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Things Not To Say To A Non-Binary Person

Things Not To Say To A Non-Binary Person

Are you a boy or a girl?
Is it he or she or they or what? That’s so in right now,
to be, like, #genderfluid. Where do you shop, in the men’s
or the women’s section? Or unisex? Unisex! That word needs to die. So what’s going on down there? None of your business! I have had this many times. It’s this fixation to know,
they have to know. Because what they see is unclear. People don’t even bother to ask me, they sort of forcibly tell me
in the street. “You’ve got this genitalia!” And they can just go along
and walk past people in the street
and sort of tick off… Vagina, penis. Vagina, penis…
“Oh, I feel less anxious now.” Your genitals have nothing to do
with your gender anyway. Those two organs don’t identify
your whole life and they shouldn’t. That’s so trendy right now,
#genderfluid. I can see this person. I mean, look at this coat. I’m just hip and down
with the kids, you know. We may have struggled to find
the identity to understand who and what we are,
but this isn’t a fad. Non-binary is like a term
that people can use, where I don’t want to identify
as male or female. Don’t identify with having a gender because I found it
really restrictive. I think the main issue just comes
from the idea of people thinking they can explain your gender
back to you. So like, I’m non-binary, they’re
like, “Oh, no, you’re trans.” It’s complex. I don’t know. Some non-binary people identify
as transgender, others don’t. I don’t think it’s more trendy now,
I think we’re just… our existence is actually
being recognised. Yeah, actually being spoken about. It’s reaching people who are going
to be confused like I was, and they’re going to be upset
and not know what’s going on and they see that word and hopefully
it will mean something to them. Like, you see someone and you can
relate to it, you’re like, “Oh, yeah, LOL, that’s me.” Yeah! LAUGHING What toilet do YOU use? I kind of find myself having
a breakdown about that on the daily. Whichever one I please. The amount of times I’ve gone into
women’s bathrooms and it’s like, “This is the women’s bathroom.” This woman in Macky-D’s,
McDonald’s, like, laughed at me, was like,
“Ha-ha! Thought you were a man!” I was literally dragged out of
the club by them and was asked, do I carry a card to identify
whether I am trans and I should be using that toilet. I don’t like to go in the male
toilets at all because it’s like I will be looked at,
people think I’m a pervert. I will use male toilets
unless I feel unsafe. I know that I definitely don’t feel
safe in a men’s bathroom. At the end of the day, a toilet is somewhere where
you go and have a shit. So what does it matter
what gender you are? I saw this tweet once
that was like, “You know you all have gender
neutral bathrooms in your house.” MOUTHING But were you born a man or a woman? I mean,
what is a man and what is a woman? I’m a person. You’re assigned gender,
you’re assigned sex. I wasn’t born with a penis, so… You can be a boy
and you can like flowers. They want to term
all your behaviours as either, like,
a feminine or a masculine. You can be a girl
and you can like cars. Then determine which they think
you’re more strong in and put you in that box. I already know,
the comments on this video, “There are only two genders,
I identify as an attack helicopter.” That’s not natural. This isn’t natural, let’s be honest. It literally is, though. Like, what? Is marriage natural? Like, have you ever seen
two squirrels, one in a suit, one in a white dress, with a sparrow
marrying them in the forest? No! Non-binary identity has existed
since the beginning of time. You see other societies and cultures
out there and they don’t have
this very strict two-box rule. In the Torah, there are, like,
over six or seven genders. Native Americans had four genders. I think it’s India,
there’s a third gender. There are so many examples
in the animal kingdom, snails are hermaphrodites. Male seahorses give birth
to their children. Clownfish change sex
halfway through their life. Which is a Finding Nemo sequel
I’d like to see. Is it he or she? I mean, thank you for asking. Two options, he or she? Babes! But there’s he and she,
they, their, xe, xyr, fae as well? It can be confusing for someone because they don’t know what
you’re presenting as necessarily. From about six feet away,
they presume me to be female and then they get closer
and they’re like, “Oh.” I went in one shop,
and they’re like, “OK, sir, we’ll keep onto that,
thank you, sir.” I walk into another shop ten minutes
later, and they’re like, “Yes, madam.”
I can’t fucking win! Someone wants that… Those
pronouns are useful, then, like, that’s why it’s important. Any thought that I would be
assumed female is, like, just the most
uncomfortable feeling. And also, like, people do get
pronouns wrong sometimes but it’s just, like,
correct yourself, and it’s fine. People are like, “But I actually
really struggle changing pronouns “cos I’ve known you
for a really long time.” I’m like, yeah,
imagine what it must be like to actually be
a non-binary person. Exactly! Like, you’re struggling with
grammar, I’m struggling with life. Do you shop in
the men’s or women’s section? Both is good. Both is good. I don’t understand
why we’re still saying this is a female piece of clothing
or this is a male piece of clothing. You have this whole store
of all these wonderful things that you could open your mind to. Sometimes I’ll wear a crop top. Some days I would play with Barbies
and wear a fairy dress. And sometimes I’ll wear a suit. Other days I’d be
in a Thunderbirds costume. But I’m not doing this for you,
I’m doing this for me, this is my sort of armour and
my portrayal of how I feel inside. I remember for my 12th birthday,
I got Hulk Boxer shorts off my mam. That’s beautiful.
I was a happy little queer. Are you gay? Yes. Hell, yeah. Absolutely! As soon as they see somebody who’s
slightly more feminine-portraying, it’s instantly, “You’re gay.” Sexuality, gender,
completely different. It’s not a thing where your identity
and outward portraying image is connected to your sexuality.
Or anything like that. You define the labels,
the labels don’t define you. So you can bring
your own definition to… I want a tattoo of that
on my forehead or something. I’m going to get it
on a fucking T-shirt. BOTH: But I don’t get it. Then learn! That’s OK. It’s really OK
to not understand. Ain’t hurting anyone. You know, despite the fact that
everybody’s experience is different, it’s just so refreshing to see, meet somebody else whose pronouns
are also they and their. I think actually having a label
is really, really important. Yeah. Creates a lot of solidarity, too. Just a nice warm, fuzzy feeling,
ain’t it? I love queer people.
I love the queers.

100 comments on “Things Not To Say To A Non-Binary Person

  1. Sorry, I dont believe in the new genders, and I dont pander to delusional people. You are Male or female to me. Deal with it.

  2. 3:01 AND THAT IS THE POINT you don't need a third gender to do things you like or dress how you want to it doesn't matter what you are born with it's all about personality

  3. Gender neutral bathrooms in the home is NOT the same thing as public restrooms but go off “y’all” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Cant wait for one of them to grow rotor blades and guns and start flying #apachehelicopter cause obviously since they identify as one they are one right….

  5. its when people that are non binary answer questions aggressively or even passive aggressive because i feel it is a new term and some people just ask for your pronouns are or assume their gender. If they want to be taken seriously towards EVERYONE then maybe those specific aggressive non binary people should be more polite. Not everyone is attacking them.

  6. i'm sorry but that one who's like "i find myself having a breakdown about that on the daily" about what bathroom to use, let me think: you present female, show your tiddies and seemingly have no dysphoria.
    use the womens it's not hard.
    you don't even know what breaking down about these things is like.

  7. How are they saying they’re gay, when by saying that you’re saying you’re either a man who likes men, or a woman who likes women? Like doesn’t that directly contradict the meaning of nonbinary

  8. "That's not natural"

    Isn't humanity part of nature?? Non-binary people are a frequent occurrence in humanity, so I guess they are natural, just like cisgenders.

  9. In 10 years we are going to looking back and laughing at this nonsense, the non-binary thing is just a product of people being bored in 1st world countries, it’s really is a tread. That’s it

  10. Here’s what I don’t understand:

    • Why is it such a big deal? If they are saying it’s natural to change your genitalia then why are there videos on it?

    • Sure, marriage isn’t natural in squirrels because they aren’t as advanced.

    • Why are we treating them like kings and queens (oh wait) I mean just because they changed their assigned gender?

  11. Not gonna lie this is pretty bizarre how these people think. Very narrow minded and have their heads in the sand for lack of a better word

  12. I don’t even understand how gender and sex is different or when it became two entities? I feel like it’s more effective in balancing the masculine and feminine not ignoring the two opposites n say theirs none

  13. I found this less about how to be Politically Correct (PC) or just plain KIND/Decent, but how to BE a better version of ME! I thoroughly enjoyed this and looked it up, as I wanted more info on the subject. —This is Dedicated to our Nebulous MIST, Creator of All, whom Each and Every one of us, regardless of what you look like…(insert all applicable identification here) are apart. PEACE, LOVE, JOY my dear ones!

  14. It’s got nothing to do w a trend, it’s got everything to do w ppl being insistent about being anything unique or different than anyone else. However I’m fairly certain when we evolved from tadpoles they were strictly male or female, & a select few were born w both male and female parts. This non binary nonsense is just that! It’s not trendy it not hip it is referring to gender in a way that isn’t historically accurate whatsoever

  15. The issue here is. People are curious and like to ask questions. So why dont you just be nice and educate people. Instead of being so rude and having a go at people for simply asking a God dam question!!! Fml 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. Xe xim?? Tf that’s NOT a thing

    He/him she/her they/them

    That’s it don’t go makin up random words n shit

  17. No strangers in public care about what people’s gender/sex is. They are too self-absorbed just like these people and all of us.

  18. Dude this beyond bullshit if your born with a dick your a man, a vagina a women, if this was the case I could be a toaster, u should be proud of being a man or women embrace it, don’t try to pull this shit off

  19. oh no, here come the cis-gender, heterosexuals with their witty comments and their prejudice, making fun of our community again 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    And they still have the never to say “why does everything have to be gay? You guys aren’t bullied anymore”

  20. This reminds me of a tune….

    'Cause I, gonna make you see

    There's nobody else here

    No one like me

    I'm special, sooo special

    I gotta have some of your attention
    Give it to me!

  21. Literally every question and thing I wanted to say to these facists.

    Are you a boy or a girl? Is it he or she or they or what?
    That's so in right now, to be, like, gender you a boy or a girl? Is it he or she or they or what?
    Where do you shop, in the men's or the women's section? Or unisex?
    So what's going on down there?
    "You've got this genitalia!"
    "Oh, no, you're trans." 🙁
    What toilet do YOU use?
    "This is the women's bathroom."
    "Ha-ha! Thought you were a man!"
    "You know you all have gender neutral bathrooms in your house."
    "There are only two genders, I identify as an attack helicopter."
    Is marriage natural?
    Is it he or she?
    "OK, sir, we'll keep onto that, thank you, sir."
    "Yes, madam."

    "But I actually really struggle changing pronouns cos I've known you for a really long time."
    Do you shop in the men's or women's section?
    Are you gay?
    "You're gay."

  22. I’m sorry I just can’t wrap my head around non-binary but I’d never disrespect someone if they identify as non-binary

  23. I like to wear suits or ties clothes I like to wear dresses or crop tops clothes i sometimes feel like a human being eh there are times I feel like an alien
    What are you going to do about it?

  24. Everyone in this video is mentally ill. Guess I am as well as I now identify as a piece of toffee popcorn. TWO genders morons. MALE & FEMALE.

  25. The pronouns thing is hard. If you were to tell a person the pronouns you want, I’m sure they would be more than happy to oblige. I would, and I sure reasonable people worth talking would too.

  26. Wanna know why we have separated toilets?
    Urinals, i would say, i think many men could be rather uncomfortable with women barging in.
    Or kids from either side could be creeped out.

  27. Are they trying to get rid of gendered bathrooms and gendered clothing and gendered everything? Cause what abt the vast majority of ppl that identify as the gender associated with the sex they were born? We want gendered things and we make up the vast majority. Why does society have to change entirely to make a small subset of ppl comfortable at the expense of 99% of the population? Like okay I’m fine with changing my vocabulary for you but don’t make me share bathrooms with strange men and wear clothing that r I’ll fitted to my female body type

  28. I can only see the sexual organ question appropiate if you are dating, as I think if someone prefers a certain genitailia that is a fair thing to know.

  29. First, I respect peoples freedoms and choices to do what and be who they are so long as it doesn't have a negative effect on people. OK with that said I am not entirely certain if I agree with this concept of Non-Binary because there seems to be a confusion between the concepts of sex or gender being biological or social constructs. If we are speaking about Gender roles being fluid then I'll agree, we don't have to conform to those roles. However if those roles no longer matter why would calling someone he or she be offensive? Now in terms of No-Binary sex that I disagree with and yes I understand Intersex. There is in my opinion only two sexes male and female being binary. You can transition between the two, you can have both but in the end its still just two. If you want to use They/Them as Gender neutral I guess that's fine but I disagree with the concept of multiple sexes and thus multiple pronouns.

  30. People can assume what roles they want but it does it really mean they understand that role or simply acting as? I don't know if someone who is playing the role of something they aren't born as can really be that role beyond the superficial and really understand or empathize with it, to me the desire for change only comes from a hate of what they perceive is the role they where given and either want to change or become neutral because they are uncertain which of the two they prefer. Does a female exhibiting as male for example, feel the same depression, pressures, ridicule of "toxic masculinity" or any of the other pitfalls of being male in the modern age? If these labels no longer define these roles then I don't think its the labels that these people should be concerned with but the roles or expressions associated with.

  31. Why do people make up things that are not real??????? A boy has a penis and girl has a vagina why are people making this shit rocket science?

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