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Television for doctors, circa 1991 – part 1

[rushing water from fountain] ♪♪ [slow synthesizer fanfare] [ominous stinger] [whoosh] In your search for the ideal antihistamine therapy … when treating congested allergy sufferers, your choices have been limited. [crash] Now, when congestion complicates allergy symptoms, prescribe the only non-sedating antihistamine decongestant that lets patients stay alert. Introducing Seldane-D. For dual-action relief that lets patients stay alert. Seldane-D. Combining the No. 1 antihistamine with the No. 1 decongestant … for fast, stay-alert, dual-action relief. ♪♪ [announcer reading advisories on screen] [announcer reads text on screen] ♪♪ ♪♪ [wistful classical piano throughout] You can’t bring back the things she was. But you can help her to move through her days unhaltingly, by easing the pain and restrictions of her arthritis. [applause at ballet recital] With Voltaren … (diclofenac sodium). You can’t bring back what was. ♪♪ [more hopeful music begins] But you can help her celebrate today. [applause] And all the days to come. With safe, well-tolerated Voltaren (diclofenac sodium). From Ciba-Geigy. No. 1 where people count. [announcer reads advisories on screen] ♪♪ You’re watching Lifetime Medical Television — where doctors turn … to learn. [V.O.] Tagamet. Brand of cimetidine. [typical deli sounds] [Deli manager] I started helpin’ my father in this place when I was a kid. Did my homework over by the bread slicer? Five years ago, the neighborhood starts to scale up. I said, “Pop, let’s put in a gourmet section.” He said “Who’s gonna pay $10 for a pound of coffee? But he lets me try. Now, look! He gave me confidence, my father. Two years ago, he starts wakin’ up at night with pains in his stomach. He takes antacids all day, he’s makin’ everybody miserable. Finally, I get him to see a doctor. It’s an ulcer. The doctor gives him Tagamet. It’s like night and day! He’s makin’ jokes! All his life he worked hard, my father. Now, he and my mother are down in Florida, no more ulcers, no more pain. [laughing] He’s learnin’ to snorkel! That Tagamet must be some kinda medicine. [V.O.] Tagamet. (cimetidine). See end of program for availability of prescribing information. ♪♪ [percussive synth pop] “MedQuiz.” Testing the medical knowledge of three senior residents in medicine. Dr. Stephen Brunton is the host of this challenging competition … providing some clinical pearls, and some fun. Go on rounds with our faculty of experts — Drs. Thomas Cesario, Eugene Schiff and Jeremy Swan — and residents from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, and Stanford University Hospital. “MedQuiz.” Today at 4:30 p.m. on Lifetime Medical Television. [machinery rattling] [doctor on left] The … left ventricular cavity appears dilated. Markedly dilated. Markedly dilated. [raspy cough from patient] [doctor] Think you’ve had enough? [patient] I … [inaudible over machinery] [doctor] You sure? Any more? [patient’s low, raspy voice difficult to make out over machinery] [doctor] OK. Why don’t we stop here? [patient] Over near my house, we have … a store on the corner, I live a half a block from the corner, There’s a bench there. And when I hit that bench, I just … fall right into it. It’s only half a block from my home. [doctor] You did beautifully. [V.O.] The consensus study shows that Vasotec as adjunctive therapy … prolonged life in patients with severe congestive heart failure. [doctor] I think things are really progressing pretty well … [V.O.] Vasotec also improves function in patients with heart failure. Vasotec. Highly effective adjunctive therapy for heart failure. Vasotec is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to this product, and in patients with a history of angioedema related to previous treatment with an ACE inhibitor. Vasotec. From Merck, Sharp & Dohme. [Instructor] This is just a quiz … [lightning strike] … but it counts. 1. True or false — Feldene is as good as any other nonsteroidal when it comes to GI tolerability. [Student] Of course, it’s true … Feldene’s GI tolerability is comparable to that of the other leading NSAIDs … including Naprosyn, Voltaren and ibuprofen, and safer than that of aspirin. [Instructor] 2. Essay [clears throat] — Describe the significance of Feldene’s longer half-life. [Student] Feldene’s longer half-life permits effective once-a-day therapy, which may promote increased patient compliance. The differences in half-lives have not been shown to be of clinical significance … with regard to GI toxicity. [Instructor] 3. Multiple-choice — How many days of patient experience are there with Feldene? I’ll give you a hint. [Student] Um, over 6 billion patient days of clinical experience worldwide. [Instructor] Pencils down. Feldene. Great marks in tolerability and highly effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. [announcer reads advisories scrolling on screen] Examine the latest evidence for the prevention of osteoporosis using estrogen replacement. and other therapeutic measures, this month on “Milestones in Medicine.” [announcer reads message on screen] You’re watching Lifetime Medical Television — the network for physicians only. ♪♪ [percussive lite-pop] This week, on “Physicians Journal Update” — What is the physician’s role in helping terminally ill patients die? Two physicians debate Washington state’s Initiative 119, and law professor Alan Meisel tackles the legal issues involved in terminating life support. Later on, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging choices for your patients. These stories, plus more medical news, on “PJU” for November 3, 1991. The presentation and diagnosis of low back pain, Watch “Family Practice Update,” today at 12:30 p.m. on Lifetime Medical Television.

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