Over one million square
miles of spectrum that we got will be cleared this
year, meaning T-Mobile’s engineers can start lighting it up for
customers almost immediately. So contrary to what
you’ll hear, we expect to put this new spectrum to use
for customers later this year. And on a really exciting note,
smart phone manufacturers are already lining up to
deliver compatible phones. What does all this mean for you? Well, no matter what wireless
service you’re using, it’s going to make a difference. If you’re a T-Mobile
customer, this means our LTE network is going to be
bigger, faster, and stronger. If you’re using anything
other than T-Mobile, your carrier will now have
zero choice but to change to keep up with the Uncarrier. The auction results set
us up for the future and secures our ability to
bring choice and competition to every inch of the country
for every wireless consumer. If you think the last four years
of Uncarrier have been remarkable, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

94 comments on “T-Mobile CEO John Legere: The #Uncarrier Cleaned Up in Historic Low-Band Spectrum Auction

  1. I'm so glad to be part of T Mobile! Maybe this will bring "local number portability" to my local area so I don't have to use a distant area code number!!! Mark in Iowa. T Mobile and Team Magenta are still rockin the house!

  2. with this new sepcurtm will T-Mobile and MetroPCS will be able to get services underground for our speta system here in Philadelphia PA

  3. I think it would be awesome if you partnered with Google on the New Pixel 2, "Magenta Edition " supporting new bands.

  4. Mr. Legere, you continue to impress and impress. This exceeds my hopes for your spectrum winnings.

    I look forward to eventually upgrading to a 600 MHz compatible phone down the road.

  5. When MetroPCS shutdown their CDMA network in my area, I lost the only viable option for making mobile phone calls where I live. Hopefully Legere is doing more than just blowing smoke.

  6. He failed to mention that people are still throttled on the network and they they will not get the most speed they possibly can. unless they change plans and others.

  7. Congrats Jon, you works soo hard for this incredible milestone. It's a huge accomplishment that will boost T-mobile capability (Turbo Charged) to climb the mountain even faster and be number 1 !!!

  8. Amazing stuff! Cannot wait to be able to use my Cell phone inside the shop where I work and my home other than WiFi!!! Basically if your TV worked on the old VHF fine your T-Mobile will be full Bars!! I sure hope the iPhone 8 supports this!

  9. I just switched to T Mobile 2wks ago and I love T Mobile great service and coverage for me here in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

  10. Looks like there'll be no reason to go team Verizon anymore. If tmobile pulls this up and close coverage gap. Therefore forcing at&t and verizon to lower prices more to compete.

  11. I switched a few months back and I can honestly tell you that I'm very happy with my service. I had Verizon but decided to try TMobile and I won't be switching back to VZ.

  12. We switched all but 1 line from Verizon to T-Mobile b/c at my jobT-Mobile doesn't work well or even at all in federal buildings. Cannot wait to cut that final cord with Verizon. Verizon knows that T-Mobile is a threat which is why they brought back unlimited data.

  13. Noooo! I like my Note 4! I'm going to have to buy a new phone just to use the new 600 MHz spectrum when it comes out in like 2020 or so **lol**. Verizon immediately knee-jerk reacted with releasing an unlimited plan much like T-Mobile has now in an attempt to stay competitive.

  14. Extremely disappointed in the CT market. Switched a month ago from AT&T and super happy with T-Mobile's customer service but having basically zero service in my neighborhood kinda sucks


  16. Such a charismatic man. I love him. Notice how he even says that there'll be benefits for other wireless carrier customers. He encourages competition.

  17. T-Mobile is so awesome! I honestly can't believe how fast ya caught up to AT&T and Verizon only to blow them out of the water so soon. I did not ever think Gigabit LTE would be a thing in the U.S. I though only countries like South Korea would have carriers deploy it, but when the S8 launches you'll deploy insanely fast speeds. I get gigabit speed is the theoretical but still that means a video should never buffer again!

  18. You mean my $750 iPhone 6 that I FINALLY paid off won't be able to take advantage of this new technology?

  19. Hey John, can u tell Google and Lenovo that the next Pixel and Moto Z they're planning shouldn't be exclusive by one carrier so consumers can choose an Android that is not Korean (Samsung and LG)

  20. John you saved tmobile, seriously before him my bill was over 200 and only had 4 lines. now I have over 6 lines for 149 a month with taxes. that's crazy and the service has improved beyond anything, along with customer service. been a customer for about 15 years I think and so far it's the best company you can come across

  21. If only there was a T-Mobile to challenge the cable TV/home internet market. Talk about customers with zero alternatives/choices that are priced gouged beyond belief. Hopefully one day…..

  22. this is why our church has to change all of our microphones but we have 39 months for the transition. So good luck with your T-Mobile

  23. I just switched to T-Mobile a week ago after being lied to, cheated and robbed by AT&T for the last time. T-Mobile has been a breath of fresh air, from ordering the SIM card kits, to porting my numbers, setting up my account – everything was straight forward, no-hassle, and clearly explained to me by helpful T-Mobile employees at every step of the process.

    My phone can now use VoLTE, VoWiFi, which AT&T arbitrarily blocks on non-AT&T branded (read: locked down and pre-loaded with their "partner" barf malware) phones. I can now reliably make and receive phone calls without having calls randomly not ringing my phone and going straight to voicemail while my phone sits on the desk with full bars of LTE. I guess my brand new unlocked phone wasn't the problem after all, AT&T. How about you factory reset your lousy company?

    Oh, and get this: T-Mobile told me exactly what it would cost me to sign up BEFORE I signed up. Apparently lying about extra fees to make the sale and then blaming the customer for not knowing better is not "how every carrier operates", which is what multiple AT&T reps told me when justifying their abhorrent behavior.

  24. What people don't realize is that with this auction, forced by these wireless goliaths, left the wireless microphone market with the dirty end of the stick. Great- you can get T-Mobile instead of Verizon so you can play Pokemon Go in the forests of North Dakota! Hope you don't enjoy live music, hearing the pastor at church or allowing the hearing impaired to experience audio. Sorry to be negative, but this guy gloating about how T-Mobile aren't going to be a second hand wireless carrier anymore just irks me because of the impact this has on live audio. That said, people care more about their cell phone coverage than live music these days, so I don't think most people will feel the same way I do πŸ™

  25. t-mobile customer service , 3 4 empolyees transfer my call at the end one of them transfer me to project5 ? wtf tmoble customer service?

  26. What they didn't say is Millions if not billions of Musicians etc. who use wireless microphones etc. are now stuck throwing away their old equipment and spend a lot of money buying new wireless with no compensation. I spent $900 4 years ago on 2 mic's that if I use I can be fined up to 10,000 for using. Sort of like the government kicking you out of your house and not giving you a penny.

  27. i really truely hope there is truth to this. i live in a somewhat rural area of north java ny, we had verizon and were ending up with a $200+ per month bill, a bill which verizon lied about and misled us that the bill was only going to be $170 per month (still outrageous). we went to t mobile because i just cant pay that. i drive a dump truck for a living and drive all over western ny, in allot of areas the phone is fantastic….. but when i go home it still sucks unless im on wifi. verizon is a mega parasite i will not give them any money. i have been crossing my fingers hoping the service will improve because frankly the bill is FAIR, not really cheap but fair.

    verizon is a corporate monster, their prices are outrageous, their advertising is misleading, and their customer service is absolutely awful. they suck and i have nothing good to say about them.

    when i left Verizon i weekly requested a departure bill that i could submit to t-mobile, the refused to send me a paper bill despite my requests. i ended up with a $600 charge on a credit card due to my leaving. i hate them. they lie and cheat their customers.

  28. Verizon still wipes the floor with them in terms of overall coverage . Hopefully T-Mobile can expand everywhere once 600 MHz is fully deployed

  29. Glad I ditched Verizon once and for all. T-Mobile gets much better service and the price is better. No way I'd ever go back to Verizon or att

  30. But were did the 600 mhz come from, I will tell you churches, schools and any body else doing audio wireless. And now all of us using 600 mhz can just throw are equipment away and buy new with money we don't have.

  31. I believe John is working for the consumer. He is not trying to get all the money! He is working for ordinary people! T-Mobile is the BEST!

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