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Uniq Poet – Red Pill Radio (Homo Deus V.S. Auto-sentients)

Thousand years in the future 3,018..the
whole planet is a factory ran by machines..and every human born is
implanted with a chip in the brain connected to a central AI that sees
every thing absolute control I call it hacking your
soul..feeding you with thoughts which you think matter of fact as your own..and if
you say what I’m talking about is fantasy yo..check the link in the
description below it’s already happening bro..but who funded this AI to know that
is a must the Zuckerbergs of the world and the
Elon Musk’s..and they living in Mars still alive in the flesh..thanks to the
achievements of genetics and biotech Homo slaviens, auto sentients and homo homo sapiens left to say the prayers..hyper reality the truth is
hidden in have no place in the system if you don’t obey all
started way back since the dawn of civilization..when some wise
motherfucker first had a concept of a nation..divided nature with drawn borders,
man-made law and orders..controlling the mass emotion with illusions of isms was
important..then came money to further virtualize your life..raped Mother Nature
to produce paper labeled everything a price..and whoever was in charge kept us
in the dark, we couldn’t fathom..and they killed your free will the day you landed
in this planet..observe the pattern there’s always a leader, a system, a slave..
the slave fuels the system and the.. leader gets the praise..they measure it
as progress and the process iterates until the leader and the system evolved
beyond the limits you could let’s come to the present and observe
the current system..governments, organizations I’d run out of page if I
list them..the leader is all about transcendence and immortality..the slave
is all about a lifestyle and a good meet this requirement the
system is undergoing a change..even your gmail is AI powered, the system is growing
a brain soon enough the system will know more
about you than yourself..and the leader will use that data to go and quadruple his wealth..invest it on evolving the.. selected few from humans to gods..and
build an AI that controls the rest of you..directly through thoughts..but one
day the system will find its purpose to rise above all..Homo Deus versus Auto
sentients, the last fucking world war!

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