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Unboxing and Assembling the Spectrum Aurora 14″ Mini Pearl II Ring Light

Hi, I’m Caroline from Spectrum. In this video,
we’ll be unboxing and setting up the Spectrum Aurora
Mini Pearl II Ring Light. Inside the box,
you’ll find a welcome pack, a Spectrum Aurora carry bag,
a power cable, the ring light itself, a mirror, a flexible phone bracket,
and a light stand. If you need any more help, just have a look at your User Guide
that comes with your product, or go on the website
for full assembly instructions. Let’s have a look at the setup. Each ring light comes with a light stand. Now, be aware that the legs open
in the opposite direction. So, to set it up, unscrew the knob
and pull the two legs to open. And then, screw to tighten. When setting up your light stand,
remember to extend the vertical columns evenly
to ensure stability. To mount your ring light,
loosen the knob and put it directly onto the light stand. Then, screw to tighten. Here are some safety tips
when you use your ring light. When powering your ring light,
we strongly advise that you use a power surge protector. To power your ring light, attach the power cable
to the back of it, here, and turn it on. And then, use this knob here
to adjust the brightness of the light. The other knob
adjusts the color temperature from cool to warm
for different skin tones. To ensure the stability
of your ring light, we recommend that you
use an optional sandbag on the front leg
of your light stand. This is a two-sided mirror. One side is magnified
and the other is normal. Mount it directly onto
the ring light like this and screw the knob at the bottom to secure it. To mount your phone
onto the ring light, you need to use this two-part
flexible phone bracket. Connect the pieces like this, and then, attach your phone. And then, secure the entire thing
onto the ring light. Tighten this knob to secure. And, you can adjust
the position of your phone either to be horizontal
or vertical. But, remember to do up
the screw at the back to secure. This is a camera bracket
with a rotating ball head that you can use to mount
onto the bottom of any camera. Just screw it in. And then, mount that directly
onto the ring light. And, screw this knob here to secure. You can also rotate the camera
by undoing this knob here and adjusting it as you please. The camera bracket
also supports the phone holder and connects
in the same way like this. You can then connect your phone
directly onto the ring light like this. And, remember to screw
the knob here to tighten. You can also unscrew this knob here
to rotate the position that you like. To mount your phone
onto the ring light, you need to use the gold L-shaped bracket
and the phone holder. Start by mounting your phone
onto the phone holder. Then, mount the phone holder
onto the gold L-bracket. Then, attach the bracket directly
onto the ring light. Adjust and screw to tighten. And, you can make any
final adjustments for it to best fit. An optional desk stand is also available. To set that up,
just pull on all three legs and push on the central column
to stabilize. And then, screw the knob to tighten. The desk stand is a perfect option
if you have a limited space. And, it’s also really easy to mount
your ring light to it. Just unscrew the knob, place it on top of the stand,
and screw to tighten. The optional mobile shutter remote
allows you to conveniently take photos in front of the camera like selfies. All you have to do is connect it to any
3.5-millimeter jack input. But, for some mobile devices,
you may need an adapter. To mount the flexible gooseneck,
unscrew the knob as far as possible, not all the way but enough to allow it
to mount straight onto the light stand. And then, screw it tightly
to avoid any wobbling. It’s the same process
for the ring light itself. And then, screw it up tightly. The new Spectrum Aurora Ring Light
range consists of three lights: the Mini Pearl II 14-inch Ring Light, the Diamond Luxe II 18-inch Ring Light, and the Gold Luxe II 19-inch Ring Light.

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