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WITR – Behind the Scenes with RIT Radio

WITR – Behind the Scenes with RIT Radio

[Electronic dance music] DJ>>This is WITR 89.7 The Pulse of Music. I’m DJ Silhouetta. Manager>>The role we try to fill is, we like to be kind of the “Advanced Guard” of pop music.
So most of the things that people hear on our radio station… they will not hear on
other radio stations. Much of it will eventually make it up to the Billboard Top 40 or commercial radio… but it starts it’s way here… at college. [electronic dance music] AJ>>Almost every event that we do is going
to involve music, some involve arts… cultural events especially. So you’re gonna see us
around campus DJing. Your gonna see us putting on events like this where we have live music. You’re gonna find us in Rochester at art venues DJing and supporting the local art scene – which is thriving here! We’re playing local music on a daily basis. A lot of the bands that come in for our Rochester Sessions – our studio sessions – are from Rochester. Manager>>A radio station with a kilowatt of transmitting power, generally, is managed
by at least one full-time employee – who is salaried. And that is how they make their
living. And in this case we don’t have that. We have a gang of students running the radio
station. And it’s really kind of compelling to see that, left in the hands of students
for the past several decades, we’ve managed to strike this balance between the sort of
chaotic creativity that the kids want, and also the professionalism that the university,
that the FCC, that our community kind of… demands. DJ>>It’s called Free Your Mind. It just came
out last week, and I think it is a fantastic record. Impostor Joe>>Honestly, when I came here… even if you don’t know much music, it just falls into your lap. It’s ridiculous how many new bands I’ve learned since I’ve
been here. Eta>>We want to be more integrated into the
community. We don’t want… and that is not only in the music, but also in the news and
the campus. So those programs definitely enhance that because, sports for instance: we are
broadcasting the hockey which is huge here. And that really connects us well because people
are tuning in for that. Our news show tries to cover, like, just not only world news,
but also a little bit of campus news and kind of broadcast that over the air. I think it’s
super cool that the president would come and address questions – and be in the “hot seat”
or “hot box” (since we are in a little studio). It’s very cool. It’s great. And it helps our
listenership if students are interested in want to get that connection with “higher up”.
It’s very cool. I see lots of people come to our events. It
is always a really fun time. I know we have a lot of supporters and fans. We have added
so many people. A lot of people were interested and at our booth so… yeah… it is just
a matter of reaching and getting people to understand what we actually do here. And there is a lot. DJ>>You’re listening to WITR 89.7 The Pulse
of Music. [music]

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  1. WITR in my day was called “Modern Music and More” sense the 1960s! We had a super large LP Library that many radio stations envied! In the early 1990s we pulled down over 25% of the Rochester radio station lists of the time! The LP Library was huge going back decades that was envied by other radio stations! Now it’s no different that most college radio stations and it no longer plays from the huge library anymore!

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