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Thermage LIVE Session At LaserAway With Annie Parker 🔴

– Hi I’m Chelsea, one of
the RN’s with LaserAway. I’m here today with Annie
and welcome to Facebook Live. LaserAway Live. Today we’re going to be
doing a Thermage treatment. Annie, are you excited? – I’m so excited. I’ve
never done it before. – Well let’s listen to Dr. Kirby talk a little bit about Thermage. – Okay perfect. – Thermage is an energy
based device procedure that utilizes noninvasive
radio frequency therapy to address the look and feel of aging skin on many areas of the body, giving you a smoother and sleeker look. Simply put, it tightens the skin. – So Annie, what brings you in today? – So I have never tried Thermage before, but I’ve heard it’s really
perfect for skin tightening and I’m a fitness model and a host so I’m on camera a lot and of course like having a perfect jawline is important and as you get a little
older we have like lines on our neck from looking
down on our phones all the time and I wanna make sure I keep my nice sculpted jawline so you said that that’ll
tighten up all the skin all around my jaw and my neck so. – Absolutely. So if you take a look in the mirror, today the technique that I’m
thinking about doing on you would be the thermal lift. So we’re gonna be treating from about the mid nose line all
the way down to your neck where those little bands are. – Yeah. – And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna tighten the skin and we’re gonna boost your collagen and it’s gonna be a really
wonderful treatment. You’re gonna love it. – Well everyone loves collagen so yes anything that’ll boost the collagen, I’m down to try it. So I can’t wait to see
what it’s gonna look like. I have no idea what it feels like or what it’s gonna look like or anything but you said that it’s just kinda warm. – Yeah it’s gonna be a
little warm in some spots but it’s very tolerable. I think that it’s a great treatment. If it’s too hot then
that’s a sign that we’ve gotta make it a little bit less okay? – Okay. – So we’re just gonna
work together on this, bu you’re gonna love it, it’s pretty great. – Okay. And when do I normally see results? – So it takes about between
30 and maybe 60 days, so between four to eight
weeks for all the cells on your face to turn over, so we usually see results
between four to six weeks. – Oh perfect. – But it’s gonna keep on building so it’s gonna hit max
results in six months. – Okay. – Yeah. – Well that’s awesome, so like long term. – Yeah absolutely. It’s a one time treatment but you’re gonna love it. It can stimulate your collagen growth to what it was 10 years prior, so you might be wanting to
do it every couple of years. Who knows? – I’m so down for that (laughs) – Alright so to get started with it we do have a lot of
markings to put on your face so I’m gonna lower the bed and just kinda talk. It’s gonna be super cute, you’re gonna love it. – Perfect. So you guys let me know
if there are any questions and they’ll tell me. – Yeah perfect. Alright you can lay down. – So Annie, have you
lived in Los Angeles long? – I’ve been here four
and a half years now. – Oh my goodness. Where do you come from? – New York. – New York, awesome. Not a great city. (chuckles) – [Man] (murmurs) – Yeah we have three locations. We have one in the Upper
West Side, one in Tribeca, and one in the Flat Iron District? Yeah yep. – That’s perfect. You know I was actually walking
around Manhattan last year and I saw a LaserAway while I
was walking around Manhattan so that was so fun yeah. – Well if anyone watching
this right now has a LaserAway near them, we have almost 41 open, you can always call or
like go to the link below to get a free consultation if this is something that
you’re interested in. Just check the link. Alright so we have all your makeups off. – Okay. (machine whirring) – Okay do you do any of our other facials? – I’ve done IPL and Clear and Brilliant. – Oh perfect. Those work really well with Thermage. – Yeah I’ve done IPL for sunspots and clear and brilliant for
just tightening the pores and overall refreshing. – Love that. – Yeah. – So I’m just kinda looking
at how your face falls. This treatment works a lot with gravity so we wanna make sure that we’re tightening up any areas that gravity has started to take effect. – You look really cute. I’m gonna have you turn
your face like this for me. (machine whirring) It’s really important
that we’re treating behind the ear as well so we
really lift up that neck – Mhmm Yeah I learned a long time ago, probably in my early 20s that the neck and the back of the hands are two of the first
places to ever show aging so I was like I wanna make
sure I take care of that early and almost like
a preventative measure. – Yeah I think it’s great. And that’s why Thermage
is great for anyone between the ages of like 30 and 55. Before you really lose a lot of collagen. I mean I’ve heard a statistic
that we start losing collagen at a rate of 1% a year when we hit 20. – Oh my gosh. – By the time we hit 30 you’ve lost 10%, so stating this early is great. It’s the best thing you can do. – Perfect. And then on average how
often do people get it? I know you said it’s like a one time thing but do people come back
like every three years? Every five years? – I find that people come
every two and four years. – Okay. – But you know it’s kind of addictive. The face isn’t the only
thing you can do Thermage on, Thermage is skin tightening, so if you’ve got like
loose skin on your stomach after having a baby, that’s a great thing to Thermage. – Yeah. – We’ve do like crepey skin right here and you just Thermage it and
everything’s super tight. – Well if you mention eye brightening too. – Yeah so we do a treatment where it goes on the whole upper part of the face and that’s gonna brighten your whole thing almost like a noninvasive facelift that’ll really brighten and tighten. – That’s gonna be the
next thing I come in for. – Well you can do that
treatment in about a month. You wanna give your skin
enough time to heal from this and then we’ll get into that. But absolutely. – And then what’s this gonna look like? Can I go back to work after this or? – Yeah you might have a
bit of initial swelling which most people love. The swelling kind of gives kind of like, I think of it as a movie
trailer of what’s to come once that skin actually has that collagen. So you can definitely go to work. You might have a little
redness and swelling, but like I said you
will love the swelling, but I find it to be pretty tolerable. Your skin might be a
little sore in some spots but I worked after I
had the treatment though and I’d do it again. – Okay. – Okay. I’m going to be putting this treatment grid on you just so that we can make sure we’re treating the right area. It’s like a temporary
tattoo for your face. – So thermage is great for everybody but there are some
contra indications to it so if you’re interested
in doing the treatment, the best thing to do
is check the link below and set up a consultation to make sure that it’s the right treatment for you. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below and Annie and myself will answer them. (machine whirring) You doing okay Annie? – Yep. Very comfortable. – Perfect. Alright Annie, when we get to the other side I wanna do the template for that but we’ll get started on
the left side of your face. Okay? – Okay. – Do you have any other
questions before we begin? – No. – Alright perfect. – I’m really excited. – I’m excited too. This one’s just gonna just be a tuning. You’re not gonna feel anything, okay? It’s just gonna make sure
that everything’s attached. (bell dings) Okay perfect. (beeping) I’m gonna be taking a little
bit of this coupling fluid. It just kind of helps the skin. I’m gonna have you tilt
your head just like this. Beautiful. Alright you ready? – Mmhmm. – Alright we’re gonna get started. How is that? – Perfect. – Awesome. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, please let me know. (gentle music) – You like the noise? – Yeah it’s so funny. It’s like a little video game. – It is right? (gentle music continues) How would you rate the
pain on a scale of 1-10? – Most spots are a zero and if anything it’d be like a four in some spots. – Okay so pretty tolerable. If it gets to be
uncomfortable let me know. This treatments all about building, beat, and staying consistent so
if it feels a little warm we can always turn it down. (gentle music continues) – [Man] (murmurs) – Yeah absolutely you can do it anywhere
where the skin is crepey but I do recommend making a consultation with your local LaserAway to make sure it’s the right treatment for you. Sometimes people think their skin’s crepey when in reality it might
need a different treatment like cool sculpting or something else so you should definitely
get a consultation. (gentle music continues) (bell dings) – And does this affect filler or anything else that you
might have previously? – That’s a really great question. You wanna make sure
you’ve given your filler enough time to settle, so you wanna wait at least two weeks after a filler treatment before you’re going to be doing this, but we find that things like injectables, especially if you’re doing
the upper forehead area, fillers two weeks beforehand and Botox make the treatment even better. So in a dream world, after this maybe you’d wait a couple weeks and then you would come
in and maybe you’d get some Voluma or anything like that if that’s something that
you’re interested in. – Perfect. – I’m adding a little bit
more of that coupling fluid. How are you doing? – Good. – Perfect. We’re halfway through
with this section already. You are doing great. (object clatters) (gentle music continues) – Yeah most spots I don’t
feel anything at all. – Perfect. – Kind of near the sides of your mouth are a little more uncomfortable. – Mmhmm. – Yeah. (bell dings) (gentle music continues) – How’re you doing Annie? – Perfect. – Perfect. – Yeah. Yeah it’s just warm. I could probably fall asleep right here. – Ready to take a nap? – Yeah. – Alright. If you guys have any questions at all you’re more than welcome to ask them below or you could always make a consultation at your local LaserAway. I’m gonna get to keep on treating Annie. And it was nice to see you
guys, we’ll see you soon bye! – Like that video? Make sure to subscribe to
our channel by clicking left and for more awesome videos click right, and schedule your free consultation
for any of our services. Click the onscreen link. What’re you waiting for? (upbeat music)

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