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What is LookeeTV?  Internet TV For Free!

What is LookeeTV? Internet TV For Free!

Hello Everyone. My name is Shaun Mckibben, and I am here to introduce our new technology product – LookeeTV. So what is LookeeTV??? LookeeTV is both an Internet TV player and a radio player. It also allows you to play other media content. There have been other internet radios on the market, but our products introduce IPTV. Internet Television functionality. And you can access all these TV channels and radio stations directly through our menus! So think about this! Do you want to hear the latest in World Music? Your international news directly from the source? Get updates about your local sports team or your local news while travelling away? Or just find your own new favorite TV channels or radio stations? The LookeeTV is here for you! These products work through an internet Wi-Fi connection. So you can watch TV, listen to the radio, or see a picture slideshow from anywhere in your home, away from your computer, without paying month subscriptions or yearly plans. No contracts! No kidding! You only need these products. Our technology and products allow partnering with any online video, music, or photo sources. We are working hard to increase the number of add-ons going forward. You will be able to stream even more movies, hit TV shows, and music from future online sources. You’ll get all these add-ons through online firmware upgrades. So you should not be surprised one day when you turn on your player and find new apps on the menu. Our LookeeTV Cloud-based internet players are there for all your future entertainment needs By the way, we welcome all suppliers of TV shows, movies, video, music and photos, to contact us for a partnership. You can also stream video, music, and pictures from your home or office PC by Universal Plug and Play protocols or UPnP. All our models come with a TV-Out function. That means you can enjoy all the internet TV channels, radio stations, and podcasts on your home TV, and turn a regular home TV into an real internet TV! And UPnP streaming let’s you play all multimedia content from your PC to your big screen This is the Desktop model It has the 4.3″ LCD screen. The powerful side speakers. And a shiny black body. On the top there is an operation key, which, which will navigate you through the menus. The menus are great but, I actually like the remote control You can do everything with this. Page up, page down. You can put it full screen. Volume control, shortcuts to Internet TV and Internet Radio. Also if you got this hooked up to the TV, you can easily with one click go back and forth between the LCD and your TV Taking a look at the back of the unit. We have the power cord, the headphone jack, the line-in, and the a couple of TV-out jacks. One is the CVBS – the composite video, that comes with the unit. There is also the YPbPR – this is the component video There is the SD card slot, so you can play media from the SD card. And there is an optional ethernet jack if you want to have a wired connection to your network rather than Wi-Fi. This is the Portable model. It has the 4.3″ LCD screen, and internal speaker. And the same kinds of features as the Desktop model. Menu and Operation keys. But once again everything is on the remote control- Shortcuts to Internet Radio and Internet TV, Page up, Page down, Volume controls. Everything is right here. If you want to listen using your headphones, you have your headphone jack. You also have your two TV-out functions – Component video and composite video. This also has the SD card slot so you can bring other media into it, On the SD Card as well as on the internal memory. Again, very portable. You can use this wherever there is Wi-Fi. Hotels, Airports, Starbucks. Wherever there is Wi-Fi is you can enjoy Internet TV and Internet Radio. That that is the Portable model! This is the TV Set Top Box. It has no LCD. It is meant to be hooked up to the TV. At the back you have you have everything you need to hook it up to the TV. And like all the units, it comes with the remote control. So, once again you can go directly to Internet TV and Internet Radio with these shortcuts, and control volume and everything else you need. It does have the SD card slot to view other media. That’s your TV Set Top Box!

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