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Ultrasound Tutorial: Appendix/Appendicitis | Radiology Nation

Ultrasound Tutorial: Appendix/Appendicitis | Radiology Nation

12 comments on “Ultrasound Tutorial: Appendix/Appendicitis | Radiology Nation

  1. Great +++! Can I translate it in french and use it for our medical continuous education organism? (saying it comes from you of course)? I would understand if you say no…

  2. I work nights at a hospital, my coworker was looking for my appendix just to practice. I brought up this video while she had my stomach coated in jelly, probe on my belly, and was watching this and unable to find it because appendixes are a bit tricky to find if they aren't acting up. We gave up the video didn't help. Nice video nonetheless.

  3. Ugggghhh, Appendix ultrasounds are so hard! I can actually see mine really well but mine is very low in the abdomen. Most I have done I have not been able to find unless something is wrong but I do want to learn the right way to even see a normal appendix, this was helpful but the whole bowel thing is tricky, I can make up normal appendix looking areas after looking for a bit!

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