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Thermal Ribbon Value

Thermal Ribbon Value

Not all thermal Ribbons are created equal.
There are hundreds of different ribbon formulations on the market. That is why Zebra Supply’s
R&D team has tested and selected only those ribbons that deliver the best print quality and durability.
In our supplies RND lab, ribbons are tested on Zebra materials in Zebra printers. With
a special format that includes small font sizes, intricate regulatory symbols, and rotated barcodes at 203, 300, and 600 DPI. At print speeds from 6 IPS to 14 IPS. We then analyze print quality and durability using our quantitative print analysis procedure that not only measures antigray but text and images. Each ribbon and label combination is then tested using specialized equipment to common environmental conditions, including abrasion, extreme temperatures,
and chemicals. We also view the print heads under a microscope to access the amount of ribbon back coding built up, to identify any negative impact in the print head. In addition to performance, consistency is important. Unlike some competitors, Zebra never substitutes ribbons. You will receive the same quality formulation every time you order. Zebra ribbons are compliant with RoHS and Reach and FDA indirect food contact regualtions. In
addition, all wax resin and resin ribbons are UL certified specific Zebra materials.
When you purchase Zebra thermal ribbons, you can rest a sure that the print will be readable and scannable every time. The print will withstand the environment in which it will be used in. Back coding will not cause premature printhead failure. This ensures your operations run
smoothly and enables you to meet regulatory and customer requirements. To learn more about ZEBRA thermal ribbons, visit

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