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The Voice 2018 Blind Audition – Kayla Woodson: “Turn on the Radio”

The Voice 2018 Blind Audition – Kayla Woodson: “Turn on the Radio”

100 comments on “The Voice 2018 Blind Audition – Kayla Woodson: “Turn on the Radio”

  1. she has a strong voice but she wasnt actually hitting any notes ??? it wouldve sounded amazing if she wasn’t flat.

  2. She has an amazing voice! She reminds me of a young Reba McEntire but I understand why no one turned for her. She had no chances of winning but would have made the lives. She has a lot of potential but she might not be ready yet so I hope she comes back next season.

  3. she got better once she got into the upper range. Needs to work on getting that energy into the lower parts.

  4. Okay, I actually liked this rendition….she didn't stick to the original song fully, but by the end it felt like she owned it. And her voice, though lacking in impressivity, has just the right amount of personality that a country singer needs.

  5. Her voice is amazing if just one coach would have turned and taken the time to steer her in the right direction.

  6. 1:20 hurt my ears, it was not good at all! None of this performance was, but my goodness, that was bad. I hope Reba didn’t watch this.

  7. She's a cousin of mine, and I have so much faith in her!! Even with this, I still believe that she can do what she loves to do. Keep rocking it, Kayla, I'll be here to support you 100%

  8. Stay strong and go back Kayla… You were great. I don't know what these people are talking about because you didn't sound flat at all on my home surround system.

  9. Friends, this is my niece and she's been singing since she was able to hold a microphone – really, even before that.
    BELIEVE ME, this Southern Belle doesn't quit easily – SHE WILL BE BACK! – she can take constructive criticism – study it, dismantle it, digest it and re-emerge completely evolved. KAYLA sweetheart, I love you and I am so incredibly proud of the beautiful, intelligent and incredibly talented young lady you have become! Miss you much!

  10. I know Kayla and she IS a star. Might take some development and a different singing style but she has what it takes, puts on an amazing show and I'm sure she was pretty nervous up there which would account for any pitchyness. I do think her vocal style could be improved she has an amazing range but should utilize that and use her voice to better showcase the song. She has the power and the range just needs to be improved. SO Proud of her for getting up there at least she caught everyone's attention and thats what really matters. Very gutsy and bold I'm rootin for ya Kayla! Keep it up you'll make it.

  11. OMG WTF you guys suck this year at picking ppl wow only one would I have picked that you did so far WTF are you thinking

  12. I want to enjoy this a lot more than I do. I'd like to hear her sing something else in a less stressful environment.

  13. She could have made it, but nobody can do Reba but Reba. I can tell that her nasally tone was trying to imitate Reba. Which will never work.

  14. Next time, girl, don't try to "work the stage" – it's silly. They can't see you! Focus on the voice – couldn't hear you well.

  15. All flat from 0:38. I'm glad Kelly likes yo have fun at moments and knows when people aren't particularly ready, since she turns for a lot of people.

  16. So much talent there. She truly needs to go back next season, I feel like she’d dominate it with a second chance. Strong voice with a strong heart.

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