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100 comments on “why am I so embarrassed..

  1. i had never heard of berserk but i walked in the living room where my brother was watching it and omg i just had to walk in on the scene your talking about at 6:43

  2. The count of monte Cristo have the most breathtaking artwork in the clothes, the patterns move with the characters

  3. Trying to figure out what the fuck evangelion is and I find this vid of PewDiePie I watched 3 years ago. He's grown up so much, Congratulations on the wedding too.

  4. Mononoke is pretty similar to Puella magi madoka magica (which is the darkest anime I've ever seen! Like, really!)

  5. Knowing that Pewds liked some of my favourite anime and manga (Berserk, Ergo Proxy, Welcome to the NHK etc) made me so happy when this video came out lol

  6. i really like Ao No Exorcist, it is also the first anime i ever watched. its about demons and stuff but with a very funny and lighthearted undertone, it is on netflix as well!

  7. Kaiba was directed by Masaaki Yuasa who is knows for his surrealistic anime like Tatami's Galaxy, Mind Game, The Night is short walk on girl etc..

  8. Did hear about an anime war type thing like a cross over like full metal alchemist and bleach death note in like one anime Code geass lelouch of the rebellion R3 Gods Plan Or i think like Britanias Attack and like new enimes and all that Dont believe it but when i heard the code geass part sure a little proof but nothin else because i realized akito the exiled code geass was after the black rebellion and rolo was there so before death around the time lelouch lost his memories and the zero time he came back after his death kills the latest guy that met c2 so then he can stop and re make the world light gets his hopes up for this and sees that maybe since he died and was brought back he could get his revenge against near but nothin till then think this is fake yea same here

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