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She was already famous from China to Mexico But thanks to this song, we now also know her in The Netherlands. Floor Jansen. Her duet with Henk Poort was a hit We visited her at home in Sweden, in the middle of nowhere With her husband, daughter, 2 horses and a dog Furthermore, Hans Wiesman. He sees the most beautiful places on earth in search for crashed Dakota’s and has much in common with this Bugatti fan, in the TV Show next Sunday AVROTROS NPO1!


  1. Official subtitles FTW 🤟😎

    P. S. No disrespect to the lady that translates the clips here on YouTube. She does amazing work 😊

  2. Thank You Floor❤ You deserve this everything, what is happening: So very much!You have been working so hard, to get to this point! Lot's of Love from Finland!💟

  3. That intro 😨 silly Ivo Niehe, as if sane Dutch people (and me) didn't already know Floor 😍 Jansen from … taking part in the AYREON live shows (yeah, and her sister and Marco Hietala were there too, among many other GREAT singers).

  4. Congrats Floor Jansen much love from America I hope we get to see it on YouTube and Denise Hoff does the translation.

  5. Of course I'll watch it (first in Dutch tonight, then next days with En translation, somehow.. as usual). I'm happy for you, for being finally recognized in your own country for your unique talent. All the best from RO.

  6. You are my favourite singer and you are the best…. You deserve everything best in life…. Keep inspiring me and all the music lovers around the world…. God bless you and I pray to god to make you very happy and healthy always….you bring happy tears and smiles on our faces,so you too Keep smiling always…. Love and respect from India 🙂

  7. 21:30 CEST in the description should be 21:30 CET, although I would really like to hear the sound of summer still ;-).

    I always liked Ivo Niehes respectful way of interviewing people, definitely gonna watch!

  8. AWESOME, good for you Floor!

    I just don't like Avrotros after what they did to our angel Denise Hofs. A boycott is in order.

  9. I hope we international people are able to access it! I loyally watched Beste Zangers. (Thanks Denise for all her hard work translating, too). Thanks for including subtitles here, Floor! ❤️ You're so deserving of the attention of the NL, but we longtime fans are very proud and happy for you !! 🥰 It's about time.

  10. Thank you Floor. It was a great show at Tampere-talo. I got goosebumps when you got on stage and started singing. I almost cried when you did a duet with Marco (Ave Maria).

  11. OMG was veels te kort, zo zonde dat ze niet meer van Nightwish hebben laten zien, maar ja alles is meegenomen op dit punt, ik hoop dat radio makend Nederland nu eens wakker wordt

  12. Just watched the tv interview and found out how Floor and Hans got together Floor walked into the dressing room of Hans when they were on tour together and asked him "would you like to smoke this cigar with me" Floor jansen you are a legend.

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