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What is an interventional radiologist? – Portsmouth Regional Hospital

What is an interventional radiologist? – Portsmouth Regional Hospital

People can describe themselves
based on what they do, and what I do is
I treat patients. So I consider myself a
physician, primarily. During the time
I was in training I saw that the toolset that
was becoming available, with image-guided
procedures, was very strong and just becoming stronger. So, rather than pick
general surgery or maybe another surgery
subspecialty, I was interested in learning
the tools of imaging in order to be able to
provide this type of care. The surgical care one could
consider, as, you know, altering anatomy for
patients’ benefit. And that’s really what we try to
do in interventional radiology. We just try to do it from
very, very small access points. So I would a myself first, a
physician, and the toolbox I use is that of image guidance. And, in order to be able to get
to that level of performance, it required training in
interventional radiology. But, I would really prefer to be
considered a physician, someone who’s going to work
with the patient, to meet their needs to try
to improve their outcomes, using a toolbox that
includes image guidance.

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