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Titan Radio Live! featuring EMAEL

Titan Radio Live! featuring EMAEL

welcome to Titan radio live a
collaboration effort between Titan TV and Titan internet radio we’re your
hosts Hannah Von Gremp and the Nakeia Campbell today we have email in our
studio at Titan Communications playing some great music if you like what you
hear visit them at email music oh no Meah feel I know it did the boss beat
both feel I know yeah we Just Dance just as just dancing so now we just heard some amazing music
from email she probably gets no little bit more about them why you guys
introduce yourselves my name is Manuel I play the cello what’s up Michael
my name is youris I’m the drummer all right nice to meet you guys while we
hear another one I’ve never been one to treat dream that
wasn’t right real fish there was a rhyme one to fear the things inside my mind
I’ve never been yeah you guys that was amazing you got
time you’ll be you’re grooving loved it Oh funky right why not a third in my matter in the nineties I’m
climbing in Raymond ever made
bigger yeah yeah so now we’ve had a little taste of email
and it’s pretty sweet but we want to know a little bit about you guys so how
did you guys end up starting out well well we we started playing coffee shops
together and we like saying together in high school and stuff three of us and
then you know started writing some music next thing you know we meet this guy
started playing with us and then we met this guy and you started playing with us
yeah that’s the really quick version I’m sure
there’s a biography version of it very long yes so when we listen to music you
know we hear a lot of different sounds I think that brings it all together makes
you guys sound amazing so what are your musical influences well
I think the cool thing about our group is that we all have different musical
styles that we enjoy I definitely like I was raised playing
classical cello so I definitely have that influence I I like a lot of
Radiohead and a lot of like eclectic kind of more experimental indie music
but we all have different things that we like so let’s hear from some other
people so I joined about a year ago and after they released their first EP venom
EP which is you can’t you know you can find that on even Spotify right now in
SoundCloud and all that stuff so I joined after that and I come more for
like jazz funk background like little hip-hop influences that’s a drummer and
like Vance comes to mind like hiatus coyote snarky Buffy and like I love like
the old JDI hip-hop tracks and all kind of stuff so I came out and I wasn’t
officially with the band yet but I started hanging out with Iman Emanuel
and I wrote this thing and it was pretty like out there jazzy wise and it was
like whoa it’s a really cool groove but like a part form to groove I really
don’t know what to do with this like I don’t know how to place this isn’t
our sound so we kept on shaping things and you know keep keep going back and
forth and all that kind of stuff and yeah and that’s how we nowadays create
songs like we all have our own little influence and then we bring it into the
band and sometimes it fits and sometimes we have to like shape it until it fits
that’s good yeah I’m guess I’m kind of more the pop influence in the band you
know I like Justin Timberlake Bruno Mars things but now I just like basically I
just gather everything that they are playing and we have like a little
Spotify playlist or everybody shares their like favorite songs and I kind of
just like to listen to all that my influences from all of them really
that’s good you know we’ve heard that a few of you
were in the music program here at Cal State Fullerton which was friends here
so how was being as a program here it was absolutely wonderful and I just
cannot thank the department enough for giving me what I took away from this how
can you top this like you know everybody go to the music department of Cal Spas
know I had a great time I came here as a transfer not transfer students the
international students get my masters out here at Cal State Fullerton and you
know just had an amazing time studying out here and I you know I got to meet
these guys so you know what else moment of Destiny so if I heard correctly one
of the lyrics in your song say I’ve never been one to dream a dream that
wasn’t right correct so what is that dream what is that ultimate
moment where you feel like we have made it well that song fool my kite that was
the one yours was actually talking about where he like brought this really jazzy
crazy thing to the table and I was just like this is sick but it’s kind of
insane but we worked on it and we got sound
maybe a little bit more like us mixed with his crazy
jazzy kind of high disc IO de style and pretty much the song itself fold my kite
it’s about like people kind of given up on their dreams before they’ve given it
there fool you know scene into the full potential of their dreams so the song is
kind of about not folding your kite and going out and flying your dream as best
of your ability as possible that lyrics pretty much just like saying like you
know I’ve never been one to like not follow what I want to do so we want to
know if you have any advice for any other bands that are looking to kind of
get where you guys are or just advice in general that you have for anybody or
advice that you guys have received that have really influenced you and what
you’re doing I guess from you or anyone that does it outside just have patience
you know it’s like we’ve been at it for five six years now and you know you’re
not gonna have overnight success and success in one year or two years
sometimes so you kind of need to be and just play music with people that you
enjoy their company because you know that be I totally agree with that cuz
these guys are my best friends and if I was playing with anyone else I
don’t think it would’ve lasted this long so I have something to add to that like
what drew me to these guys all right you know before I joined was like like you
have a lot of bands that you know try to get out there and but in the end if you
like to look at it from like a bigger skin like a bigger scope they already
sound the same and what I found what I found really interesting is that you
know you hear influences but it really has
sound that’s you know that’s also because it’s jello of course it’s like
one of the most prominent instruments which is awesome but like if I have like
something to say to like though as an advice for bands it’s just like find
your find your own voice and don’t you know don’t try to sound like that guy
and hope that you might you know have some attention from the same kind of
audience cuz that music has already been written so why would you write it again you definitely hear that in your guys’s
music you hear you know an individual but it all comes together as a full
piece to make a beautiful some beautiful ending yeah it’s so great
well you may all thank you so much when a pleasure having you guys like you guys
have amazing music and I wish you the best in your career stay is you think you guys got one more in you
all right lay it on us like trash I can’t see in the dark when in the Sun
go know and using my voice into breathing Oh fear
quick anything thank you for watching Titan radio live
a collaboration effort between Titan TV and Titan internet radio thank you email
for coming to our studio and playing some wonderful music if you like what
you heard you can listen to email music at email music comm broadcasting from
California State University Fullerton I’m Hannah Von Gremp and I’m the Nakeia Campbell and we’ll see you next time

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