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UNT Predator Gets CAUGHT Lying!

Welcome to Creep Catchers where we are devoted
to making the world a safer place. This is the show where we hunt down and expose
child predators. We take this job very seriously. Some of these predators are very elusive and
very dangerous. Today’s catch is Danyal. He’s a student at the University of North
Texas and he’s interested in meeting a 15 year old minor. He even asked me to verify that I, was in
fact, a minor. I told him multiple times that I was a minor
and he still insisted on meeting after the university football game. He’s a little young but we still have to make
it a point to where he knows that it is not okay for anyone under the age of 18. While we were in contact, it didn’t really
seem like he wanted to speak about sexual interactions. But it was clear. He wanted to meet. So I’m going to give you time to explain yourself
before the authorities are involved. Well why do you think I met on campus and
not at my place. Because I knew he was underage. So you still met, that’s still enticement
of a child. That’s still a felony charge. No because I’m just meeting up and talking. No, yeah, I mean it is still a felony charge,
you know that right? No. Yeah, yeah it is. I’m not enticing him to do anything. To meet… That’s still very illegal. How old are you? 21? Uhhhh.. No, 20. Well your account says 21? Yeah. and that’s you right? Yeah, so that’s– I mean that’s him. I wasn’t trying to do anything, I was just
trying to see like what is he doing? Well let’s go through the chats real quick. Yeah. Let’s go. I mean I wasn’t looking to do anything. Like, Don’t get me wrong. Then why are you still here to meet a 15 year
old? Like I said to see what they’re doing actually
here. Like why did they get on Grindr and stuff. You could just ask that in a text, right? I mean, like I said, I wasn’t here to do anything
bad… I mean, I have people in high school that
I’m still friends with. Then why are you so nervous? Why are you so nervous? Why..? Because… Your leg is twitching like crazy. Because people confronted me about it… like
I have friends that are still in high school, sooo…… That doesn’t mean anything! It’s not like I have… I don’t have bad intentions. I don’t know that. So.. You could have come here to talk to the 15
year old, taken him back to your apartment, and done anything with him. No… I would not have done that… Well you could have though. Yes or No? Because–
Yes or no, you could have? I could have but at the time, I would have
just gave my address. If I really wanted to do that. Like I’m not gonna… beat around the bush
when it comes to that. Like why would I… do that? Quote:
“I mean I could get into a lot of legal trouble. You do Realize that?” Yeah. Then why did you continue the conversation? I was… in that frame I was referring to
if it went anywhere. Which I would not have done. So you were… basically saying that it might
go somewhere? Since you asked the question. I mean if he said anything about it I would
have told him no. Well that sounds like a load of bull to me. Well… Because you still said it. And you just told me that you only said it
just in case it did go anywhere. But, you just backed and said if he wanted
to do anything, you would have said no. Why did you say it in the first place if you
didn’t think it was going to go anywhere if you seriously were going to say no? Because… just to clarify… to him that… It’s not legal whatsoever. You know you’re not making any sense, right? I mean, I could not meet. So… … What? I just got from a football game, so… Oh that doesn’t mean anything. I’m honestly really tired. That don’t mean nothing. Still, you’re still here meeting a 15 year
old though. You’re not tired enough for that are you? Nothing I can do about it. Okay. “Let’s just chat for a while, then I will
think about it.” What does that mean? Thinking about meeting up. “Cover my bases”
What does that mean, Cover your bases? Like just… we are in a public place. People see us. They know nothing is going to go down. Like what? Just anything in general. Like we’re just gonna chat, and that’s it. So you’re gonna chat, and think about it? No. That’s what you said in the chat, dude! I said I would think about meeting up! No! You said “Let’s just chat for a while, then
I’ll think about it.” I have the proof right here! Well, that’s what I meant! So, just to reiterate… I want you to fully explain why you’re here. Honestly just to talk to people. I like talking to people. To 15 year olds? To anyone. Chat log. I mean, I didn’t–
I didn’t say I want to have sex, did I? You said let’s chat for a while and I’ll think
about it. Yeah, on meeting up. But you already wanted to meet up? No not really. I didn’t know. That’s why I was so hesitant. That makes no sense. You do realize–
What do you mean it makes no sense? You already planned to meet up and chat! And then you said “Chat and then I’ll think
about it”! So think about what? Meeting up again?? Yeah, cause I was about to change my.. uhh…
opinion about meeting up. Dude, you’re…. You are gonna watch the video and you’re going
back and forth. WAY back and forth. I probably am. You are. So-
It makes no sense, it makes you look like a liar. I think you’re lying. Well. 100% I think you’re lying. I’m not lying so….. I mean you can say that.. I can say it too, yeah. But I’m not. You’re name is Danyal, right? Yeah. Yeah, okay. Well,you have a good night Danyal. I really hope that everything goes your way. We’ll see. I really hope so. Nasty.

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