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Understanding Sound Settings | Palisade | Hyundai

Whether you’re listening
to talk or rock, sitting in the back or
front, left or right, you can customize
Palisade’s audio environment to meet your needs. For instance, the
Palisade’s audio system allows you to select
a specific position in the vehicle to make
sound more audible. To do so, press the
“Setup” button on the dash. Now go to the touchscreen
and select “Sound”. On the position tab,
you’ll see a diagram of the vehicle cabin. Touching a place on the diagram will allow you to focus
the audio in that location. You can also use the
arrows on the right side to fine tune the location. To return to a
central audio focus, press the target symbol in
the middle of the arrows. You can also choose
to allow notifications or navigation guidance
to override other audio. Once again, press the
“Setup” button on the dash. Now go to the touchscreen
and select “Sound”, then choose “Priority”. You will see four items
that you can select. Checking the “Navigation
Guidance” box will lower all
other audio volumes when navigation
prompts are provided. Checking “Proximity
Warning” will lower all other audio
volumes if the vehicle is shifted out of park and
the camera view is activated. Checking “Navigation
During Calls” will allow navigation prompts
and guidance to be heard, even while you are
on a phone call using the vehicle’s
hands-free phone system. And “Start-up Volume Limit”
lowers radio and media volumes when you start the vehicle
if they are above factory set maximum start-up levels. If your Palisade is equipped with the Harman
Kardon Audio System, you can also utilize two unique
features that help provide outstanding audio quality. Press the “Setup”
button on the dash. Now go to the touchscreen
and select “Sound”. Then, “Advanced”. Checking “Quantum Logic
Surround” will enable the Quantum Logic
Surround feature. This provides a surround
sound experience that gives you the audio
and a field of depth that recreates the
feeling of being on stage. And checking “Bass Boost” will
enable the bass boost feature This provides dynamic sound by maximizing bass
sound performance. That’s all it takes
to turn your Palisade into the perfect
sonic landscape.

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