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Taschenfernseher Casio TV 410 LCD Pocket Color Television – eflose #590

Taschenfernseher Casio TV 410 LCD Pocket Color Television – eflose #590

Hi folks and hi Stefan today gehts times around the bags TV where I found the mistake I think, therefore I believe that I have found him I have screwed which was really an act of violence Here’s the uh I’d say the display board and so for display here the CFL Lighting Here High Voltage for the… Fluorescent lamp, fluorescent tube is in there But the mistake that I’ve found here I noticed that this thing here, this part very much gets warm and since 3 capacitors underneath, and Elko are here, the tan Elko is also very warm. Now I have put the whole under power and the thing, the TV jumps not to, and here underneath exactly down under here I have seen that it has so easily Flash strobes has so easily lightning and hats after smelled burnt Elko So it really smelled of burned Elko, at the exact spot here and when the time exactly look, let’s see if I can show it at the brown Elko under the blue cable ops, which is really hard so with lighting and so, under the blue Cable here at the brown Elko precisely … if I get the cable to get away the cable because times away, moment cables please go to get out ok here he leaked apparently times thence whether mans looks, you can hardly see, even with the lamp looks mans barely how do I do that… best that you see it, namely right here, ops, now I had to pretty much in Its center, here you see the electrolyte precisely where one sees the electrolyte at Elko and that’s where this Elko has leaked, because you can see it already the brown Elko has expired, although the above looks quite healing has up of a predetermined breaking point, of which and also But down there he is … exploded and expired it is actually the brown Elko to you nothing looks so now you can see it I think see if you can see it, so let’s see if I can shoot a little closer the macro is not so … with ops, and although now you can see it the Elko expired but with lights it’s real somehow bischen stupid because I must eventually judge what else I can do it so well, but … let’s see, maybe it’s better that you can see now that the Elko has leaked, a quite dark corner or I turn the whole time, ops, where we have the … there’s the Elko …. now you can see it even worse … so maybe … Yes so you can see it well, yes This is the leaked Elko if he were to focus on because the leaked, ah now, here you can see it the brown under the Elko because it has expired I guess the reason is because since this Elko very close to the… Transformer is here where 15V which is very close to it as and that is with aufgezeizt from there because that is really very very warm because where 15V and that thereby the Elko has become too warm, and that he has become too warm down is below then explodet but it is actually the Elko that means to me, I have to unscrew the board here the screw here I war not on that of the antenna I have to watch that I find any screwdriver where I nor the on wars which is also nice screwed massively in metal, that’s really an act which to get to but which is at least not glued like the other screws OK otherwise what we have here, we have ceramic oscillator um 4,4 Mhz Ceramic filter 5.5 b then here is 5.5 Audio I think then here again 5.5 and there’s a a 5,5er 5.5 and this is a 38, this is the video, video filter, a 38, 38.97 or? 38,9z 38.9 have a look ops 38.9, which is a 5-pole filter of 38.9 the black here has 5 poles and the other only 3 3 3 the well 3 … ne has only 2 who has only 2, and since we do not have a crystal, I guess that the video Carrier 4.4 35619, I guess that the color carrier is, and here we have to adjust the potentiometer for color jo, which means that I watch out bekomm the board, and I, therefore, here including the tuner, incidentally, beautifully packaged … that I rausbekomme the board and can replace the Elko which is a 6.3 Volt 330 uF jo … OK

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