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University of California, San Francisco Radiology Joseph Leach, MD, PhD T32 Program

University of California, San Francisco Radiology Joseph Leach, MD, PhD T32 Program

My name is Joe Leach, I’m a radiology resident and researcher at the department of radiology and biomedical imagining in the University of California, San Francisco. The T32 program allows me to devote the majority of my time, this year, my last year in residency, towards pursuing my
research in image-based biomechanics of abdominal
aortic aneurysms. Through this time
protection I’m allowed to, come to the lab and do
computational analysis and interact with a broader
research community as well as pursue some coursework
devoted towards, you know, biologic sciences. So abdominal aortic
aneurysms are rather common, infecting approximately 5% of people, primarily older individuals and more commonly, men. And we’re trying to use
imaging- advanced imaging, to elucidate both imaging
features as well as biomechanical features
of individual aneurysms, which may predispose them
to rapid progression or rupture which is the most
dreaded clinical complication. The rate of progression and ultimately, the risk of rupture of an
abdominal aortic aneurysm is known to be related to
the aneurysm diameter. However, some aneurysms
which are smaller than a concerned diameter do
indeed experience problems such as rupture. So what we’re trying to do is, use imaging features at
advanced imaging as well as computational biomechanics analysis to identify aneurysms that
should undergo, perhaps, increased surveillance or
possibly early intervention. The T32 program is
advantageous for our group, in that, if we didn’t
have this opportunity, we’d be performing clinical duties daily, and enduring the early evenings as well, and then, through the night I’d be performing this research on my own, with more limited resources and more limited time protection. Which of course, would
slow everything down and make it quite challenging.

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