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Testing my #FM #Broadcast #Transmitter

Most of the capacitors have been changed now. I’ll have to continue on that Couldn’t get it any better than that for now Basically it doesn’t matter how they are in here I might need to change these too A bit more to do in here, but that’s for later on Let’s put it on It should phase-lock easily There it is, phase-locked Phase-locked right on target, h*ll yes It is f*cking straight on target I think we can transmit with this one Let’s see the SWR values, they are pretty damn good I think it was this way, first we set it to infinite I think it’s quite good, but SWR should get lower than that Let’s put beep on 1.8 SWR, is that good or bad? Can’t wait for June to start broadcasting Output power meter This is bit problematic, I can’t get out more than 19 W according to this meter That’s what we have to use I have no way of getting more at the moment It has locked on very neatly We are still pushing to the dummy load I think this could be used, maybe those frequencies could be fixed even closer But anyway Now it shows 30 W here 30 W according to this meter, I don’t trust this meter I don’t think it really does 30 W, this meter says it does this amount Well, it doesn’t matter I have to ask for tips from people who know more about this How this should be put forward These are much needed devices, it’s there on a measuring point On a measuring point and that we push to the dummy load This should turn out well in the end I have done quite an amount of repairing here That’s it, here I have a delicacies delicacy cooking

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