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Free Internet Radio Stations


Jo, my name is Marvin, I am Amory. And today we are going to an abandoned radio station. Yes definitely an abandoned radio station, I have never been inside a radio station. Me neither So we’re just going to check it out No you had expected me to say let’s go but at least do the thumbs up! now the thumbs up. and then we go now, Let’s go! hmm look here, there is just nothing taken away yet there is still everything in it. All cables and all power uhh .. so we thought that was all, but that was not all. you have to see how big a hall this is! you have to see what is on the ground here. This is just a glass fuse he has been in the closet here really a big device man, just a hundred and sixty amperes a hundred and sixty! So this used to be the documentation cabinet. we will take a document out of it, take a look at what’s in it. These have been the circuits of all cabinets and all radio channels. Not normally this, they also just store and it is still there. they have left all documentation here. Well, here we are in the WC’s and the showers, even the shampoo is still there. So someone has showered here and on the cart, why is it all here? all photos, super creepy. Who will also put photos here in the toilet? from those mix tables or what are they? high pass filters here just two more and here a lot of equipment. Check this you must see! Maybe Giel Beelen was a man here? I hope not for him because this does not look too good. maybe in his younger years. Here was the gentleman who was taking care of the radio, Everything switched and everything did. here you can also transfer everything, with this plug with this channel to an A13 channel That’s how they used to do that. we are now going backwards, behind that is another house and there the satellites have stood. but these are no longer there, but we will take a look in the house. So we arrived in the cottage, and in the little house at the radio station. there is this, a lot of equipment too. in my opinion, to receive the large anteés. this whole cage is also completely surrounded by copper. to just manage everything in a beautiful job and I think I would make earth. And to create a nice loft.


  1. hey mannen jullie hadden nog geluk ,wij vandaag minder het radio station is helemaal gestript nu ,compleet kaal is nix meer te zien

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