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Two-Way Radio Charging Tips

Two-Way Radio Charging Tips

Hi. This is Alex with Discount Two-Way Radio. I want to talk about three tips that will help you with your chargers today. The first, is understanding what the lights mean. The second, is proper charging technique. And third is how to correctly put the radio in the charger. First one, when you put a radio in and everything is good, you’re going to see a light turn solid red. Now, it may take about thirty seconds up to several minutes for it to turn solid red and that will indicate that the radio is charging. Then, once it has completed charging the light will turn green. It there’s any problem the light will blink red and will continuously blink red and then you know that there’s a problem with the battery or the charger. Something is wrong. In that case you would call us. The next is how to put the battery into the charger correctly. It seems simple. There’s little guides on the side but, sometimes it just takes a little bit of extra care. Just make sure you line up the grooves on the side of the battery and on the charger. Usually, you’ll feel a nice click. You’ll feel it slide into place. And then you know it’s in their correctly. Now there are a few radios such as the CP200 where they have a spacer, and they have different types of batteries. If it doesn’t fit in one way, just rotate the spacer. Thay way you’ll feel it click nicely into place. The most important thing is: when you are charging a battery, make sure the radio is turned off when you put it in the charger. If you don’t do this, it will shorten the of the battery because you’re both drawing current and charging at the same time. You’re basically going to shorten the life of your battery.
So don’t use the charger as a stand. We see this all the time. Especially in office environments where the receptionist or somebody who has a desk. They’ll have the charger on their desk. You know, security desk. Something like that And they have a charger there. They put the radio in stand while it’s on. They think it’s easy. It works. But, it kills your battery much quicker. So, just simply don’t do it. Charge it at the end of the day when you’re finished.

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