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What is LookeeTV(Part 2)? Internet TV For Free!

Ok. Let’s see how LookeeTV works. I’ll use the remote to control the Desktop model, and all units come with this remote. So the unit is starting up… You can see the logo come up here, and it is automatically acquiring an internet connection. We can tell when it has acquired the internet connection by looking at the small icon on the lower right corner. When that goes to solid white bands we’ll know that we’ve got the internet connection. Now looking at the menu we see that the first icon is Internet TV. This Internet TV function provides access to thousands of TV channels with online broadcasting. We’ll see the list come up in just a moment. And Internet Radio, where you can listen to music from tens of thousands of radio stations from every corner of the planet! There is SHOUTcast, which is one of the most popular internet radio programs we have built into our product And there is Podcast… Which allows you to enjoy either audio or video podcasting programs or channels from many famour publishers. So lets look at the second line. Media Player: Which means this product can play video, music, and pictures stored in the built in memory or an inserted SD card And, UPnP. UPnP means Universal Plug And Play And this is a set of networking protocols which allow you to stream media files such as videos or movies, music or photos from your PC or UPnP media server. Because this product has the TV-out function you can actually stream your media files from your PC, to your home big screen TV. Now this next one is the Digital Picture Frame function. This shortcut icon allows you to display or slideshow your photo collections, stored in the built in memory, or SD card. And finally, this last icon is the Line-in function. Line-in is only available in the Desktop model Here you can connect to iPod, iPhone, or any 3.5 mm audio device and play music through the excellent speaker system. Ok. Let’s go to the next page and you’ll find there are another 4 icons here. FM means FM radio. This is a very handy and convenient digital FM radio. That allows you to listen to your local programs without an internet connection. And this is Clock. With alarms and a calendar function. These settings include all the set up you need for the product such as language, and network. And when you get the product in hand you need to come here to do the basic setting up first. At least to get it to connect to your WiFi internet. Finally, this last one is the TV-Out icon. To switch the video-out to LCD or TV screen.

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