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Tegan Marie’s Holiday Favorites | Radio Disney Country

– Hey, y’all. It’s Tegan Marie, and I’m
going to be sharing with you some of my Christmas favorites. My favorite Christmas song is
definitely “Last Christmas” just because, you know, it’s
just a smooth little beat and I just love it so much. The melodies are amazing and,
you know, it tells a story, and I love that. My favorite Christmas
tradition is getting together with my friends and family
and opening presents and eating all the
holiday food that you only get on the holidays. My favorite Christmas
dessert is very odd. It’s called cranberry salad and
my grandma makes it so good. I don’t know why. I can’t really give you an
explanation, but just trust me. It’s good. My favorite Christmas
movie is definitely all of the “Home Alones.” My favorite Christmas ornament
is one that I got in actually 2013, because it has the date. And it has music notes all
over it and it says my name and it’s just really
sparkly and yeah. It looks good on the tree. My favorite gift that
I’ve received on Christmas is definitely my German
shepherd puppy, Riley. She’s so cute. Oh my gosh. My favorite gift
that I’ve ever given is definitely a scrapbook to
one of my best friends of us throughout the year before
and how we became friends, and I spent the whole
year putting it together, so that was definitely
my favorite. Alright guys I wanna hear about some
of your Christmas favorites So leave a comment And I will see you later. Merry Christmas.

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