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WKAR Radio Tour 2014 | 90.5 FM and AM 870 | NPR and Classical Music

[music] Hi, I’m WKAR radio station manager Peter Whorf I’d like to take you on a quick tour of our
stations 90.5 FM and AM 870 to see some the faces behind the voices you
hear every day WKAR radio studios are on the second
floor of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building at MSU …tonight possibly mixed with rain, lows
in the 20s We’ll start in the FM control room where
Melissa Benmark is the host of morning edition. Hi. This is the control
room. Every day at five o’clock this is where
I bring you morning edition as well as the latest news and weather from in
Michigan just down the hall in studio s is
the home of current state On 90.5 WKAR, I’m Mark Bashore Every day on current state we invite
guests on who help our listeners understand the important issues and
topics a little bit better at least and we also have an awful lot of fun on the show Friday is the day for live musical
performances on Current State Josie’s on the buffalo plains fell in love and taking his day in his hands he’s a roaming man in this town no more and Emanuel Berry is the host
of Current State weekend. country music our Knight segment today
we’re looking at climate change in the Great Lakes region now we’re back in FM control where Mark Schwitzgoebel takes you through classical music on WKAR FM hi I’m Mark Schwitzgoebel. It’s a real
pleasure for me to share classical music with you every day here
on 90.5 FM. please join me weekdays from 10 a.m. to
1 p.m. Every weekday afternoon studio S
becomes the home of current sports with Martin. current
sports is your source for the latest sporting news in mid-michigan join me, Al Martin, Monday through Friday from
1 to 2 o’clock right here, going beyond the Xs and Os Throughout the day Scott Pohl and Kevin Lavery are gathering and reporting news is not just a potential boon to the local economy… I’m Jody Knol,classical music host I’m here in the library where we have
nearly 15,000 CDs if you listen to them all back to back
it would take you nearly two years to listen to them all. Every weekday
afternoon Brad Walker hosts all things considered. …trial
for October 6… I can take care of that for you… if you ever have a
question about WKAR radio or TV make sure to give our own carolopedia a call I’ll do my best to answer your
questions call me at 517 884 6990 Well thanks for coming along on our video
tour today I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll support WKAR with your
call and your pledge at 517 353 5000 or go to and click the GIVE NOW
now link Thanks a lot. thanks for your
support thank you thank you we appreciate your
support thank you for your support for WKAR
news and classical music in mid-michigan

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