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The pattern behind self-deception | Michael Shermer

The pattern behind self-deception | Michael Shermer

100 comments on “The pattern behind self-deception | Michael Shermer

  1. Funny to see most people go along with all the reasoning and scientific research into why people deceive themselves until he talks about 9/11 being an inside job…

  2. Ha, there's truth here….but to promote excess skepticism is to fuel the other end of the equation. The tendency to NOT recognize patterns because we'd prefer not to as it would force us to re-think our version of the reality. There's far more problem from the latter than the former. Authoritarianism depends on an excess of trust in those that would lie for an ulterior motive based on our tendency to want to work together and co-operate while assuming others wouldn't lie to us. Ambition is sometimes hard to access and not well understood.

  3. In short, the suggestion to see nothing can be as strong as one to see something. Hence, critical analysis is hard won. I'll suggest that complacency can be even stronger at times to see nothing.

  4. 6:43 Imagine being a poor farmer 500 years ago, scraping by, always on the verge of ruin from a 1000 different causes. No wonder people were religious.

  5. I find this a waste of 20 minutes in my life. He is just stating a whole bunch of things.
    Sure, on split second decision, our brains will make type 1 errors and we get rewarded in an potential hostile environment.

    Yet no proof or even a theory on how this translates to cognitive thinking processes.

    I have the feeling he is just creating the right circumstances for his audience to believe any conclusions he has to offer.

    I am very skeptical about the credibility of Michael Shermer.

  6. Why does he pull out that "quadro tracker" in both videos I've seen of him today? He seems like he is trying to hard and he contradicts himself constantly. He points things TOWARDS certain types of people. In another video he grouped people who don't go to church with atheist…. EVEN if they believe in a GOD… LOL. We JUST believe… This guy is fucking stupid. HE wants to believe there isn't a GOD. He also speaks about Evolution like it's NOT a fucking theory…

  7. This guy dismisses things as conspiracy and then provides not one shred of evidence to back his claims. Who's the disinformation agent? He likely doesn't even know he has biases. Typical Scientist religion. We are all fooled by ourselves and the world and if we stumble across some real truth we likely wouldn't even know it. Basically this guy is correct. We are self deceivers. My strategy is to suspect everything and believe nothing for sure. Then you take your best guess. My best guess is Ted talks are for liberals who are mostly 100% sure of themselves. That's why I'm an ex-liberal. My overall guess is that we humans are egocentric fools. My evidence is in the daily news and on the streets and these wonderful videos.

  8. Self-deception is a double edged sword. The technical term is 'Confirmation Bias', and Shermer himself suffers from this bias in his stance against the so-called "Truth Movement". His arguments in favor of the official narrative are all appeals to authority, appeal to ad populum, specious rhetorical rhetoric and ad hominem. Shermer is in fact a pseudo-skeptic dealing in expansive hyperbole and blatant disinformation. For a detailed exposition on the facts of the destruction of the World Trade Center, see:

  9. The gals kissing the chimps was hilarious. Not that it proves the Bush administration wasn't responsible for 9/11 "because it worked", which is as cheap a shot as the gag played on the girls. It is not actually postulated that GW Bush had a lot to do with the events; 9/11 was actually a PSYOP carried out by the deep state, the military industrial complex. Cheney had the real power in the Bush administration, Bush was just a naive puppet.

  10. Here is a forum page from International Cupcakes (Shermer's forum) that is joined by Tony Szamboti who destroys the gonads of the cupcakes in the forum.
    It is quite telling that this 60 page article now ends at pg 3. Obviously the International Cupcakes scrubbed the rest of the article!
    What a dishonest band of charlatans.

  11. I guess most of the video is true, but about JFK: the official report still has inconsistencies and cannot explain the single-shooter theory, so I still think that a conspiracy is not unlikely.

  12. I can't think of a single time when Bush told the truth. The odds he told the complete truth about 9/11 are astronomical. It is absurd to take Bush's word on it. There are mysteries left — like the photos of the plane hitting the pentagon. What about all those who sold short on AA?.

  13. That monkey thing was devious. It borders on being mean and outright forced beastiality. Perception means nothing when you are being purposely deceived. And yes conspiracies do happen, even at the highest levels. It is done to the people of every nation every day. And when you call it out they gaslight you with the usual downplay of accusations conspiracy theorist nut job, delusional. It does not make the conspiracy any less real. This video proves it. They conspired to fool the girl into kissing chimpamzees. Which she would probably never have done on her own.

  14. This unfeeling expert would have loved to have studied under Dr. Mengle.
    What a self possessed nasty piece of work.

  15. I don't deny the power of illusions. But, you omit something here. This was called "self-deception". Yet, your examples were with external illusions to intentionally deceive. It's one thing to be skeptical of what's presented to you. It's quite another to question your own beliefs/proofs. It's what makes the difference between innocent until proven guilty, or guilty until proven innocent. And, even what you will accept as proof. Too smart to be fooled, or too skeptical to believe anything?

  16. I am Type 0. I process the "rustle in the leaves" so fast and so intelligently, that I know in a split second what the source of the sound is, thereby decreasing my fear and anxiety of unknown sounds and experiences. So I don't run away from fake tigers, I confront them like a man. You sociologists are stupid. Intelligence has its perks.

  17. Self-deception is primarily driven by demons and the human nature. I stopped the video before he had a chance to regurgitate a false narrative about chemical and psychological imbalances.

  18. I argue that since Kennedy wanted to switch America to the silver standard and to go back to the state bank Instead of the foreign bank that he was murdered by said foreign bank.

  19. To learn more about what he calls "Patternicity," check out Jeremy Lent's new book, "The Patterning Instinct." Much more scholarly than Shermer's scoffing attitude..

  20. A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. Nietzsche

    Christians believe that Jesus had good moral teachings. I wonder where was Jesus when god was commanding ''''Now go and strike Amalek and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare him; but put to death both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.'" BIBLE- 1Samuel 15:3.???

    Why I have to trust a guy with such a criminal past??

  21. 4:32
    This is the equation that articulates my own deconversion. Two things ignited my pursuit to validate my beliefs. Matt D's question "Does it matter to you whether or not your beliefs are correct?" and the realization that Pascal was a narcissistic twit.
    Once I decided that it really does matter to me whether what I believe is correct or not, I was able to objectively evaluate the validity of my perceptions. Objectively considering Pascal's wager led me to see that there are countless negative implications when a person believes, whether they're correct or not, and those problems effect the believer and everyone around them.

  22. WOW! So any species is inately superstitious. Lets me off the hook for some of my insane beliefs, LOL. And ALL ropes are snakes until we have better information. Hmmm…

  23. oh so jfk and 911 were just my poor mind seeking paterns to explain away the facts. funny ain't it. this guy is using science and humor in order to tell me im irrelevant and i like that!

  24. The trick is to delve into the conspiracy world and come out still sane with one or two legit conspiracies in hand.

  25. You said ''Well, the donkeys had it coming.''' Donkeys???
    ''She lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of DONKEYS and whose emission was like that of horses.'' Ezekiel 23:20
    Exodus 21: 20"If a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be punished. 21"If, however, he survives a day or two, no vengeance shall be taken; for he is his property.色
    I reckon that it is very reasonable to expect mercy and ..salvation from such a nice guy

  26. Climate has been changing for as long as life has been in earth, climate goes in cycles we don't know the causes, but it is not scientifically known because the real definition of science is that a theory must be recreated in the lab to confirm it , so a theory, or hypothesis is not truth it is an assumption.

  27. Oh The Irony! Michael Shermer talking about self-deception. Thank you God for choosing to create such a bizarro universe lol.

  28. So young women can be tricked into kissing chimps while thinking they're kissing nice young men? I guess that means there aren't any spirits or aliens. Hey Oswald really did kill JFK on his own!

  29. Belief is what people who breed do…they believe causing someone to live/suffer/die is somehow a good idea..

    Everybody breeds on faith alone..

    As far as we all remember…there was no need or desire to live before conception..

    The default position is "I don't know."

    So how will you justify breeding?

  30. Belief in God to me is easy. I believe He is the outside energy that created the Universe, INCLUDING ALL OF SCIENTIFIC LAWS, which governs the Universe. The atheist Shermer in my opinion is the one deceiving himself that EVENTUALLY, all the gaps will be filled with science, after which there is no more psychological need for God. So, he is simply PREDICTING without a rational history to back him up. He claims it is inevitable. To me, this is a classic example of deception.

  31. This guy is baloney. He sells magazines. He truly does no research. The pattern of belief is what the Media is counting on. Massse sblindly following them regardless of their KNOWN lies. When I search for truth, I never consult a KNOWN LIAR. Once a liar , always a liar to me. How insane that the masses would listen to anything the media says, much less the same tired arguments for decades, (guns , abortion, blah blah) these people told us thee were weapons of mass destruction repeatedly as if it were fact about Iraq. Millions of people are dead and this Shermer helped them. The media even takes the time to repeat "conspiracy theorists" about anyone who doesn't believe them. How convenient. A mass of people listening to KNOWN LIARS telling them not to listen to anyone else. This guy seeks magazines, nothing more. When I'm looking for absolute truth, I gather facts, many of them. And when those individual facts pile up to the point that denying them is irrational, I have arrived at the truth. This guy gathers ONE and puts out a magazine following the MSM. He is the Alex Jones on the other end of the spectrum.

  32. I was blind and now i can see. That pattern or experience changed after this specific moment in my life. Since 30 years old i am transformed as i see with awareness not a unawareness of this spirit.

  33. But when some poor cop who has been primed to believe that somebody's waving a gun around sees a gun where there is'nt one, the real reason is that he's a racist pig who just loves shooting him some innocent Black guys.

  34. How do we seek to arrange our collective brains, and how much latitude do we allow ourselves and each other? We use what we believe as a club to beat other people, to degrade them … that is why it is so important for every one of us to be right all the time. Human beings are very scary, and it is sad that now instead of random chance and our imputed God, we now have ourselves in charge, and of course as we all know, we are all crazy stupid, and the more power and confidence we have the more crazy stupid we are.

  35. Fooling those girls was not cool. I'd hope TED would not condone something like that anymore, even though this was only 8 years ago.

  36. Michael, according to science atheism is self-deception:

  37. 12:27 I don't get what I'm supposed to be seeing incorrectly there? I just see the same picture twice

    Granted I used to be a portrait artist so evaluating accurate angle and proportion in two near identical images next to each other is something I've spent thousands of hours on. What I've learned from this talk so far is that our minds can actually be trained out of many of these illusions

  38. The real problem is telling a real pattern from an imagined one. You could try to see if you can think a logical explanation for the pattern but that can also be problematic. Maybe you have some weird, incorrect belief which provides an explanation for the pattern. Maybe the explanation relies on things you don't know about. For example a serial killer who's killing people who resemble members of a certain group. If you're not familiar with the group, you won't be able to see the pattern.

  39. One "weird thing" in which Michael Shermer believes is neo-Darwinism. Why he does so, I don織t know.
    neo-Darwinism relies upon occasional useful + adaptive mutations.
    Some say no such constructive mutation is known and even the most ardent defender of neo-Darwinism argues that only a very, very few might help.

    Thus it renders itself FALSIFIABLE

    We ought to find an abundance of aberrant fossils. But every fossil found, wherever and whenever, works. That織s to say we may envisage it flying, running, swimming.
    For the abundant squillions of twisted, weirdie beasts that ought to result from neo-Darwinian accidents we see no evidence.

    This ONE Point FALSIFIES neo-Darwinism.

    For such precision of fossilised remains is the last thing to result from a process which relies on random generation of unsupervised novelties.

    "The unlikelihood of a result does not tell you the cause of that result", asserts Mr Matt Dillahunty.

    But the unlikelihood of non-aberrant fossils does tell us that, if evolution occurred, the mechanism driving it could not have been neo-Darwinian.

    However, neither does it tell us what did happen.

    neo-Darwinism is a harmless creation myth.

  40. Could someone explain to me the part why we believe in higher beings etc. part. I didn't quite get it, maybe because English is not my native language.

    (I'm an atheist trying to convince some of my highly religious friends, collecting arguments from everywhere)

  41. Animals base decisions on patterns . The worst thing to look for when trying to solve a problem is a pattern. The cause for or the reason why something is the way it is . you stole your Hamman example from Leonard Susskind

  42. Michael Shermer what a hack. Gee.. lets see.. you know.. the media spins patterns to trick people into seeing or not seeing things. 9/11 for instance. Many witnesses heard explosions in the lower levels, another building (Building 7) wasn't even hit but that steel building also collapsed .. and folks are saying.. this is what i saw.. but in comes the spin doctors and tv news feeding folks to believe something entirely different' "But you didn't see that.. you saw this"… Just like the toast.. Folks just see toast.. but then someone prompts you see Jesus in the toast and you see Jesus in the toast… It comes from everywhere…. folks should use critical thinking.. BUt that means stepping away from the MSN and investigating with REAL science rather than believing some PR story that is trying hard to dissuade you from believing your own eyes.. or whatever…

  43. I have thousand ways to disprove god
    Nonetheless, only one thing could fail me : your stupidity.
    cause stupidity cant be fixed

  44. I thought this talk was supposed to be about self-deception. I didn't see any of that here. I heard a lot of gobbledygook about this and that and stuff he learned in college but it wasn't even slightly interesting……not to mention believable.

  45. There's a "pattern" behing self-deception? What is it? It wasn't answered here and I didn't expect it to be answered because I don't think it exists.

  46. ni廙m tin vo s廙 s廙ng l ok
    hoang tが廙ng 廙 xa s廙 s廙ng c籀 khuynh hが廙ng s廙 h瓊i.

  47. Its now 2019.

    They have just moved all the goalposts… I mean predictions made about 2012 and 2015 to 2040 instead.

    Time to be sceptical of climate change yet?

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