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Titan Radio Live! featuring True Violet

Titan Radio Live! featuring True Violet

welcome to Titan radio life a
collaboration effort between Titan TV and Titan internet radio
I’m your host Hannah Von Gremp and I’m your host Nakeia Campbell today we have
true violet in our studio at Titan Communications playing some awesome
music if you likely here visit them at true
violet music calm yeah you you gonna get sustained leave your mind you strength will grow like golden
dreams in time and while you can share Mira Finster the name and you can pick your pace black clouds creeping over the place
till kill Jose demon straight down there light shit you you until you buddy these so we got a lot of girl power going on
today we have our ladies of true violet with buzzes ladies please tell us a
little bit about yourself I’m Jesse I sing and play guitar I’m Elena
I play bass I’m Kayla and play the drums all right why we love it Lebanon we’d
like to get to know a little bit more about it now where did it’s the name
true violet come from like what’s the origin story on a ride to Vegas right
yeah yeah riding through the desert and we yeah we basically just wanted to I
don’t know a name that we all vibe done and I think it really came from American
Horror Story yes we were yeah and yeah we just we just liked the name and like
trust and unity and all right so I mean I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of advice
you know along the way so what’s the best piece of advice that you guys have
held on to something that you would advise other bands to do severe
perseverance because it’s very easy to give up especially in a any market
essentially at this point with so social media is pretty oversaturated so people
find it pretty easy to give up halfway through a bit just so knows I mean there
are bands out there is taking them at least 10 years to get where they are or
a more longer you know so if you believe in yourself which is key persevere and
continue really quick you know um how long have you guys been together seven
years seven years next year we’ve been in a couple different bands but we’ve
together and we’ve known each other for seven years but as this true violet
probably like what two years yes you guys are incredible on all of
your instruments you guys have any formal training on that or education
Lina used to give lessons to that’s awesome so you’re also quiet it would
yeah I think it’s basically like we you know they kind of teach each other –
we’ve always been it’s always just been the three of us huddled together
learning things and probably the incorrect way to trial it exactly our
dad’s a drummer too so yeah that’s my guess and you originally from Florida
yes all three of you yes so okay I mean worried you know California girls
how do you how do you like live in California versus Florida is better you
like everyone back there but it’s just not for us this is our vibe here so it’s
nice it’s definitely a great music feeling in college yeah I can’t rest in
the Florida have anything better version all together we got to a point where we
were like okay we’ve played pretty much most of the venues in Florida I think
it’s time to like move on to the next step and then we found management out
here and they were like oh and then we came out we’re like yeah
never look back sounds like this is cool there is definitely a place for you
ladies in California so yeah all right we have another song yeah this song is
called nothing there is no sound
to see who in see my we like to be wasted it’s more I’m trying yeah all these tears rolling off my face you you see I could be like you nothing we was so still knows what notes are oh
my said spoken I felt your feet holding me need you have these Huntsman to be broken within your
to the winter Oh that’s your hope fuck British meets with
them I thought you had me under your spell it’s a new day all this will nothing incredible ladies thank you so much that
was mind-blowing thanks for watching titan radio live a collaboration effort
between Titan TV and Titan internet radio thank you to true violet for
coming to our studio and playing some great music if you like what you hear
visit them at true violet music on broadcasting from California State
University I’m Hannah Von Gremp and I’m Nakeia Campbell and we’ll see you
next time

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