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‘Thought Leader’ gives talk that will inspire your thoughts | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire Skit)

‘Thought Leader’ gives talk that will inspire your thoughts | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire Skit)

[music, applause] Walk onstage, walk onstage,
walk onstage, walk onstage. I am a thought leader. You know that
I’m a thought leader because I’m
wearing a blazer, I have glasses, and I’ve just
done this with my hands. I will now walk over
to my laptop. by doing so,
I’m demonstrating to you that as a thought leader,
I understand technology and that there
will be slides. Because everybody
knows that a presentation seems more legitimate
than it actually is if there are slides. I’m now going to come back
to the centre of the stage and give you some
unremarkable context about how I became
a thought leader. If it’s okay with you,
I’d like to pace while telling you
this story. In 2009, I met a thought leader
and I asked him, “how did you become
a thought leader?” And you know what he said?
He said, “I don’t know.” Now, that doesn’t
sound important, and it’s not, but if
I repeat it three times I’m making you believe
that it is important. He said, “I don’t know.
I don’t know. I don’t know.” Let’s look at a picture
of the planet for no reason. It’s nice, isn’t it? That’s where we live. What happens if I put
some words over it? Hmm. How about a number? What if I pose
a question? By doing this,
I’ve now made you think that I know what
I’m talking about. Okay. [chuckling] Walking over here,
I’m going to change the tone of my voice [chuckles]
and I’m going to tell you an unremarkable story
that’s seemingly unrelated and it’s funny. And you’ll know it’s funny
because I’m laughing. And you’re laughing. And you’ll ask yourself,
“what does this have to do with his talk?
What is the point?” [laughing] Well… coming back
to the centre. And [slows]
slowing my speech. Lowering the volume
of my voice. by looking
at you directly and by making
a list on my fingers, I’ve made you believe
there is a point. Sip of water. Check the time…oh! Let’s bring
this puppy home. Graph, graph, graph,
graph, pie chart, statistic. How about we end
with a question, [voice raises]
a very big question: what if everybody
in this room decided to come together and agree [voice lowers]
with what I’m saying? Let’s look at a picture
of the planet again. That is a world
I want to live in. Coming back to
the centre of the stage. Standing ovation. [applause] humble head nod,
humble head nod, humble head nod. See someone I know. Humble head nod. Video fades to black while
the applause continues for an unrealistic
amount of time. Humble head nod, thank you.
Walk off stage. [applause continues] Walk off stage,
walk off stage. ♪ ♪ ♪ [inspirational]

100 comments on “‘Thought Leader’ gives talk that will inspire your thoughts | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire Skit)

  1. The best part is that despite me knowing that this is satire, he really does sound like he knows what he's talking about…

  2. A pointless added comment to take up space which shows the importance and validity of the video. Now please reply to me to show your support of my comment which reflects your emotional attachment to the comment. Or… you can give a thumbs up or down if you can not express written words clearer than a emoji thumb.

  3. This is an amusing idea, but just not funny enough. Needed better scripting and editing.
    The almost silent audience were bored rather than entertained.

  4. …about 50% of them contain something very basic that sounds 'revolutionary' but isn't like this: 'We've always thought about how economics influences people. But WHAT IF, we thought about how people influence economics??' 'We think technology and development go hand in hand. But what if, they didn't?' 'We usually make pies with apples. But have we ever tried making pies, WITHOUT apples???'

  5. He is too Canadian though. This wouldn't work in USA. You need to be a little more assertive and cult leader-ish to be a thought leader in America. To me it seems like he's going to read a story, or give a lecture, but not thought leader.

  6. TED talks used to be reserved for some of the best of the best on the lecture circuits. As they expanded to different venues throughout the globe, they needed more and more speakers…and it seems the vetting process was decentralized. All this was kind of the fault of TED talk’s own success, because they sacrificed quality for quantity.

  7. sums up the PATHETIC joke and scam of Ted Talks. those things are so moronic. Elizabeth Holmes did one what does that tell you? and pedofile promotion on another.

  8. We literally watch this video in class to learn about public speaking/giving presentations… some good pointers here lol 🌍

  9. I am making a comment, and when making a comment I'm going to say something that you'll either agree with or disagree with. Then this will cause an argument between those who agree and disagree giving people the idea they achieved something by debating about a comment some guy on the internet made

  10. I immediately agree with everything this man has to say and will quote bits of this to my friends to seem like I came to this conclusion by myself and get furiously angry when someone asks a simple question I can't answer about it.

  11. I completely disagree. This is my comment to prove that I am much better than this entire talk. That I now deserve my own talk. Finger steeple finishl

  12. Sharp emotional segue about how this video inspired and comforted me after a horrendous family tragedy which I share with everyone here in excruciating detail.

  13. Finally someone just did it without the irrelevant shit. Awesome. I want to be a thought leader too.

  14. This is proof that the delivery of is more important than the thought itself.

    You can have an amazing thought, but deliver it poorly and you’re not gonna do a better job if you were.

    He totally ripped off Will Stephen speech.

  15. (generic comment agreeing with a specific part of the video followed by a misquote of famous scientist or philosopher in an attempt to sound smart or interesting)

  16. I mean, if we are talking the psychology of presentations – and how to make your opinion seem more valid – then this video checks out

  17. Brilliant! But ..he forgot to plug the worthless widgets and say the buzzwords: "synergy" , "team" , "innovative" , "cutting edge" , "revolutionize" etc etc …

  18. It's not actually discrediting anybody… He's basically stripped the content out of a good presentation and people think that proves something other than you need to present things in a certain way in order to be convincing. These are just tips on how to give a good talk. If you walk in wearing a clown outfit and the tone of your voice and behavior is out of wack… people wont think you're credible….

    …I mean wooooh mind blown man… will never watch a person do a talk in the same way again… get Joe Rogan onto this shit man and smoke a blunt. Genius. 😛

  19. Damn, i actually teared up at one point… Had never even heard about "thought leaders" before… Amazing talk and a smart guy

  20. Tapping keys with my finger- and thumb-tips I compose an unimpressive yet nondescript characterization of the talk.

  21. These goofy Canadians are right in between stuffy Brits and welcoming Americans. Many of them look as if they were really expecting a thought leader to be on stage. This guy is so perfect in his ridicule of the topic. He's really talking about EVERY life coach and motivational speaker out there. Just a staged formula/scam for weak people to attend hoping they find the solution to their problems.
    Love it.

  22. Yo, I saw this in a meme and I was so confused until I went on a depressed stress-induced binge watch of This is That and now I understand

  23. The only way someone knows this a parody is if you label it. If Ted talks channel posted it it would be legitimate. They already have someone who did how to sound confident in Ted talks.

  24. Returning to this video several years later because it was so profound. I rewatch, and comment, intimating my deeper understanding of it with the passage of time.

  25. Most depth I've ever witnessed in a TED talk. Perfect caricature of those elitist cocksuckers.

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