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Whatever Happened To The Man With The Golden Voice

For a brief moment, Ted Williams captivated
America as “The Man With the Golden Voice.” One minute he was homeless, the next minute
he was famous, and his rags-to-riches tale was the feel good story of 2011. But not all fairytales have happy endings. So, whatever happened to The Man with the
Golden Voice? The ‘golden voice’ goes viral Williams’ overnight fame dates back to a video
posted by The Columbus Dispatch in 2011. At the time, Williams was homeless and asking
for help on the streets of Ohio, aided by a sign that read “I have a God-given gift
of voice.” “When you’re listening to nothing but the
best of oldies, you’re listening to Mantic 98.9. Thank you so much, god bless you.” His remarkable sound went viral. A $375,000 dollar book deal and offers from
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, MSNBC, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and many other opportunities soon
followed. Williams, whose former radio career was sidelined
by years of addiction to drugs and alcohol, had suddenly been given a second chance at
life. “Kraft homestyle macaroni and cheese. Cheesy noodles topped with golden brown breadcrumbs. You know you love it!” He struggled to stay sober About a week after he became famous, Williams
admitted to talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw that he was still drinking and agreed to enter
a treatment facility. A spokesperson for The Dr. Phil Show told
CNN that Williams’ decision was fueled in part by a physical altercation with one of
his daughters. Williams lasted just 12 days in the facility
before leaving voluntarily. About four months later, Williams returned
to rehab, committing to a 90-day program. After entering treatment, the Cleveland Cavaliers
opted not to pursue a working relationship with him, and other gigs were also put on
hold. Tell-all Williams appeared on the Today show in May
2012 to discuss the release of his book, A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility
Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation. The memoir revealed some startling information,
including that Williams was a delinquent parent and had even played “a role in prostituting
his girlfriend so he could get money for drugs.” Despite his struggles, Williams said he was
maintaining his sobriety and had surrounded himself with better people this time around,
admitting, “[I take it] one day at a time.” ‘I own nothing’ In October 2014, nearly four years after his
life-changing video, The Columbus Dispatch sat down with Williams for a lengthy interview. Williams revealed that despite all the opportunities
that came with viral fame, he was struggling to make ends meet due to people taking advantage
of him. “A lot of things that I signed early on in
2011, I probably shouldn’t have signed. A lot of people that were involved in my life
then shouldn’t have been.” One of those people was his former manager,
Alfred Battle. In 2016, Battle again tried to convince Williams
to work with him on an unspecified project in Africa. Luckily, Williams said no, as Battle was arrested
at the Newark airport for trying to smuggle a half million dollars worth of heroin into
the country from Ethiopia. Williams for president? Of all the wild stories to come out of Williams’
rise to fame, none was as surprising as the time he announced he would be running for
president of the United States. According to USA Today, Williams made the
announcement in June 2015 while appearing on Scott Spears’ Now radio program. “I was created to create change. I want to do it big. Looking at all the other people running, I
said why not change things on the highest level.” Alas, his bid for the White House concluded
by the end of that summer. He told NBC News, “I wanted to focus on other
things. I wanted to inspire and encourage.” Williams comes full circle Five years after the video that made him famous,
The Columbus Dispatch profiled Williams again to see how he had been doing. This time, the news was good! He had landed a Pepsi commercial and had even
begun starring in his own weekday radio program, The Golden Voice Show, in Columbus. The best part: it was on WVKO-AM, which was
the same radio station where Williams began his career in the ’80s. According to Christian Today, Williams said
during one of his shows, “I’m almost like a poster child for redemption.” He gives back In 2016, Williams was featured in one of Oprah’s
Where Are They Now? segments. While recapping the story of his rise, fall,
and rise again, Williams became emotional about his desire to leave a legacy of which
both his fans and family could be proud. To that end, he has been working with homeless
charities, even returning to Friends of the Homeless, a shelter that he once relied on
when he was down and out. “I was right there at the head of the line,
waiting for my handout. So this is where I have a lot of loyalties
now. It’s just exciting to meet the people and
to embrace them with hugs and all of that stuff, because they know that I was just five
years ago in the same situation that they were.” Williams has even larger charitable aspirations,
however. He wants to open up a homeless laundromat,
so that those who are in the position he once was have a shot at getting back to work, just
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