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Top 5 Records by Nabihah Iqbal

hi I’m Annabel 8-ball and I’m a DJ producer and radio presenter from London my first choice is this it’s Dylan’s Gospel basically it’s a record for the Bob Dylan cover songs recorded by the brothers and sisters that were a gospel choir from LA this version was released on night like in the Attic record and I love it because I love Bob Dylan and just yeah the versions of his songs and on here are amazing it’s like his songs really suit the gospel style my second choice is this record which is by the band emotion the record has the same name as well and there’s a band started by the bass player from Aswad with British reggae band according to George oh man it’s reggae but it’s not and it’s super chilled and the arrangement is so nice every track on this album is incredible and lettuce live love live meeting their choice is an EP released by Wolfgang Tillman’s last year it’s called make up as you go along and also time flows all over and it’s a split EP with one side the songs are all recorded in 2016 and on the other side recordings are made in 1986 so 13 years apart it’s all by him and yeah the two styles of music are super different but one side it’s really like dance see you know make it up as you go along there’s such a good track to play when I’m DJing cuz it makes everyone dance and then I’m 1986 I’d sort of more like post-punk stuff that he was recording when he was about in a band and Berlin and cool and I just like the fact that you know he’s an artist and a photographer and also do music putting all his work out there in different media this is called key to a heart by Tinga Stewart and it’s 80s reggae I love the artwork when I saw it in the record store that was the first thing that attracted me to her because I didn’t know what it sounded like the songs are kind of sad and slow tempo but the sounds that he uses are really nice I know it’s like got that 80’s feeling but for reggae and it’s kind of like slow started to love songs and I also got it from one of my favorite record stores in London called sin Records and the guy in there sells a lot of old reggae and dub and so if you’re ever in London check it out this record I actually also got it in the same shop and there tinker stewart won then records and they have a box in there the bargain box where every record is only 50 P so I guess that would be like 50 n you can’t listen to him you just have to buy them so every time I go in the store and I pick out all the records I want to buy it I then go to the bargain box and pick out ten records and you know it’s a bit of a lucky dip and this was one that I found in there and it’s so good like early 90s house I always pay this in my DJ sets and every time I play it it just gets such a good reaction and everybody’s always asking for the track ID of this specific track called rocking music and so yeah it’s always in my record bag

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