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The Blaze 🔥 Radio Frq ID RFID MicroChip 666 Mark of Beast 2019 (11)

The Blaze 🔥 Radio Frq ID RFID MicroChip 666 Mark of Beast 2019 (11)

Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666 we will finally complete the biometric
entry exit visa tracking system which we need desperately for years Congress is
required biometric entry and exit visa tracking systems in my administration we
will ensure that this system is in place and I will tell you it will be on land
it will be on seat it will be in air we will have a proper tracking system okay so if you forgot your ticket to a
game a soccer game in Argentina it’s not a problem because you can use the
microchip that’s been embedded under your skin to one day
accept what the Bible’s Book of Revelation calls the mark of the beast
this fall Northside joined a handful of districts that use what’s called radio
frequency identification technology or RFID for short Northside is piloting the
program at its Anson Jones middle school and John Jay high school how it works
students must wear badges on lanyards around their necks the tags contain tiny
batteries that emit radio waves RFID scanners embedded in the ceiling then
read the badges and identify a student’s location in privacy watch today the
world’s largest biometric ID system that tracks more than a billion people has
been hacked several times some experts suggest portion among the concerns ID
theft health and whether the chips can be tracked by GPS most people don’t
really understand how this technology works what data is collected how it’s
stored or who might be able to get access to it legally or illegally
I’ve just been shipped myself it’s not a painless process but doesn’t last too
long not too difficult – surgical procedure new microchip technology now
makes it possible for the emergency room staff to find out about your medical
history at the touch of a computer key at some point we’re all going to have
RFID zit might be even in our fingers where they require it with everything on
it instead of carrying credit cards or money
we will probably be implanted with chips and now RFID microchips like this being
injected into humans I’m sorry sir did you just say you you
would get one implanted in your arms absolutely a lot of them are driver’s
license will be on the RFID chip our credit card number all our information
will be on this one chip the chip is in case an unbreakable glass
and is about the size of a grain of rice the procedure is done with anesthesia is
relatively pain-free it felt pretty scary but at the same time it feels felt
very modern very 2015 the government is just to prove the use of a computer chip
that would be implanted under your skin when completes everyone will have a
unique 12 digit identity number if hospitals purchased this detection
equipment the system will most likely start to include more and more people in
those communities who will want the chips Wow interesting
everybody could have one of those one day there’s Google now know everything I
do and everywhere I go because of that let’s face it we like you guys but
you’re from Google it may be true that 10 to 20 year olds don’t want to wear a
watch on their wrist but you can be sure that they’ll be far more interested in
wearing an electronic tattoo if only to piss off their parents forget mobile
phones your children and grandchildren may well want an implant instead you
know when we check out at the grocery store we’ll be swiping our own arm over
the scanner and that would be something we feel we can’t live without it would
be such a disadvantage to not have the implant that it essentially becomes the
poorest countries of the world give free phones why is that because everybody
needs to be connected that’s right this beast is being built then we add to that
that there are those who are experimenting in their companies with
the RFID chips you know things being inserted under the skin and you know it
seems to be the language seems to indicate that what’s going to happen
with the mark of the beast is something that’s on the surface of the skin it
doesn’t necessarily have to be an implant it could be some type of bio
tattoo or and that technology’s available today but the point is looking
at companies doing these kind of things and every time there’s a report on a
company that just recently I think it was three or four weeks ago eighty-six
of their employees were had the chip put inside or inserted under their skin and
of course they always show the size of the chip they always show the hand with
the chip in it you know that it’s not inconvenient or any of those things but
every time the story is presented its presented in a positive light nobody
says anything about you know we need to be careful about this you know because
then you’re vulnerable to being tracked everywhere in the world that’s exactly
what one let’s imagine a little bit what the
future might look like if I could take your stem cells and put them on a chip
through your stem cells and put them on a chip it would be a personalized chip
just for you but the RFID reader antenna is here so when I authenticate the bike
powers up imagine if some of these machines can be
made so thin light and portable they could be attached right to the surface
of your skin and go wherever you go there’s some very
sophisticated device functionality sitting on my skin welcome to the future
specifically the checkpoint of the future it is envisaged that the
passenger will be able to flow through the security checkpoint without
interruption this is what I arter which is the airline industry trade body is
hoping will become commonplace around the world a sort of one-stop shop for
security from the kerb to the gate as they say with dignity can a microscopic
tag being planted in a person’s body to track his every movement there’s actual
discussion about that you will rule on that mark my words before your tenure is
over mark my words huh more like the mark of
the beast so you know they’re presenting it in a positive light that’s what’s
gonna happen during the tribulation even the people that were gypped you know
we’re talking about you know what I don’t have to worry about carrying any
money with me you know because the candy machine the soda machine and the break
room at work has tied in with the chip I just wait my and make my selection and
whatever whatever it is I want is coming out so it’s all good it’s all positive
even though it is called a tattoo there is no need to pierce or puncture the
skin instead the device sticks on so what we can do then is we can take this
device laminated on the skin it occurs to me I’ve got them in my dog’s why
wouldn’t I have them in small children there are also several products
available to keep track of children many of them act as emergency cell phones and
tracking devices with some even able to display on a map the place is your child
has visited to think something so small can connect you to everything that
matters because I’m loved with my kids kids Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666 because my car lost control while
driving because now I’m looking out for both of us because I have diabetes
but it doesn’t have me because I spend my life in the ER trying to save yours possibly so what concerns come to you
arise from human to microchipping themselves this is the mark of the beast
this is listen no no let me tell you something I mean I’m I’m no biblical
scholar here but it’s amazing the parallels mate well you’ve heard of them
being implanted in dogs so they don’t get lost but now microchips implanted in
humans could change the way we tackle everyday tasks they could also put our
privacy at risk in a Stockholm business complex employees gain access not with
key cards but with the wave of a hand this is something that you can use just
like a key badge at a recent tech conference Hannes show blood explained
how a microchip implanted in his hand makes his life easier it replaces all
the keys and cards that used to clutter his pockets
I used this many times today for example to unlock my smartphone to open the door
to my doctor’s show blood calls himself a bio hacker we bio hackers we think
that the human body is a good start but there is certainly room for improvement
the first step in that improvement is getting a microchip about the size of a
grain of rice slipped under the skin suddenly the touch of a hand is enough
to tell the office printer this is an authorized user the microchips are radio
frequency identification tags the same technology widely used in things like
key cards the chips have been implanted in animals for years to help identify
lost pets now the technology is moving to humans but each touch leaves a
digital footprint that can compromise privacy even a
dedicated biohacker has concerns it’s very easy to have cheap implants so my
advice is don’t put your life secrets on the chip implant so many economists
believe the future will be cash free you’re already seeing it from everywhere
you go whether it’s your baseball game or to your local deli
now Sweden is getting there even faster than anyone else and 4000 Swedes now get
this have microchips implanted in their hands we’re going cashless we’ve been
cashless where’s this cash ever buy a house with cash or a car we’ve got this
I don’t even have to get a couple of bucks
we’ve been cashless but that’s not the issue one of these days these kids these
I think you call them Millennials or something they’re gonna take these
little tiny RFID radio frequency identification chip but the size of a
grain of rice and they’re gonna be cool Scotty oh they’re gonna be waiting in
line overnight to get implanted an office in Sweden is taking wearable
technology to the next level by implanting microchips into their staff
yes that’s right the newly opened epicenter office complex in Stockholm is
offering workers the chance to be chipped under the skin of their hands
the radio frequency identification chip which is about the size of a grain of
rice allows users to open doors swap contact details and use the photocopier
people who work here can be chipped to gain entry to the building and various
services I’ve just been chipped myself it’s not a
painless process but doesn’t last too long not too difficult minor surgical
procedure which basically involves a little chip the size of I suppose of a
grain of rice being inserted under your skin and you can then go off and have it
programmed and then do various things inside the building
it’s never just a look at this I can go to the drug store I can go to a cab
isn’t this great Oh Who am I look I’ve got this little embedded chip and
they’ll say they have medical records and you’re gonna do that to Grandma and
Grandpa case god forbid they have some kind of dementia they’re walking off
right after all we have it in our dogs right it’s a OnStar for human beings but
here’s the catch one of these days god forbids got a unified date they find you
guilty of something and you go before a court and they say we’re gonna sentence
you to prison no we’re gonna turn your chip off and you don’t exist everything
in fact people are gonna notice that when you walk up they’re gonna say who
is this you’re not registering you see it’s me what do you mean who is this no
you’re not showing up on this you don’t exist
Tim shanks dogs have implanted GPS chips in case they get lost now he has a chip
of his own this is an NFC chip so it’s similar to what what phones have
nowadays the Minnesota software engineer had his finger cut open to put this tiny
chip inside which emits low frequencies he programmed the chip to open a smart
lock at home and manipulate his smartphone and it turned off my RAM
Chrissy – from Dallas has won – and it’s just a little glass beam like a size pot
of green rice she uses hers instead of a key card at work the online company
dangerous things sells atomized and an injection kit for $57 dangerous things
warns customers on its site this device has not been tested or certified by any
regulatory agency for and patient or youth in the human body what’s going to happen in the book of
Revelation is what pastor berry started to allude to where during the book of
Revelation while the people are in their sins and they know they are being judged
the Bible says they still refuse to repent of their immorality and their
ungodliness and that is the problem that we have here’s that here’s the reality
of it the truth is the Bible tells us all of sin to fall short of the glory of
God that term sin it simply means to miss the mark to miss the mark of God’s
holy perfection and so God knew that we were a bunch of sinners so what happens
god senses his only begotten son into this world that whosoever would believe
in him would not perish but have everlasting life
the Lord Jesus Christ the perfect one the sinless one was sacrificed for our
sins so that anyone who believes in him would be forgiven of their sin here’s
how it works real simple the gospel Jesus died for your sins if you believe
in him if you trust in him if you’re a person that says yes Jesus forgive me of
my sins what you’re recognizing is Jesus suffered on the cross he is judged for
your sins so that you wouldn’t be judged for your sins and hence three days later
he was he raised from the dead and then he ascended into heaven so that you can
know if you trust Christ for the forgiveness of your sins if you’re
willing to repent of your sins then guess what that means not only or will
you live again you’ll die but you will live again not only that guess what
you’ll ascended to heaven because Jesus himself ascended in heaven and Jesus
himself even says I’m going to go and prepare a place for you also that where
I am you may be also if you want know Christ if you’re willing to repent of
your sin pray this with me dear Lord Jesus I recognize that I’m a sinner
right now a repent of my sin and unbelief I surrender to you as Lord in
Jesus name I pray amen Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666 you

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  1. The way they boldly claim 'we WILL be microchipped' is shocking, I've got news for you pricks – I will die before a chip goes in my hand, seriously…the sad thing is, they are probably going to start chipping babies in the future, so taking away choice

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