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What’s it like being on the spectrum? (Autism Awareness 2019)

What’s it like being on the spectrum? (Autism Awareness 2019)

hi I’m Jamie and welcome to my video you
may or may not be aware but it is Autism Awareness Month which takes place
annually every April I’ve put this little video together today to inform or
help anyone who has either a friend a child or a family member with ASD as a
person who has Asperger’s syndrome which falls onto the autism spectrum having
been diagnosed at the age of 14 I have learned a lot about my condition so I’m
hoping this video educates you and others about how this condition works
and what you can do to make life easier for someone with ASD what is Asperger’s
Aspergers is a condition that generally affects verbal and nonverbal
communication skills it also affects the social understanding and social behavior
of others it was discovered in 1944 by Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger it
is commonly mistaken that Asperger’s is a mental disorder however this is
incorrect is actually part of the autism spectrum umbrella it’s neither an illness
or a disease it is something we are born with and we live with for the rest of
our life which can be a good thing as some individuals believe it to be a
fundamental aspect of their personality like me social life people with ASD can
find it hard to talk and make friends with others this is because they
struggle to perceive and express body language sarcasm can be taken very
literally by someone with ASD so make sure you use it carefully or let them know
afterwards if they haven’t caught on Eye contact is also hard for some people
with ASD I myself used to struggle with this an important factor to remember is
that everybody with ASD is different some people can be confident some can
be shy and some can be hyperactive I’m personally a mix of these three mental
health anxiety is present within many ASD individuals and this is usually due
to difficulties relating with others around them
social issues and rejection can also make them feel very withdrawn and not
want to engage in social activities people with ASD can be very emotional
and this can lead to a massive panic attack if overwhelmed with stress and
anxiety they can also become easily frustrated if there’s a change in
routine another thing to take into note is that people with ASD think very
differently for example if something is explained too fast or not too clearly
they might become confused or overwhelmed and this again can lead to
an anxiety attack if someone becomes impatient with them people with ASD
have particular obsessions the most common obsessions are collecting
fixations on numbers Trainspotting and many more but this can be beneficial
to some as their obsessions can make them the top of their field in certain
subjects my obsession in particular is mainly focused on music everything I
do mainly revolves around it it’s basically my life common
misconceptions people with ASD can be generalized as grumpy or moody this
mostly isn’t true people with ASD as we know find it hard to express how they
feel so body language and facial expressions can be a challenge for them
don’t judge too quickly as you may find they may be very social once you get to
know them another misconception is that people with ASD lack empathy or
emotion this is also incorrect some ASD individuals can feel emotions much
stronger than others due to their difficulty to express their inner
emotions they may not understand how to show someone exactly how they are
feeling a misconception often made is that people with ASD do not want to make
friends this is not always the case they can find it hard to approach ans start
conversations with others sometimes when they see people talking around them
they can begin to feel isolated and unwelcome to join the conversation
famous people with ASD dan Aykroyd is a famous Canadian actor comedian and
filmmaker from the 80s he is most well known for his role as Ray in the two
Ghostbusters films and Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers sir Anthony Hopkins is a famous Welsh
actor director and producer he is best known for his role as the Hannibal
Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs he has won many awards for his performances Stanley Kubrick a highly acclaimed film
director screenwriter and producer his most notable works are a Clockwork
Orange 2001 a Space Odyssey and horror legend The Shining Satoshi Tajiri
a famous Japanese video game designer best known for creating the popular
franchise Pokemon which is part of Nintendo daryl hannah is a famous
American actress and environmental activist best known for her role as Pris
in the original Blade Runner and Elle Driver in Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
thoughts and experiences over the last week prior to the upload of this video I
reached out to you over Instagram and Facebook to ask and share some of your
thoughts or experiences with ASD here’s what you had to say as you can see ASD has many advantages
it could even be looked upon as a gift for the creative abilities it can grant
us that being said my final words would be is that people with ASD may be
different from you and others but at the end of the day we are human we can feel
love pain and fear just like anyone else would so remember this what you see on
the outside is not definitive of the beauty that can live within the inside
we all fight our own battles we have our own separate paths we have our own
strengths and weaknesses but that is what defines us thank you for listening

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