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Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio at Suzuka (w/ Subs) | 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio at Suzuka (w/ Subs) | 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

Bryan, I was in right shape -1 for quali, right? Confirmed Copy You can fire up the engine I’ve got damage! Copy, we are checking it Box now, box! Box now, box! Why? Well, I suppose it’s too late Copy, understood! Why don’t we continue a little bit more? We need to box this lap, box Copy box, but just to let you know the car doesn’t feel that bad… I know it probably it looks bad… But the car is quite ok Do you confirm me that we need to box? We need to box now, box. Confirmed Stay out! Stay out! Stay out! And SOC6 when you can, SOC6 And box now, box. We need to box this lap, box this lap I… Yeah… It was quite ok We needed it to change it, so we’ll change the… the nose And you can use K2 ON, K2 ON How big is the damage? So, everything is fine now It doesn’t feel right, but… Yeah… Just to let you know Copy, we’ll check the data So, in data everything is fine Aero balance correct, that’s we wanted How is the pace? Pace is good. Previous lap you were the fastest car on track And we need multifunction DO position 5, when you can DO position 5 when you can And we need secondary WUG position 9, when you can Secondary WUG position 9, when you can We need to take care of these tires, take care of these tires Yeah, I’ll try Copy And multifunction MIX position 3, when you can MIX position 3 when you can And we need multifunction MIX 11, when you can MIX 11 when you can And front wing update when you can Okay… Minus… minus 1 How is the pace? Albon 34.8 and tires update when you can And multifunction position DO Multifunction position DO And we need to push this lap, push this lap Did everyone stopped in front? Everyone stopped except Ricciardo at the front And SOC7 when you can And SOC6, SOC6 And we need multifunction TURBO 8 TURBO 8 when you can Is it still multifunction… DO, position DO? Will be multifunction position BM… Position BM Copy And update on front wing, when you can Good! If we box, do we have to overtake some… Some cars or not? Yes, at the moment yes, we have So, if you stop now we’ll need to clear six cars But, why… Why should we stop actually? I mean, I’m… I’m… I’m… Because… tire life and fastest lap Are we clearing the cars behind? Yes, we are. Yes, we are And we need multifunction DO position 6… DO position 6 How many cars to clear? Two more cars at the moment… At the moment, two more cars Gap? Gap to gain on them? We should clear them in one more lap. Can you do two more laps, question? Yeah, yeah, yeah of course… Yeah Copy And box now, box And K2 OFF, K2 OFF Can I unlap myself or… Or otherwise I just take a gap and I do the… The lap Yes, you can. Yes, you can Yeah… Very difficult to… Unlap myself… Let me know when I need to slow down to do the… The fast lap And press the OIL button, when you can. Press OIL button Okay, so let’s try to open the gap to Bottas Ricciardo at the back is 7 seconds Try to open the gap. We should target around 4 seconds to Bottas at the front We have the fastest lap now? Now, we don’t Fastest lap… How… Is 30.9 What is my fastest lap? 31.6, 31.6 Let me know when I need to push Ok, let’s prepare for the end of this lap And mode WARM UP, mode WARM UP SOC1, SOC1 And mode FL, mode FL You can keep pushing, keep pushing Copy. Yellow flag, yellow flag at turn 2 and 3 The race is finished no? Ehhh… Race is finished, race is finished Ah, ok SLOW button ON, SLOW button ON. Remember the in lap So, P1 Bottas, P2 Sebastian, P3 Hamilton… P4 Albon… P5 Sainz and yourself P6 Yeah, copy

9 comments on “Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio at Suzuka (w/ Subs) | 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

  1. I'm not so sure about the 'right shape' (at 0:05), but I couldn't figure out what else could be 😅Anyway, let me know what you think about it!

  2. Leclerc is a talent , no doubt, but I predict it to be a wasted talent! He will never really make it this dirty way! Some say that just like Verstappen, but that’s not true! First Max started in F1 at 17 years old, wasn’t even adult yet but drove very maturely! Yes,he made risky moves but his risks were always calculated! However, Max never had the mental illness Leclerc has which is called perfectionism and Max never cries like babies for hours/days when things don’t go perfectly well his way! Max wasn’t and still isn’t driving a top level team that owns F1 somehow with huge capabilities and possibilities to break the rules but the FIA will let it go for Ferrari! It has always been this way especially since M Schumacher time when all rules where broken for the dirty driver to win because the FIA would always want Ferrari its main team and business making to stay happy and stay in F1! On contrary, Max was severely penalized for each move he made wrong! But no, Leclerc can be let go ruining Max’s races ,already many ! Max was overtaking him and aiming for a higher podium, might have even win Suzuka race! It seems to me that leclerc especially for the last 5 races , his aim became like it always was since they were kids competing in carting , which is to destroy Max at any cost! leclerc has sick psychological problems with his unaccomplished self and trying to sort it out by defeating Max at any dirty cost , the most important is to win against Max which is a reality he has never and will never accomplish, simply because leclerc wasn’t and isn’t and will never be as bigger or better driver or more talent than Max! Leclerc in Suzuka should have been penalized even more , somebody must do something in the next races about this guy dirty driving and sickness ruining other better drivers races and winnings! Really annoying how low has F1 become when it comes to consistency! Sick drivers should be reprimanded because they are also putting other drivers lives at risk, like letting Leclerc race many laps with broken front wing and crashing its parts into Hamilton’s car and face! This I cannot understand too! How do they let them do this! Not mentioning letting Vettle jump start without penalty! This’s weird guys, actually unfair! Are we witnessing the FIA red handed just giving a hand to the red team ! They just don’t respect Us the F1 fans , they don’t respect motor racing !

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