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Using SiriusXM® Satellite Radio With SYNC® 3 | Ford How-To | Ford

Using SiriusXM® Satellite Radio With SYNC® 3 | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know that your Ford vehicle maybe
equipped with SiriusXM radio that gives you over 150 channels including
commercial free music? Plus the best sports,
news, talk, comedy, and entertainment to turn every
ride into an enjoyable one? Let me tell you about it. Vehicles equipped with Sirius XM
come with a pre-activated six month all access trial subscription, which
includes Sirius XM radio for your vehicle, plus the ability to enjoy Sirius XM while
outside your Ford by streaming online and on the Sirius XM app. Keep in mind,
in order to stream Sirius XM, you’ll need to set up your account
with a username and password online. From the Sirius screen,
to search channels using the touch screen, touch Channel Guide. A full list of categories will appear,
select the one you want and a list of channels will display, scroll
to the channel you want and touch it. Once you choose a category, you can use the view button to view
by channel, song title or artist. There’s also an option that
lets you skip channels or lock them out from young listeners. From the listing screen, anytime you touch
the skip button next to a specific channel or use the seek up and down buttons,
that channel will be automatically skipped when manually tuned using the tune up or
tune down buttons. Touching the lock button
followed by your PIN number will prevent that channel
from being listened to. The Search channels using voice command, use the voice button on your
steering wheel, wait for the beep then say browse Sirius, and
a full list of categories will appear. Touch the one you want to hear and once
you decide, touch the voice button and then say the channel number,
like, Sirius channel 36. Or you can use the Voice button and just
say the name or number of the channel, like ALT Nation, for example,
and it will tune to that channel. To tune into a specific channel
using the touch screen, touch the Direct Tune button. Then enter the station number using
the number keypad and hit Enter. Replay allows you to listen to up to 44
minutes of previously cast contents from the current channel. The system will begin storing
content once a channel is selected. To replay a song,
just tape the seek back button once and it will jump back to the prior song. To jump multiple songs or listen to content farther back,
tap the seek back button multiple times. To return to real time content,
touch the Replay button again and it will bring you back to live audio. You can also input preset channels for
quick selection. To do so, tune to the channel
you wish to save, then touch and hold one of the memory preset buttons. The sound will mute for a brief moment
before resuming when the channel is saved. To add or view additional preset channels,
just touch the preset button. You can save up to 18 Sirius XM channels
with the three sets of presets. Another feature you may
appreciate is alert, which when available notifies
you if a specific artist or song you previously selected,
is being played on another channel. You’ll first need to enable alerts. To do so, touch the Alert button here. Then the Enable Alerts button. To set an alert, anytime you hear a song
or artist you want to be notified of, touch the Alert button,
choose either the artist, song title, or both, to add them to your alert. You’ll get a message letting
you know they’ve been saved. Now, anytime that song or artist is being played on any channel
you’ll receive a message on your screen asking if you’d like to tune to that
channel, delete, or disable alerts. To delete an alert touch Edit Alert,
choose the alert you wish to delete and hit the delete box next to it. Or, you can also choose Delete All. One more thing, for more information,
and a list of all available SiriusXM programming, refer to the SiriusXM
brochure located in your glove box, or visit Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]

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