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Leave! all right so you guys taking a break or are you done you’re done huh
what’s the video oh they just watched it actually if we’re putting this at the end they already know it’s about a haunted radio but here it is and we don’t have the
music on for copyright reasons right now but this is a replica of a 1934
radio I think it’s pretty accurate replica except for there’s a tape deck
do you guys even use tapes anymore now do you ever use tapes I don’t think
you guys have ever even okay what’s a tape a cassette tape you’ve never held a
cassette tape before there receives you do know what CDs alright yeah compact
discs yeah there were tapes and before that there were LPS when there’s snow
I’ll piece records you know so but the music that came from this video is
really old like it’s public domain old yeah I think it’s from yeah it’s
probably close to 100 years old yeah I could probably put the title
somewhere in the credits yeah we added some a little bit of echo and alteration
to it but the girls like the radio so much they’re gonna keep it right yeah
it’s nice I think that’s a good corner for it we’re good we got rid of the doll
houses and the train table just yeah the train table just bit the dust you guys
are getting too old for toys I guess you reading books and reading books watching TV and watching your friends no so that was the Haunted radio please click the
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