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What Is a Mammogram? – UF Health Radiology

What Is a Mammogram? – UF Health Radiology

My name is Dr. Smita Sharma. I’m a
radiologist, and I specialize in breast imaging. I’m also the section chief of breast radiology here at UF Health Jacksonville. There are several imaging modalities
used to diagnose breast cancer; however, mammography, which is just the x-ray of
your breast tissue, is still the gold standard for screening of breast cancer.
So a mammogram is basically just an X-ray of the breast tissue. We use
low-dose radiation to diagnose early breast cancer before the cancer becomes
symptomatic and before it becomes palpable to the patient or to the clinician.
Mammography basically is a tool to diagnose early breast cancer, and early
diagnosis is important so that we can effectively more curatively treat
breast cancer.

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