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this summer Germany is facing a serious
problem Russia no no not what you think it’s about the World Cup 2018 because different time zones make it impossible to combine the two major dedications of
German people their love for football and their commitment to work the truth is there are only two options go to work and miss all the glorious football moments scheisse watch football and miss all the important meetings also scheisse presents the football pen turning business days into match days a radio device inside a regular ball pen that uses bone conduction technology to
create sound as soon as a pen touches the jawbone the sound is transmitted to
the inner ear making you the only person who can hear it once the football pen is connected to the app football fans can
select the radio station and simply bite on the end of the pen to enjoy a private
live broadcast now people can sit in meetings look perfectly focused by
following the natural behavior of chewing on a pen and at the same time
listen to a live football broadcast on a simple giveaway
transformed into a smart solution the football pen
turning business days into match days

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