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Titan Radio Live! featuring Special Blend

Titan Radio Live! featuring Special Blend

awesomes inside and radio live a
collaboration effort between Titan TV and Titan internet radio I’m Rhelin
Taylor your host and special blend is in our studio at Titan communications
playing some new music if you like what you hear follow them on social media at
special blend van calm take it away no no what to do you know I’m crazy
about you baby blah bus stop in the middle don’t know what to do don’t know what you know don’t know what to do don’t know what to do bullshit
Shh what Oh she would just know said I was caught up
in a bit see you and me I put it she would just no good Oh she would just no good mom said I was
gonna be a fantasy she would just no good I should have done a little history you she would just shoot a little here baby
we should it be I big ups cal state fullerton Titan TV
when special in the house sunday sunday in the Sun Bundy you yet on my business into my feet hit the
vote him for to the front though how to live out one smoke away my wife elin von
sponsor me the first feel fuzzy headed out to new peach wrap my wedding and I
belong got some money for the natick cuz i cannot eat the sweet smell of what
time i saw that my VW win in this baby we are to you about my babies my
elevator my cuddy don’t cut see just like i’m kelly slater pretty soon crazy
that i make you up a shelter oh I believe everybody was Sunday he
could go in the Sun all day hey what’s up my feet are frozen I can hang on oh my
so imma kick the next one and I hid it in the fo sho I can’t thanks cuz I
hitting every session spray myself up grabbing dried out now I’m feverish then
to the heat is on it’s time to let the boys out of the circle stereo it’s time
to let the noise on to grab your booty when I like to barbecue things up in the
game everybody in here ya little laughing in the tricking or pastor long
as we left me hey everybody in here feeling that vibe don’t keep it inside
so let’s take a ride on sunday I wish every day was Sunday we could go
play in the Sun all day he was sunday me and I’d always had one
fun day everybody in here yelling all laughing
neither drinking or passing long as we laugh everybody in here feeling love I
don’t keep it inside let’s take a ride on sunday today while they take a break here are some of
stuff we’ve been listening to as well as some of the latest album releases if you
like special blend sound then you’ll love this edition of csuf top 10 picks
sacrifice by the expendables slightly stoopid with work honey pot by
revolution sweet summertime by the movement the black seeds with cool me
down seedless with twisted love moonlight by tribal seeds take me on by
the green tripping by fortunate youth and finally check the level by dirty
heads next up we take a look at recent releases and our pick of albums and
focus first up we have stick figure with set in stone stick figures
multi-instrumentalist and profound vocals has managed to find a way to
stand apart thanks to their inherent aptitude for composing a song the album
is silky immersive but has distinctly ear warming songs with a distinct
stick-figure tone that we all know and love second we have Mike love with love
will find a way right from the beginning Mike loves music drops his listeners in
with his unique style and lyrical journey ranging from Rocksteady
influence to ska to a 1970s Motown sound almost to even folk and classical Mike
Love has managed to create a unique version of conscious music next we have
raging fyah with destiny the van stays true to their original vintage sound
incorporating bubble oregan melodies alongside Bob Marley s harmonies tripped
out with loads of echoes and reverb forth we have hustling culture by the
expanders this album expands on the classic sounds of the 1970s and 80s
reggae with three-part melodies and dancehall motifs you’ll be getting Erie
in no time and finally we have bankrupt with moonlight notes of Latin funk ska
hip hop as well as hints from their obvious influences which includes
sublime 311 Jack Johnson and iteration can all be heard distinctly throughout
the album bankrupt carries a lush tone with an underscore of numerous musical
directions in moonlight well that’s all we have for our albums and focus of this
episode let’s just some more music by special blend bye too far away to it whoa whoa in class and if you so gotta do you
understand I’ll into the Pacific thesaurus terrific the BL specific we
now refer gets the worm in the lineup it was my turn right on top of the wave
like a feral the older than I am Oh Oh whoa my friends whoa Oh 21 don’t look whoa
this situations this is staring down the
barrel fuck is this narrow in the water sluts and killers I Campbell dramatist
handle me breaking me down in the pipeline and then splashing around tick
is legit go free to get right back in to see what others Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh hey
you Oh whoa yes sir they got Titan TV for having
that special blend check us out the website YouTube we got all kinds of fun
stuff we got your boy back here on the drummer if you see him walking past and
make sure you can do a biga step on the air still go black eyes Oh you you you loyalty or sigma3 destiny you’re letting
me to read I followed you all around the seats I’m the macaroni Shaima cheese to
fish in the middle of the sea I’m still not quite sure how you found me I first
man down honey the beach and I opened up my eyes now I can see never knew we
would go this way no always do we would be okay up reminisce while the craze not
a care in the world no bill sir panel get my back to Dickey bill never talked
with a question in no doubt you are a blessing the more I think about it you
haven’t seen times true love all nations all surely all
around the pond and since that day you know we got it going home Lindy the
canopy we’re talking about a little family i always do you the one for me
that’s a day I started believing in destiny the way I feel when I look at
you know what the feeling I compared with you my heart skips a beat when
you’re passing through I’m so focused until of his trim your mama to my
favorite song are we to gawk anything go wrong I love my I got my head the sky
you by my side we gonna be all right I the oceans for you there were some Oh together all we need focus on my brain Oh make one we can
ha me
oh we love Oh we love endlessly let’s get I read thanks for watching
Titan radio live a collaboration effort between Titan TV and type internet radio
special blend just performed a set in our Titan TV studio from their new music
and if you like what you hear follow them on social media at special blend
van calm thanks for watching tight and radio live broadcasting from california
state university-fullerton I’m Rhelin Taylor see you next time

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