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The Answer To Life  – A profound Near Death Experience – NDE Radio

The Answer To Life – A profound Near Death Experience – NDE Radio

The big event happened one night while
we were visiting the Oregon coast. We had not planned to spend the night but
did at the last minute. The only available motel was an older place with horribly soft old mattresses. From what I
can figure out halfway through the night while kind of curled up against the wall
I slipped out off the mattress and got wedged between
the wall and the mattress. I then had an apnea attack with inability
to move or breathe which sent me into some sort of cardiac
failure. This is all conjecture and only supported by the mild abnormality in my EKG over the past year since. Whether I
coded is or not is really not at the heart of the
issue or my experience. There are tons of
debates regarding what really happens when you die by both medical and theological
theorists worldwide. I can only relate what I experienced I admit that even as I write it sounds
like science fiction but I can assure you that it happened
and I believe it to be real in every sense. Without trying to be
overly dramatic the next events were what I have found to be in subsequent
studies a classic near-death experience. I did not see myself in bed as the room
was too dark but I was blasted through an amazing tunnel plasma? lights? not sure. A brightness that
brought me even closer to an unbelievable bright light in what seemed like minutes regular time
does not seem to apply. I arrived in a place that was so
overwhelmingly bright and swimming with fluid colors
of the entire spectrum that I did not at first realize I
was without my physical body. Well I could see or least had a sense of vision I could not see my hands. It was about this
time that my experience was significantly different than others I have read. I realized what
was happening and I was not happy about it. Almost immediately I started screaming
in a voice that I could hear in my head but could not physically perceive. I
thought no f’ing way! No I’m not finished yet! I still have young children I’ve not
seen my life through yet. No damnit! I continued with
a stream a verbal abuse of anyone that was listening in a very
profane language until I heard another voice say “Okay” “Relax, It’s not your time.” I knew at that
moment two very clear truths to be real. First I
was not going to die yet or stay dead if I was. Second there was a
god and an afterlife beyond our life on
Earth. Then things got strange interesting and terrifying. Unlike other NDE experiences I’ve read about
I did not see anyone or feel the presence of Jesus or buddha or Alah nor did I see a physical presence of any
of my relatives that had passed before me. Although I had a feeling that they were
there with me. What I did see was a much brighter place
perhaps thirty to fifty feet away of course I had no real clear
understanding of depth ratio but seemed almost to pull at my heart to come closer. I was awash with the complete feeling of
peace, calm and contentment whenever I looked in
the direction of this portal and yet I knew that moving into the
portal would certainly mean that I was not… that I would not be able to return to my
life on Earth. Without speaking and yet speaking and
understanding what was spoken to me a conversation ensued the changed my
life. “Your troubled” the voice said “You need to know the truth about your
life. It is holding you back from living your life to the fullest” I agreed without speaking. “You must
understand the gift to be able to enjoy and treasure the gift that you have been
given.” the voice said At this time the voice was neither
clearly male nor female. I realize that does not make a lot of
sense. I knew that the communication was coming
from all that is all that was all that ever shall be. The
voice was that of what I understood to be God and yet even then while thinking this it
was evident that the entity knew what I was thinking and chastised me for doubting are trying
to figure out its very existence. “In order to understand that which you
feel you must understand to be happy. You must first know what you need to change in your life on
Earth.” the voice said In an instant I was seeing my life in review First of all the wonderful feelings
that love had brought joy into my life. I saw all the incredible events of my
life when love the most powerful positive force in existence was most present in my life.
Childhood memories, my first real loves, the births of my children, the first
time I knew I loved my wife more than I loved myself. I saw anything and everything associated
with love in my life flying past my eyes and filling my heart
with the joy that felt almost overwhelming in its scope but then came the other side of my life.
To my surprise I was not subjected to all the lying and deceit that I would
expect to see from my youth or all of the sexual trysts
and dalliances from my college days. What was presented to me was explained
to be the times that I had heard others to such a degree as to make them doubt
their self-worth or their ability to love and be loved.
Girls I had slammed and disrespected in my college days. people who
admired me who had admired me only to be
disrespected or even worse ignored when they reached out a hand in
friendship. People that I could barely remember or
hardly knew who had been harmed by my cutting sarcasm and smart ass wit. Worst of all were the unkind comments and actions I
had made to people I did not care about and love. Callous remarks or actions that
at the time seemed inconsequential. My heart ached with each new revelation
knowing that my actions seeming pride and inconsequential at the time had affected the outcome of so many lives. It was immediately evident to me that
the healing power of unconditional love and respect could be so easily subverted with even a
single act of deceit or abuse of trust. Like virginity once you
have crossed the line thats never yours to take back. The changes are permanent all you can do
is ask for forgiveness and move on. It is that act of contrition forgiveness that heals the soul. I knew this because I
was not presented with the acts that I had
expected to see I had not been presented with the memories
of the acts that I knew were so bad. They required me to seek forgiveness
from a higher power even in my least repentant days of
youth. The acts that were thrown into my face
were those that seemed inconsequential and trivial. The thoughtless acts of impulse
dismissed by my cocky, self-assured attitude that were “Not a big deal they’ll get
over it.” but even with this primary evidence in front of me the only question that remained clearly in my head was why? what does it
all mean? what is this all about? and that my
friends is where I made a mistake that almost ruined my life Upon hearing the question “Must you
really know the answers to be able to enjoy your life on Earth?” I replied “Yes” In the next instant I was blasted with a force of
knowledge so powerful and so completely overwhelming that the biblical phrase “God smote him.”
became completely relevant. In a blast of light and cognition I was
suddenly faced with all of the answers the answers to life the answers to death
the answers to science and theology and all of the amazing intricacies of the
interaction between what is what was and what always shall be. I was filled with an overwhelming wonder
that was overridden by a sense of terror an inability to comprehend even the
slightest nuance of this creation and I was filled with a feeling of
such unbelievable inadequacy as to reduce anything I
thought or felt or believed before this time into a single point of nothingnes. In the next instant I felt the air
scream from my lungs and I awoke terrified in the darkness doubting
anything that had happened yet suddenly full of more intimate
knowledge innate knowledge that I could ever truly
conceive all pounded into my brain each fragment of knowledge with a life of its own seeking to
rectify itself with the larger questions of scientific existence and theology. My wife awoke, asked what was wrong. Terrified to speak of what I had just
experience and more afraid of the reality that I had just died. I never doubted it from the second that I
breathed life again. I chose immediately not to concerned
her as long as my heart seemed to beat and I felt no physical effects. I realized
to this day that this was not only dangerous but created a breach of faith
in our love for one another. I just felt it the right thing to do at the time. Looking back I wish I would have
woken her, told her what had happened and tried to help her understand. As it is even today she seems to resent
the fact that I kept the experience a secret for a few
months while I tried to work through what had happened to me. In the instance that I return from my
little trip to the other side as I affectionately call it I knew
several things to be true. First it was real, it happened I knew
this because of the onslaught of information
that was coursing in through my mind. Facts about things I had never studied
or even had a remote interest in such as physics, quantum mechanics the balance
between positive and negative energy and the correlation between
digital information good and bad in the world. Additionally the societal conflicts
between innate knowledge of what is right and mankind’s equally innate need to
qualify to quantify his life with organizational
structure of what cannot be quantified all in a blast
of semi cognition. Second my life would not be complete
until I made sense of it all. Third the very fact that the questions
existed was a complete verification of both my experience and the very existence of something beyond
this life and then I blew it. Consumed with a need to fit all the
pieces together I started a quest that would last almost two years. I read everything I could get my hands
on from Paul Davies and his theories of time and space to CS Lewis in his wonderful books that
combine theology and the basics of relativity into a concept
that is both science and God’s Word. The more I read and studied the more I realized that mankind is only on the very edge of
understanding creation. More important not only was every theory,
,every religion, every concept ever devised comprehend the big question entirely wrong but that the same
theories concepts or religions were entirely right just a small piece of the ultimate
answer. For almost two years I was rendered
almost completely without any other purpose. While I understood that being a husband and a father was important my quest to understand why actually kept me from fulfilling my
roles. Instead I tried to connect the dots all
the dots I was convinced that if I just connected
the dots it would all make sense like and enjoy and
treasure my life if only if only if only. . . However, try to imagine connecting every
grain of sand in the ocean or every visible star in the universe.
This is what my quest for the ultimate knowledge entailed bits of information that I was able to
connect made perfect sense and the big picture clear. Things like God for lack of a better term is actually an
entity of energy without beginning or end made up of every bit of energy in
the known universe in every dimension yet unknown. Who we are is not the body
that manifests in this reality on earth but the life force of energy that is one
with all energy that is God. All religions are man made
in an effort to try and understand what cannot be understood. So we as humans feel that we are in some way in control of our destinies on earth. that we have the ability to decide between
what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly.
Prayer is real not because you ask for God to change
things but because in a state of meditative prayer
especially with the power of others directing their energy on the same
thought you tap into the ultimate power of all that is to change
the physical manifestation of things, people, outcomes, events here on earth. Everything on earth is created from the
same subatomic particles all with the connection to the same
energy that is the cognitive knowledge of all that is. That these particles can change for the
determination of the energy that makes up everything. Everything exists in a continual balance
between the light and the dark good and evil, positive and negative, on
and off even being reduced to a kind of digital
code of zeros and ones in constant flux and balance. The matter that we don’t see is as important to this delicate illusion as the matter that we can see on and on and on till I thought I would go mad
trying to understand the gift I’d been given. It was killing me from within muddying up
the clear cool waters of life in such a way as to render everything I
did as being inconsequential and without meaning. Then I was saved by child . . One bright and sunny Saturday morning while
sitting and reading a book about the correlation between time space and religion my daughter’s 11 9 and seven at the time asked me if I
would take them to the park. I snapped at them telling them that I was
busy and had things to do. Before I could think about it they
replied “Its okay we still love you, we’ll wait for you.” I’m sure it was meant half in jest and half in taunt their way of letting me know that the matter
was not closed and ultimately they would wait me out until I
relented. However as I looked to their smiling
little faces filled with genuine love and understanding for the gruff impatient man before them
my heart melted. In that moment their simple display of
love for me stripped away any feelings of
confusion or doubt about my role in this world. In that
moment my heart was so filled with real emotion and love every cosmic lock
turned and I finally understood the real answer to life. The answers
to everything was right there in front of me embodied in the faith love and hope of a child. In that
instant I recalled the wonder of their births each life the moment before me living in a
liquid environment like all early life forms in the sea then finally
entering our world and gasping for their first breathe of our
life here on earth. How their lives were conceived by the
life force of their mother and I coming together in creations most
wonderful gift the active of procreation how every part of who they are is
made up for the parts of millions before them to be a single
unique creature the shares their gift with you to make
your gift of life all the more valid and fulfilling. With the force of a moment that stops
time like birth death and the overwhelming realization of
true love for one another for one another I realized the folly of my quest for the answers. I realized that the love
to everything good everything that really mattered truth
happiness love honesty were all in the simplest phrase with the faith of a child. For the next
13 years I simply put the quest in a box while we raised our children, built a
business and got on with life but reports in science bits and
pieces of new discoveries in quantum mechanics dark matter, the field as Mctaggart
calls it and other revelations began to percolate with innate
knowledge of what was correct and what was not. In the past year and a half several close friends and relatives
battled in lost their lives to cancer or accidents and because of my experience I
found myself wanting to give comfort to the grieving. It was as if the box was waiting for me in
some strange way and since December of 2010 I found
myself spinning back into feelings emotions and knowledge that
courses through every particle of my being with the movie I am as a catalyst to
begin talking about it openly followed closely by reading with
McTaggart’s books and watching several episodes of through the
wormhole dealing with life after death creation time and space and the creator. I not only can’t put the box back on
the shelf but seemed to have permanently lost the lid. I’m compelled to begin
what could only be described as a surface like quest to try and bring in religion and science together in some
sort of common language that allows both sides to come together. My talents being in broadcasting
communications will hopefully lead themselves to
distilling some of these complex issues down to more palatable
and understandable basics at least I am compelled to try and so for me the N D E experience lives on. Well that is are one of the most remarkably in depth NDE stories that we have in the files here at IANDS. We have hundreds of stories though of the same quality and perceptive nature and I think that we will devote many
more shows in the future to the reading of some of the stories
from the files at the International Association for
near-death studies. Well it looks like we’re out of time for
today if you’d like to listen to this or any
of our past programs again you’ll find them archived at NDE radio .org for more
information on NDE’s, Out of body experiences and on the International Study For Near Death Experiences itself go to our website at This is Lee Witting, thanks for listening.

100 comments on “The Answer To Life – A profound Near Death Experience – NDE Radio

  1. Chastised you for doubting its existence ? So what is our existence. ? Is it some kind of a machine in which we are the parts. ? Why did this being need us to exist ? Are we slaves ? Is it an alien running a simulation. ? I know the love. I know the beauty. What I don't know is why. I also don't know how my brain and bodily damage since before I was born, serves a purpose. A purpose that I even agree with. I've already figured out that free will is an illusion. What purpose do we serve ? To amuse it ? I doubt it will have to play my life back because I do it myself every day. Every night. I am so painfully aware of how my actions and inactions effect others I am damn near paralyzed. What about sociopaths ? Are they non player characters ? The whole God experience could just be part of a program when we level up.

  2. Something tells me that if I had a NDE I would be seeing Hell. Hey honestly I don't deny that I deserve it. Trust me I do.

  3. The comment he made about his daughters asking him to take them to the park choked me up and reminded me of an experience that i went through several years ago when my son was about 5 years old. I was sitting on the porch one day, and my son comes to me and asked me if i could play with him on his skateboard. At the time i was really not feeling up to doing anything more than just sitting there, and so i replied, " I dont even have my shoes on right now". So That little boy goes inside the house and after a few minutes came back out with my shoes in his hand. To this day it still brings tears to my eyes. I know it probably seems rather insignificant to most people but to me it was all summed up all the questions of life that i had ever had in that one instant. Unconditional love, compassion and helping one another and living the life we have here on earth to the fullest. That to me, i know without a shadow of a doubt is at least one of the answers to life revealed.

  4. I cannot trust this account. Why do I get the feeling it is made up and most others I listened to are not? I think there is no revelation in this story. And he believes in evolution even though there cannot be found a SINGLE mixture between the species in the history of earth. Each species has always stayed within its own boarders and and mixture of Human and goat in India recently was severely deforemed and will not live long.

  5. it doesn't have to be complicated, what is love? belonging and existence, we in our finite lives explore those concepts at different scales ( self, past/future, family, society, world) a tiny fraction of the possibilities that exist without our training wheels of time, space, drama that exist to help us learn. in physics it is like light traveling through space ( our lives through time), and those interactions with matter that bends and reshapes that if reflected repeatedly ..infinitely end up in coherent laser like light, vs the same beam on different paths ending up as diffusion and darkness. in quantum physics we are the collapsed wave function in the now, vs the superposition of superpositions

  6. I'm really glad I watched this…answered a lot of questions that have been haunting my mind for years…thank you.

  7. I discovered myself that the ultimate quest is by simply living my life here on earth, rather than reading tons of books about the matter. Our quest consists of loving, forgiving, learning from our mistakes and not giving up. We're on earth for a reason.

  8. i believe this guy, but man he sounds like the little guy with the blanket on charley brown, i forget his name, i think its linus or something like that but i dont know what makes me think of such things probly nobody els dose ,but i really do think this is how it really is how about you?

  9. Lee Witting – Your reading/narration is not good. These accounts deserve a smoother, more professional, narration/narrator.

  10. At around the 19 min mark he lost me. I'm not much of a biblical scholar but Luke 23:29 comes to mind. The fact that this world, with it's time, and money are nothing but illusions. To give birth is to perpetuate the illusion. The only prayer I truly pray is : Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    The mind is so powerful, we think we are individuals but we are of one mind. The dream is so powerful we give it reality. The line ' Living the dream ' is not a comical response. It's living the nightmare. To prove it. Recently you've thought of something or someone that you haven't thought about in years. Probably 20 years or more and then that song, incident, or person appears
    somehow in your life.
    That is why we are told to awaken, we are not supposed to be here. The Holy Spirit is working with us to gently awaken us to our proper place in eternity. Not this world of duality. God doesn't experience this dream world. It isn't reality. God can no more come here than you can go into your partner or child's dreams when they're experiencing a nightmare. All you can do, is like the Holy Spirit, and gently awaken them from their experience. God bless.


  12. I highly recommend Edgar Cayce books. His work answers a lot of these questions and what he said will expand your mind if you are open to learning about spiritually.

  13. I completely believe him due to my own expierences. Though God Religions are all made by God and all are the same Religion for diffetent time periods.

  14. Hi this video was very motivating. whats the name of the instrumental at the outro of the video? it resonates with my soul.

  15. Having read several hundred NDE accounts … this is a good summation. The amount of NDE’s that have so many consistencies is amazing. So many on YouTube clearly are religion based and spun for a particular religion or Jesus only is your way to eternity … yet most people that have an NDE become more spiritual but less religious … less belief that one religion is exactly the right way. You’ve hit the nail imo

  16. All the unconditional love etc is spoken and heard so many times..what does one do when you have no option to survive in the difficult world.

  17. It's interesting but when the guy tried to explain how life works it goes off track. He doesn't have the capacity to explain.

  18. God is our Creator, so he lives in us and us in him. But he Still is All Knowing, Powerful and is Love. Be Not deceived God Is Almighty and must be Worshiped, Praised, appreciated and Reverenced!

  19. It’s probably unbelievable to most but the veil is so thin. I had an experience with the light, and I wasn’t having an NDE; I was fully conscious, not asleep,(and I don’t drink or take medication).
    I was sat in bed grieving for a lost loved one, and a brilliant orb shaped white light with golden tendrils appeared at the end of my bed. It's felt like the light held me with this unimaginable love which permeated my whole being, and I felt this incredible peace, and what I can only describe as quiet elation and absolute knowledge that we are taken care of, we are always ok there is never anything to fear. The light had filled my room. I cannot tell you how long it lasted because all time and space had disappeared. The light spoke to me, not audibly with a voice, but to my being and said “you’ve been ordained.
    I had no idea what ordained meant! I don’t go to church or follow any religion. But I found out later when my life took a completely different turn, and it happened so naturally. And was in the capacity of helping others with my subtle gifts.

    What I can say is this: I was sat in bed grieving, actually writing a (very bad) poem to purge my feelings of heartbreak and desolation. It had felt like the world had stopped still and everything felt lifeless and colourless, and there was nothing to get out of bed for.

    I don’t remember praying or anything, just in shock and wallowing in my own feelings
    When the light appeared… what was interesting is that all my pain was replaced with peace and elation IN AN INSTANT. Yet I could still feel it in some remote sense but it wasn’t mine anymore. A bit like how you feel when you watch a sad movie.
    SO and this is my point: I could experience pain and sadness and peace and elation all at the same time… completely opposing feelings that seemingly couldn’t co-exist, but they did!
    It was pure non-duality.
    The light told me that we tell each other “I had a bad day” and yet what it should be is just s bad moment because all other opportunities for happy feelings are going on at the same time but we become polarised in one event that robs us of everything else happening in life (including opportunities for the answer to most of our issues that come in unsuspected guises).

    My gift is that I can now talk to this light or energetic force at will and ask questions. To this end I’m often used as a messenger for others in need. But what I have come to realise is that we can ALL communicate with this light; it’s not just for a chosen few (like many psychics etc will have you believe)… you just have to learn to tune in with your heart and practice the communication which will happen in different ways foe different people initially. The communication is subtle, you have to learn to listen and trust, you can ask for signs. I encourage people to practice with the small things where there is no emotional attachment… like taking a bus and asking how long he bus will be! Have fun with it, as fun is a high vibration which helps the connection.

    The light has told me many things since, such as: There is no such thing as good and bad, only higher and lower levels of awareness”

    And “you are not just a part of the whole, you are also the whole that contains all parts”
    We are all like a little universes in one big universe, all beautifully magnificent, all unique, all loved and lovable and all with gifts to bring to this life on Earth. ❤️

  20. God chastised you for questioning or doubting its existence? That's incredibly egotistical and judgmental. Pardon me, but I don't think that that was God you were talking to and I wish you would promote that kind of thought. There are already too many people walking around thinking of God that way. If that's who God is, I'm very happy never to go.

  21. He sounded like such a cocky, arrogant insensitive A-hole in his life review, with so many acts of thoughtless cruelty to those he hardly knew and didn't deserve his abuse. This is what those cocky A-holes need to know, They will someday have to face the consequences of their hurtful treatment of others. It all matters, the little as well as the big hurtful acts that are done.

  22. The dots have been connected. All of the answers that this man was looking for are given in my book "The Holy Grail is Found."

  23. I was taken to hell one night two months after my wife died. I was ingesting a substance and alcohol. However, the event which last all night, nine hours in total was real. I went through a tribunal of which I barely passed and was allowed to return to life. After the main demon left in disgust after it was determined I would live, GOD announced all ten of the commandments directing me to follow them. I was informed I had went to hell and served there 70 times in the past. I was a mass murderer of children in my past life. I was shown the miserable outcomes of my passed life. Left lasting in my life. I was conned out of assets during this event from a woman half my age. I forgave her. I forgave everyone. I am grateful not to be sentenced to hell again. I feel as though I am on probation while living given one final chance. I am clean and sober now for some time. I am tempted by the evil ones but now I clearly see it for what it is worth. I find myself more patient loving and at peace. Porn sickens me now , something that was a normal behavior . This is the first time I wrote about this based on the testimony in this vid. GOD bless you. Thank you for sharing.


  25. Well what is the answer to life?!?!!? You get flooded with the answers and yet you don’t share them! How frustrating! Why not?!??

  26. Well,, the story makes no sense. You didn't want to tell your wife the story of what happen? Really? Seems that you would have begged her to help you from being crammed between the wall and the mattress, or was that B.S.also ?

  27. what about your sinful fallen nature Sir?, I believe if this was God that these people where standing before, thay would be consumed , and they would have been shown their wretched ness, its not God !! they're seeing , if any thing

  28. A wonderful NDE story and such powerful realizations. My being resonates with so much of what was said. Thank you for uploading this!

  29. It is not the soul that follows knowledge, but the knowledge that follows the soul. I feel you. This unwavering uncertainty even if we had a glimpse of the uncertain, even more so after the encounter and yet… we certainly do know. We can never be separate from Knowledge. It's but a shadow of reality; our hearts know the way.

  30. Warning:
    A.L.R . These are the Verses of the wise Book (the Qur'ân). (1) Is it wonder for mankind that We(God) have sent Our Revelation to a man from among themselves (i.e. Prophet Muhammad) (saying): "Warn mankind (of the coming torment in Hell), and give good news to those who believe (in the Oneness of God and in His Prophet Muhammad) that they shall have with their Lord the rewards of their good deeds?" (But) the disbelievers say: "This is indeed an evident sorcerer (i.e. Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'ân)! (2) ( I ,God, inform you that) Surely, your Lord is Allâh/Yhweh Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days/periods and then established himself over the Throne , managing the affair of all things. No intercessor (can plead with Him) except after His Leave. That is Allâh/God, your Lord; so worship Him (Alone). Then, will you not remember? (3) To Him is the return of all of you. The Promise of Allâh is true. It is He Who begins the creation and then will repeat it, that He may reward with justice those who believed and did deeds of righteousness. But those who disbelieved will have a drink of boiling fluids and painful torment because they used to disbelieve. (4) It is He Who made the sun a shining lamp and the moon as a light and measured out for it stages, that you might know the number of years and the reckoning. Allâh did not create this but in truth. He explains the Ayâts (proofs, verses, signs, etc.) in detail for people who have knowledge. (5) Verily, in the alternation of the night and the day and in all that Allâh has created in the heavens and the earth are Ayâts (proofs, verses, lessons, signs,…) for those people who keep their duty to Allâh, and fear Him much. (6) Verily, those who hope not for their meeting with Us(God), but are pleased and satisfied with the life of the present world, and those who are heedless of Our Ayâts (proofs, verses, signs, revelations, etc.), (7) Those, their abode will be the Fire, because of what they used to earn. (8) Verily, those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, their Lord will guide them through their Faith; under them will flow rivers in the Gardens of Delight (Paradise). (9) Their way of request therein will be Glory to You, O Allâh! and Salâm (peace) will be their greetings therein (Paradise)! and the close of their request will be: All the praises and thanks are to Allâh, the Lord of the worlds (10) And were Allâh to hasten for mankind the evil in the way they hasten (Him) for the good (they invoke) then would their respite be settled at once. So We(God) leave those who expect not their meeting with Us , in their trespasses, wandering blindly in distraction. (11) And when harm touches man, he invokes Us(God), lying down on his side, or sitting or standing. But when We have removed his harm from him, he passes on as if he had never invoked Us for a harm that touched him! Thus it is made fair-seeming to the evil doers that which they used to do. (12) And indeed, We destroyed generations before you , when they did wrong while their Messengers came to them with clear proofs, but they were not such as to believe! Thus do We requite the people who are Mujrimûn (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, criminals). (13) Then We(God) made you successors after them, generations after generations in the land, that We might see how you would act. (14) And when Our Clear Verses are recited unto them, those who hope not for their meeting with Us, say: Bring us a Qur'ân other than this, or change it."Say (O Muhammad): "It is not for me to change it on my own accord; I only follow that which is revealed unto me. Verily, I fear the torment of the Great Day (of Resurrection). if I were to disobey my Lord." (15) Say (O Muhammad ): "If Allâh had so willed, I should not have recited it to you nor would He have made it known to you. Verily, I have stayed amongst you (as an illeterate) a life time before this. Have you then no sense?" (16) So who does more wrong than he who forges a lie against Allâh/God or denies His Ayât (proofs, verses, signs, revelations, etc.)? Surely, the Mujrimûn (criminals, sinners, disbelievers and polytheists) will never be successful! (17) And they worship besides Allâh/God what hurt them not, nor profit them, and they say: "These are our intercessors with Allâh/God." Say: "Do you inform Allâh of that which He knows not in the heavens and on the earth?" Glorified and Exalted is He above all that which they associate as partners (with Him)! (18) Mankind were but one community , then they differed (later). And had not it been for a Word that went forth before from your Lord, it would have been settled between them regarding what they differed(19) And they say: "How is it that not a sign is sent down on him from his Lord?" Say: "The unseen belongs to Allâh Alone, so wait you, verily I am with you among those who wait (for Allâh's Judgement)." (20) And when We let mankind taste mercy after some adversity has afflicted them, behold! they take to plotting against Our Ayât (proofs, verses, signs, revelations, lessons etc.)! Say: "Allâh is more Swift in planning!" Certainly, Our Messengers (angels) record all of that which you plot. (21) He it is Who enables you to travel through land and sea, till when you are in the ships and they sail with them with a favourable wind, and they are glad therein, then comes a stormy wind and the waves come to them from all sides, and they think that they are encircled therein, Then they invoke Allâh/God, making their Faith pure for Him Alone, (saying): "If You (God) deliver us from this, we shall truly be of the grateful." (22) But when He deliveres them, behold! they rebel (disobey Allâh) in the earth wrongfully. O mankind! Your rebellion (disobedience to Allâh) is only against your ownselves, – a brief enjoyment of this worldly life, then (in the end) unto Us is your return, and We shall inform you that which you used to do. (23) Verily, the likeness of (this) worldly life is as the water which We sent down from the sky, so by it arises the intermingled produce of the earth of which men and cattle eat until when the earth is clad in its adornments and is beautified, and its people think that they have all the powers of disposal over it, Our Command (storm/heat/insects..etc) visits it by night or by day and We make it like a clean-mown harvest, as if it had not flourished yesterday! Thus do We explain the Ayât (verses, signs,lessons revelations, etc) in detail for the people who reflect. (24) (I) Allâh calls to the Home of peace and guides whom He wills to a Straight Path. (25) For those who have done good is the best (reward, i.e. Paradise) and even more . Neither darkness nor dust nor any humiliating disgrace shall cover their faces. They are the dwellers of Paradise, they will abide therein forever. (26) And those who have earned evil deeds, the recompense of an evil deed is the like thereof, and humiliating disgrace will cover them. No defender will they have from Allâh. Their faces will be covered, as it were with pieces from the darkness of night. They are dwellers of the Fire, they will abide therein forever. (27) And the Day whereon We shall gather them all together, then We shall say to those who did set partners (idols,saints, jesus..etc) in worship with Us: "Stop at your place! You and your partners (whom you had worshipped in the worldly life)." then We shall separate them, and their (Allâh's so-called) partners shall say: "It was not us that you used to worship." (28) "So sufficient is Allâh for a witness between us and you, that we indeed knew nothing of your worship of us!" (29) There! Every person will know (exactly) what he had earned before, and they will be brought back to Allâh, their rightful Lord, and their invented false deities will vanish from them. (30) Say (O Muhammad): "Who provides for you from the sky and the earth? Or who owns hearing and sight? And who brings out the living from the dead and brings out the dead from the living? And who disposes the affairs?" They will say: "Allâh/God" Say: "Will you not then be afraid of Allâh's Punishment ?" (31) Such is Allâh, your true Lord. So after the truth, what else can there be, save error/misguiding ? How then are you turned away? (32) Thus is the Word of your Lord justified against those who rebel (disobey Allâh) that they will not believe (33) Say: "Is there of your partners one that originates the creation and then repeats it?" Say: "Allâh originates the creation and then He repeats it. Then how are you deluded away ?" (34) Say: "Is there of your partners one that guides to the truth?" Say: "It is Allâh Who guides to the truth. Is then He, Who guides to the truth, more worthy to be followed, or he who finds not guidance (himself) unless he is guided? Then, what is the matter with you? How judge you?" (35) And most of them follow nothing but conjecture. Certainly, conjecture can be of no avail against the truth. Surely, Allâh is All-Aware of what they do. (36) And this Qur'ân is not such as could ever be produced by other than Allâh, but it is a confirmation of (the revelation) which was before it [the Torah], and a full explanation of the Book (divine laws) – wherein there is no doubt from the the Lord of the worlds/mankind. (37) Or do they say: "He (Muhammad) has invented it?" Say: "Bring then a chapter like unto it, and call upon whomsoever you can, besides Allâh, if you are truthful!" (38) Nay, they have belied; the knowledge whereof they could not comprehend and what has not yet been fulfilled (i.e. their punishment). Thus those before them did belie. Then see what was the end of the wrong-doers! (39) And of them there are some who believe therein, and of them there are some who believe not therein, and (I) your Lord is All-Aware of the evil-doers/corruptors/spoilers. (40)
    (To be continued …)

  31. Have been reading and listening to scores of NDE accounts for two years now, and very rarely do I get the feeling this one gives me – something not quite right, too complicated to explain why.

  32. This is great. I also started a quest after by best death experience to learn about spirit and what had happened to me and how to use my gift.

  33. What an excellent rendition of going there and coming back changed !! Religion is for mind control and a lucrative business. Take the time to just think about it —-

  34. This guy is a liar. For a start, he says he read all these books. Everything he could get his hands on. Including a book about relativity. How likely is that? Very unlikely. Nobody reads like that. Also, in his 'quest,' what happened to his job and family? If you have a job and family, you do not have the time and energy to spend years in obsessive reading and researching.
    Plus, he never says anything that is solid or not a cliche.
    Oh, and the 'subatomic' particles – he throws that in to give himself fake academic authority.
    And the anecdote about his daughters – obviously fabricated.
    He's chattering on as I type this. Everything he says is a lie.

  35. One major problem I have with all these many NDE experiences I have consumed for contemplation, over all these years, is this:

    this Light/Entity/God/Thing…seems so intent upon this weird "love" being experienced and shared by and between all, yet the Universe It allegedly created/allowed promotes conditions set in direct and ferocious opposition to this, even in It's "Name." Now of course I can only speak of Earth (and shudder at whatever other horrors exist in this galaxy and the countless smear of eternities beyond); all I know is that the same basic nipple-licking happy feel-good dreck keeps pouring forth (with some exceptions) from the mouths of those who've had, the "NDE experience."

    This "Love" as reported sounds like a manipulation, a drug, a device. To ensnare and ultimately remove you from your critical faculties, your sense of Self and eventually send you back, recycled into a new flesh-prison, bereft of memory, just to get pressed though another corporeal meat-grinder (if not literally, certainly metaphorically, psychologically). Why? What purpose does that really serve? There's no real context here, to not fuck-up and hurt some one else, willfully or otherwise, accruing some kind of karmic-debt, to "sin," so to speak. Not in these mentally-limited, hyper-horny hybrid ape-bodies. Dissonance seems baked-into-the-cake.

    The Christian "Ransom Sacrifice" (and everything Christianity has wrought upon us) I fucking reject out-right, and I don't buy into the "learning-school" hypothesis anymore. Or the "we're so bored with Eternity we just wanna burn a little" and play a virtual-reality-game where you hold damage from one amnesiac run to the next (just for kicks). Learn your human history. I dare you to peer into the depths of human suffering and darkness with honest scrutiny and integrity, and then tell me it's all under the auspicious of a Loving Intelligence, that "has our backs," and actually cares for us.

    I. Don't. Think. So. There's something wrong here. These NDE people aren't hallucinating (mostly), there's something deeper here, there's too many similarities even as some experiences are overtly (and nauseatingly) religious. That in-and-of-itself tells me something; that there may be an orchestrated effort by forces far beyond human comprehension that have been using us against one another from the beginning of our emergence as a species. Why? And which religious or political ideology (communism, capitalism, or any of the monotheistic/pagan faiths that entrance humanity), has the most blood been shed, the most rapes committed? Does it even matter?

    It's like comparing one rotting basket of fruit to another. It all makes for a dank wine. Who's running this cosmic distillery anyways? And who's getting drunk off it?

    If there should be awareness beyond this flesh, when I see the Light, I'm gonna run the other way, into the darkness. I've seen It's Game. Want nothing to do with it. Anyone that tells me that spiritual/existential amnesia and suffering is for my (our) own benefit, cannot be my Creator, my friend or ally.

    (Interesting to note,, when I present this view to religious, non-religious but spiritual-types, confessed know-nothings ((who've just enough brain-matter to track me)), and overt highly-educated atheists, they all recoil and twist into uniquely different shapes, in a sense. Kinda fascinating).

  36. Too much suffering as a result of nature. I don't understand it. A caring God or a caring universe. Why this suffering. Also here the man is talking about not living life to it full potential. And what we need to do. We all know what we need to do. People can't because the are crippled by illness. Forgiveness means nothing, it doesn't change the damage done. Right must be made of the wrong. Our hope is the future, if God exists, knowledge from this being must go to us. This knowledge must be used to cure us all. And by studying sociology and having good health we can go forward in making a full life for ourselves and those in our life's.

  37. Cayce was called The Sleeping Prophet, not the Sleeping Psychic.   He was actually a channeler not a "psychic".

  38. Ever have a dream where you were flying? Knew how to fly and all the mechanics involved in being able to fly? But when you wake up you forget everything? you were just SURE you knew how to fly and if you could just recall ….

  39. ive been struggling with porn for years myself and i promised myself and God i would quit this year and i lied to God and myself and i can honestly say this has been the hardest 3 months ive been praying more than ever and I've been thinking of suicide even though all of the suicide stories i hear people only go to hell but ive reached my breaking point and i am still thinking about suicide even if i have go to hell i havent told anybody these months ive been suffering that im suicidal until i told my mother today and cried to her . i know God cares but it hurts so bad to feel like God doesnt care. im asking anybody who reads this to please pray for me im fighting to hold on but i feel im close to caving in. i dont want to give up and be seperated from my source forever and i dont want to hurt those close to me and i feel i still have a lot to accomplish in life and don't want my life to end early. please pray for me as many times as you want if you read this thank you. and if you need prayers or are going through something similiar comment here and i will do the same that i ask of you.

  40. This wonderfully told, meaningful NDE is soooo well expressed. Even sixty years after my first encounter, with the light, I need reminders, so thank you, IANDS🥰 Here is my little mantra. I say it “in the round”, ie, I will say it over and over; if I can’t sleep, a grocery line, in traffic, when I’m troubled, as I look up at the sky or down at a flower, and as I get into bed most nights:
    I am _ my name
    I am one with all that is
    All that is best for me
    comes to me joyfully
    All I do
    I do with love
    Love is all that is
    Love is all I am
    (… repeat …)
    I am _ my name
    I am one with all that is

  41. The light time dimension theory, quantum co-entanglement/memory and the single monad model of the cosmos(holographic co-entanglement entropy, syntropy and syn-entropy i.e. intelligent co-evolutionary selective self-organized co-creation)! All creation source, essence, and eternal co-creative co-evolution is based on love/life/god!.

  42. It's the manner of dying I fear but death doesn't anymore. No matter what faith it's love, belief in a supreme being and to live with love and not hate. Hate eats you up. Forgiveness and love yourself will guide us through. It's taken me a long time to realise this.

  43. Thank you for sharing that. That feeling of unlimited knowing and energy is similar to what I had during my near-death experience.

  44. Buddha never apeared in a NDE. mohammad neither ( not even for muslims and if he ever did apeared then i would imediately had no faith in the after life at all if God had chosen a pedophile, mental deranged warlord that converted people by force, sucked kids tongue to expel demons and murdered hundreds of p eople with his bare ands and told to kill everyone that is not a muslim believer ) .
    Only Jesus apeared, and he doesn't apears to everyone, but when a religious figure apears it is always Jesus.
    Now, let that sink in and see what it actually means.

  45. Christianity is the only way that speaks of love before life. The love you experienced is God's love. He has given free will to decide what you want…. But to experience that love you felt for eternity you need to get forgiveness through Jesus.

  46. ••• ~ l think you came back and complicated a very simple truth, you were told what would make it right, what was important, then you set about researching something spiritual with Man written books,

  47. Lol next time you die,tell to God almighty the asshole: how come if he doesn't want people to Hurt and humiliate each other,he always gives wealth and power to those who he knows Will abuse it

  48. I go to prepare a place for you…shouldn't the one who claims to make the place be in the place. he gives with a notice..even if we or even an angel from heaven speak to you a different gospel. …….galatians 1;8 …
    1 thess 5;21 >. .2 Timothy 2:15 >galatians 1:8.

  49. We will be forced to continue to live in darkness and confusion as long as we are indoctrinated to believe that there is a separation between spirituality and science.

  50. He seems to have had s great experience, but he is woefully lacking in being able to share it. He just talks an talks with out saying anything

  51. At 12:33 is so true aboit how i feel about religion i have never knew how to explain it but i always felt GOD was real but religion is not!

  52. From your experience there is no heaven and hell? Everyone goes to the same place, regardless of how you live your life?
    How do you know the stories are genuine?

  53. You have given me an incredible gift; I also had a profound spiritual experience- one year ago- twelve hours after my mother died (when she visited me, and brought along a guest… ) and I've been doing what you did for the past year- holed up in the attic! Of course, it's kind of lonely after this sort of thing happens to you. Prior to the 'experience' I had no belief what so ever, and I saw 'believers' or those who followed a religious practice as weak, and prayer or faith as their crutch. My experience slammed me – leaving no doubt. I was awake and knowing what a hard-ass I was, it was planned to rock my world- I was completely changed, left with strange habits; for instance, uncontrollable singing! I don't even realize I'm doing it! I was also speaking my mother's native language, eating the foods she liked and I once detested, and I began to look like her- I'M ADOPTED! While that was minor, the physical changes (ex. my eyes changed color) health changes (ex. lupus went into remission) and emotional changes (ex. no longer able to manifest anger) were profound- the list is very long. The love I experienced, seem to come in layers, or dimensions, because it became stronger and stronger, each layer infused with a truth, a knowing without words, without the telepathic communication it began with. I was left vibrating – and still the thought can provoke my body into a sort of humming. So, this is a short version of my story- and I've never told it before- but I intend to come out of the attic- and live it – so I thank you.

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